Decorative Wall Painting Ideas to Style Your Home

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Did you just build a house recently? Are you moving to a new house in another city? Shifting from one place to another has always been a tedious job. Whether you are moving to another place or staying in the same one, the house where you stay needs to be upgraded. None of us would like to stay in a place that is unattractive and boring. Our surroundings always affect us directly or indirectly and it reflects in our attitudes too.

Are you looking for a complete transformation of your living space? Well, transforming any area into a beautiful place is not as hard as most of us would think. All it takes is just some creative ideas which are implemented wisely and give great results. It is also cheaper than you think and improves the aesthetic appearance of the entire area making a pretty space for you to enjoy staying together with your family.

Tips and Tricks to Decorate Your Walls

There are several ways to decorate the walls of your home. You can obtain a complete transformation of your home with simple wall painting ideas. You don’t even have to spend too much on extra pieces of décor which will add clutter to your space. The following are some tips you can try and give an inviting vibe to your space –

Colour washing – The colour washing technique makes your walls look dynamic. It helps in adding some texture and some depth to the walls. Colour washing the walls is pretty simple than you might think. You just need to coat the walls with a satin base paint first. Then, you can use a large brush to paint on top of it along with a nice glaze. You can pick up any vibrant colour like orange colour for a colour-washed wall or even a neutral colour as per your choice.

Colour blocking – This is a perfect way to make your room look trendy yet simple. You can choose subtle pastel shades to colour block your space. You can even pair two different shades, preferably one a darker shade and another lighter one. There are different types of colour blocking which you can opt for your walls such as geometric, vertical divides, stripes or colour blocking using different shapes.

For a more contemporary look, try colour-blocking your ceilings and improve the appearance of the room.

Stencil design – Designing the walls of your living area with stencils is a better way to add intrigue to your space. There are immense designs that you can pick up starting from floral to butterflies to abstract wall paintings. Stencil designs will fill your bare walls and give a modern appeal. There are various stencil designs such as contrasting stencils, same colour stencils, two-toned stencils etc. Choose the one that you like and get a sophisticated look at your space.

Metallic Paint – When you are up to make your home the prime attraction, metallic paint is the best. It gives a style statement to the entire room and you can apply it in the way you like. You can even create an accent wall with metallic paint and add a more layered look to your space.

Decorate the walls of your home with these tricks and make your home look fresh and elegant and also enjoy the aesthetic appeal of your space.

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