Designing stellar business cards for the medical fraternity-the doctor’s card

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First things first, the business cards for healthcare practitioners are not your cookie-cutter business insignias. They aren’t product manual or brochures. They don’t carry signs or banners. A doctor’s business card is a completely different genre.

  • You need to stick high-sheen labels and stickers on the card to add a personal and professional touch.
  • You can choose your stock from a range of online options. A glossy sticker, though uncommon in this field, resonates with graphics and photos that showcase your talent.
  • A matte sticker provides a smooth and delicate finish, which is most ideal for a doc’s business card. They are the perfect platforms to write your stuff.
  • To get a professional look, you need to include your name, phone number, and address for easy and fast reference.
  • You mustn’t get below 10-point font to ensure proper readability.
  • Leave some clear white space because it ensures zero cluttering of the design.
  • Check Groovy Boot to get more information.

On the refinement

To make medical business cards come of age, you need to come up with unique, succinct statement about your degrees and experience. Basically, you mention what you can do for your patients.

  • Generally, it can be one sentence, which will feature on the front of your card. Your name will feature on the front.
  • You need to underline why patients will come to you and the exact message you want to convey to them within 15 words.
  • If you’re a world-renowned doctor, a caring medical person, or a budding doctor, underline the specifics likewise. No doctor wants his/her patients to think that they are a mere business index.
  • Your card must call for action. You don’t apply your website address. You need to include a CTA for patients. That’s an imperative.
  • You can also ask others to check for likes and interactions on your social media account.
  • Better yet, you can add a suggestion for the patients and clients to download an easy, free guide to chronic procedure or ailment in your genre of expertise.
  • There are many doctors who create a detailed guide on content that could be some interest to people, particularly your patients.

It’s important to use the rear of the card. You can use a bulleted list of the most common issues you encounter at office. Use layman’s words to describe the conditions or diseases you treat.

On the templates

There are many online tools that help you print the best medical business cards. You could be a cosmetic surgeon and you have taken responsibility to make everyone prettier and more attractive. How do you convey this to the world?

You could be a dentist, who wants to create generous, beautiful smiles. You want to eliminate crooked, chipped teeth from the planet. You could also be a pediatrician, who only has the children welfare in your mind.

Regardless of your role or hold in the healthcare industry, your card template can represent and promote your skills and services. The tools convey a range of designs and customization options. You can also upload your own design and color combination, and fuse it with the template.

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