Delete system 32: Never try this Unbelievable Prank

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Delete system 32 – Have you heard of the prank, delete system 32? If not, you must be one of the lucky crowd who escaped a famous trap. For those of you who do not know, there was a scam asking people to delete system 32. However, doing so will seriously harm your windows. Today, we will explain system 32 and why not fall into this prank.

Do Not Delete System 32

Before we explain why one should refrain from deleting system 32 from their system, you should first know what exactly system 32 is. The folder, system 32, saved as “C:\Windows\System32” is Windows itself. The combination of all those files that make up the window is in system 32. So when you are instructing your system to eliminate system 32, you are commanding the system to crash your windows.

If the system fails to follow your command, it will crash your window installation. The only solutions left would be to reinstall your windows or restore them from an image backup to recover. Our suggestion would be to not blindly follow any challenge running on the internet without having proper knowledge of its side effects.

How To Delete System 32?

If you know what deleting system 32 means and voluntarily want to go ahead, please do it with the right approach. The correct way to eliminate it & the rest of Windows is by installing another operating system. You can also choose to either reinstall Windows from the beginning.

We suggest the above method because this process will replace all the operating system files. After reinstalling or updating your windows, you will have a “Windows. old” folder that will contain “System32” files. If you do not expect to move to your previous installation, go ahead and delete that. However, if you want to go to your old version again, you can go back to that folder and install it again.


A lot of false rumours and scam websites are present on the internet. These websites spread these false rumours or disturbing pranks on the internet so they can take advantage of our vulnerability. The only way out of it is not to follow any online challenge that you think seems suspicious.

Coming back to system 32, it is the reason your windows are running smoothly. Even when you want to delete it, you first need to install the new update. Then you can decide to delete the old file of system 32 when you are sure you no longer want the services of the previous installation?

Frequently asked questions

Why was delete system 32 was going around on the internet?

People on Internet started it as a prank saying system 32 is a virus that needs to get out of your system. It all started as a joke or dare to delete system 32 from your computer.

Can someone entirely erase system 32 just from a single command?

No, it is impossible to delete system 32 entirely from a single command. While giving that command, you are using its locked files because of its active use. However, even if that command gets succeed partly, it can seriously harm your windows. So we would recommend never giving it a try, even as a joke.

How to save ourselves from falling into such pranks in the future?

The best way to prevent yourself from any such pranks virtually or non-virtually is to be aware of the side effect it contains. And before any permanent changes in your software, read a bit about on the internet whether you should do it or not.

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