Curly Hair Care Tips


Anyone with curly hair knows that it can be both a wonderful thing and a nightmare. On one hand, you have gorgeous, voluminous locks that are the envy of straight-haired women everywhere. On the other hand, you also have a head full of hair that has a mind of its own! If you’re looking for tips on taking better care of your curly hair, read on for some helpful advice.

Curly Hair Care Tips for healthier, bouncier curls

The following 5 tips will help you take better care of your curly hair so that you can enjoy healthy, bouncy curls that are easy to manage:

Tip # 1. Use Shampoo Less Often

One of the worst things you can do to curly hair is shampoo it too frequently. This strips your hair of its natural oils, which can leave it dry and frizzy. Shampoo less often to see a difference in your hair! Every other day or even every third day should suffice. You might find that your hair looks and feels better when you give it a break from shampooing.

Tip # 2. Condition, Condition, Condition

Curly hair is notoriously dry, so it’s important to make sure you’re properly conditioning it. Look for conditioners that are specifically designed for curly hair; they will help hydrate your locks and make them look healthier. Apply conditioner after every shampoo, and leave it for at least 3-5 minutes before rinsing out.

Tip # 3. Invest in a Good Curl Cream

Curl cream is a must-have for anyone with curly hair. It will help tame frizz, add definition to your curls, and make them look more polished overall. Apply a small amount of curl cream to damp hair, scrunching it in from root to tip. Then let your hair air dry or diffuse it for best results.

Tip # 4. Avoid Heat Styling

Heat styling is one of the worst things you can do to curly hair because it can cause irreversible damage. If you must use heat on your curls (we know sometimes there’s just no other way), ensure you’re using a heat-protectant product beforehand. This will help minimize the damage caused by the heat-styling tools.

Tip # 5. Get Regular Trims

While you might be trying to grow your hair out, it’s essential to get regular trims. This will help get rid of any damaged, split ends that could be causing your hair to look unhealthy. Try to get a trim every 6-8 weeks to keep your hair looking its best.

Following these tips can help ensure that your curly hair is healthy and happy. If you need more information about any natural hair care products or hair masks, you can contact George Hair Care, we will be happy to offer suggestions.


Curly hair can be tough to manage but following these simple tips will help you achieve healthier, bouncier curls that are easy to style and maintain!

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