Destiny Child Game Guide


Destiny Child is an engaging RPG game filled with battles and card collecting. The gacha system lets players whirl for characters and cards of various rarities.

Acing Level Up your team can be time-consuming, but there are ways to speed it up faster – Story Stages and daily rewards offer just two such methods.


Destiny Child features various characters, each serving its role: attackers, defenders, de-buffers, healers, and supports. Each type offers a specific set of abilities and skill sets that make them ideal for different game modes and circumstances – players should learn which characters work best by checking the game’s tier list to identify which are suitable in every scenario.

The Tier List ranks the most influential children in the game, including top performers in PVE, PVP, raids, and world boss events. You can use it to help decide which child to level up; its tiers are determined by skill and rarity – you can access these rankings by tapping “Archive” from the menu screen.

Destiny Child is a mobile gacha game featuring an enormous roster of characters known as “Children.” The game provides many layers of depth in gameplay, such as Character Elements, stats, and rarities; knowing them can give you a competitive advantage.

This game’s graphics and animations are magnificent, especially its Live2D animations that give the characters a 3D effect. Any fan of gacha games and beautiful art should experience it for themselves! This is a must-play for anyone interested in these areas of interest.

As well as offering an impressive roster of characters, this game boasts new map areas and rewards. There’s also an Endless Duel mode that pits teams of 15 children against one another; its soundtrack also offers soothing melodies in menus and heavier tunes during battles.

Character progression in this game resembles that of other gacha games: You can level up your children through story missions and completing required tasks. However, the process takes time and requires stamina to replenish with real money. As a result, many players opt to purchase XP Blobs, which serve as in-game currency; these can speed up your children faster. Tier A cards may perform as intended in specific game modes, while S-tier cards may fall behind.


Though having strong children is essential, your team’s strength also depends on many other elements. These factors include the number, level, and equipment of children. To boost the power of your team further, try upgrading equipment, upgrading skills, or awakening them; each system in this game has different rules, which may make understanding how it all works difficult.

The game features hundreds of children with differing star ratings and abilities that the player can unlock by completing a story arc, event dungeons, PvP battles, etc. They may also purchase them from the shop; each child boasts its Skill, which can be upgraded by spending Onyx, an in-game currency.

Some children possess multiple skill sets, though you can only ever use one at any one time. Each skill set provides buffs for either your entire team or specific allies; for instance, healers offer overtime healing, while tankers bolster defense while giving out barriers and shields.

Each child possesses a leader skill, which can be upgraded with more stars for increased effectiveness in protecting or adding stats (Dana’s leader skill provides +5% DEF to light-type allies, for instance). You can upgrade it with more stars or spend Onyx to improve it.

Each child also boasts their Skill that can help boost their stats. You can upgrade it using Onyx obtained through Story or event dungeon completion or running. There is an optimal level for upgrading a particular Skill multiple times; eventually reaching that will unlock it ultimately.

One way to boost the strength of your characters is by equipping them with better weapons and armor. You can do this by visiting the Item tab of the Character window, tapping any equipment you wish to upgrade, visiting event dungeons and purchasing new gear with Event Tokens.

XP Blobs

Destiny Child is a highly engaging game with multiple facets to explore – its many battle systems, challenging levels, and complex progression system can prove overwhelming for those unfamiliar with its genre.

One of the critical aspects that players must grasp before beginning this game is how to level up their children. This involves multiple steps, including replaying story missions several times over. Though time-consuming and tedious, leveling up will make your battles against enemies much simpler in the future.

Players looking to level up a child must use XP Blobs obtained through playing daily dungeons. Once collected, these can be fed directly into their child using the combined option; their amount will depend on both type and child when fed back in combination – similar types providing small increases to earning power!

However, players can also level up their children through regular gameplay. By defeating enemies in each level and winning more rounds, they gain experience that they can increase by leveling up even further. Unfortunately, this leveling method takes too much stamina, which only refills after some period.

Another way to level up a child is using the S-Class Awakening option, though this requires spending Onyx. Doing this can significantly boost their stats and capabilities – plus, as their ranking rises, they’ll unlock more skills!

Daily Dungeons

As part of your gameplay experience, nurturing your Childs is integral. Various strategies are available for this – such as purchasing and upgrading equipment to progress their skills, uncapping their limits, or awakening them to raise their stats. Each method comes with requirements and costs in-game currency – these costs must remain in mind as you play!

Gold, the game’s primary in-game currency, is used to upgrade equipment and Soul Carta and unlock other content. You can also earn Rumble Coins (a premium currency) and evolution materials via daily dungeons and events; furthermore, various methods are available to acquire Onyx required to advance Child Awakening ranks, unlock their level caps, etc. Its system of currencies is relatively straightforward to understand.

One of the easiest and quickest ways to level up quickly is completing Story missions as often as possible, earning you EXP for each completed stage. Dungeons in Event mode also grant rewards depending on completion level and tier; higher-tier bonuses provide better tips!

Child roles within this game include attackers, defenders, healers, supporters, and debuffs. Each part offers its abilities and benefits while all contribute to team strength; attackers, for instance, are vital components in battle, while defenders bolster allies by providing barriers and shields as protection.

They must be equipped with new weapons, armor, and accessories to maximize their abilities. You can do so by participating in daily dungeons and events or buying them with gold; equipment no longer needed can also be retired onto Onyx for Onyx use. Furthermore, you can earn evolution materials through daily event dungeons by participating and using crystals to reset attempt counts on these dungeons.