Decorate your dream house with wall decor ideas this Christmas


Who does not wish to give the home decor a try with Christmas and new year around? Christmas and New Year’s Eve are the time when family and friends get together to celebrate. Furthermore, you would love to create a festive ambiance by placing specific decorative vases and themes matching the occasion. Let us dive into detail and explore a few Polar X Ornaments decor ideas in this blog.

Ambient lighting in your living room

Lights can always brighten up all occasions, whether a festive season or any function. The classic bulbs and classy decorative vases can add liveliness to the dark theme of your living room. The lights can be placed on the wall in the pattern of stars, snowflakes, or any shape.

Let’s get creative

Creating a wall cluster display becomes appealing with the help of plain paper plates. Diversified shapes and sizes of paper plates and bowls painted in solid tints add life to the wall. Always remember to choose the colors which match your color palette.

Showcase your hobby on the wall

You can showcase your hobby on the walls of your living room. It is undoubtedly an attractive way to upcycle items that you already have. May it is masks, hats, pictures, postcards, or anything, it will give your wall a different look and feel.

Apart from walls, you can also try decorative vases to decorate your home. If you adhere to a few tips mentioned below, vases can bring life to your living area, and proper home decor can do wonders for your home.

Go with unique compositions

Experiment with unique vases such as bags or boot-shaped vases. Even you can think of a wooden or kettle vase too. Home decor exhibitions, flea markets, or exclusive handicraft stores

are the best places to get such unique decorative vases.

Vase size does matter

Various sizes and shapes of vases are available in the market. Conical, cuboid, and cylindrical-shaped vases are trending. Furthermore, you can place the vases with a maximum height of 40 cm at the entrance of your house or living room. You can fill the same with dried flowers, herbs, long branches, or bamboo to give a classy look.

Choose the right material

The next most important thing is vase material like crystal, ceramic, glass, etc. The latest trending vase material for both office and home is steel. You can choose a vase from the wide range of materials for home decor.

Place it rightly

Shelves and tables are the best places to keep the flower vase, and you can also place the slightly oversized vases at the entrance, as mentioned earlier in the blog. The material used for the vases to be kept on tables or shelves should be durable. Hence, placing the vases in the right place made of durable material will help improve your home decor.


Choose the right kind of accessories and vases to give a soothing ambiance to your dream home. Home decor is not rocket science; you only need a creative mind and effort. So, give your home a makeover by choosing some decorative vases this festive season. It will surely give your friends and relatives a pleasant surprise.

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