#CrediTalk: Know All About The Liver From Dr. Sanjiv Saigal

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We obtained in contact with Dr Sanjiv Saigal (Director, Transplant Hepatology, Medanta The Medicity) to assist us inform you concerning the organ – Liver. Right here’s the whole lot you must learn about Liver, its functioning, ailments, remedy and prevention.

The Liver and its Features

The liver is the biggest organ of our physique. It is likely one of the most fun organs. We additionally name it the metabolic manufacturing facility of the physique. So no matter we eat goes by the liver. It’s situated on the best aspect of the stomach, on the higher half. It’s a lovely organ. It’s pretty, delicate and pinkish in tinge. A standard liver would weigh one thing about 1000-1200gms.

The liver has a number of features. You possibly can broadly categorize them into three: Storage, Synthesis and Detoxing.


So no matter you eat will get transformed into glucose, carbohydrates, fat and proteins. Then they’re saved within the liver by numerous metabolic processes. These vitamins are immensely helpful for us on the time of disaster, when we aren’t having ample reserves for our our bodies. Then these shops are wanted to replenish our energy, proteins, and vitamin.


The liver synthesizes many vital proteins. It synthesizes proteins which can be wanted for constructing energy, immunity, and protein wanted for blood clotting. It additionally synthesizes the bile, which is extraordinarily vital and helps within the means of digestion.


Our physique inhales numerous toxins day in and time out. It could be in meals which have adulteration with chemical compounds, drug toxins or different sources. The liver is the organ that detoxifies these parts in order that they don’t hurt our physique.

If the liver is just not functioning effectively then we’d have a variety of issues due to the poisonous results of medicine and chemical compounds which we’re ingesting knowingly or unknowingly. That’s the fantastic thing about the liver. It maintains our physique in a holistic state to maintain us wholesome, glad and energetic on a regular basis.

Watch Dr, Sanjiv Saigal, MBBS, MD- Medication, DNB- Medication, Director – Institute of Digestive and Hepatobiliary Sciences at Medanta – The Medicity, Gurgaon talking about ABCs of Liver illness prevention

Ailments That Have an effect on the Liver

There are two varieties of liver ailments which we encounter – an acute sickness, which we usually name acute viral hepatitis. One other is persistent sicknesses, the place the liver is affected by an issue that continues for greater than six months. Continual results in a state the place the liver can’t operate usually. The acute issues are transient, which is often not a giant challenge however typically is usually a concern. Generally we see acute sicknesses due to hepatitis B, hepatitis A or hepatitis E. Generally alternate drugs can injury the liver in an acute section.

Acute Liver Ailments

Acute means it’s a quick time period downside (just a few days to weeks, lower than 6 months). Usually these sicknesses would manifest as yellowness of eyes, fatigue, weight reduction and fever. These sicknesses enhance with medicine or management on viral infections. Your physician simply has to choose them up on the proper time and deal with them appropriately. Hardly ever, acute sicknesses can go on to trigger liver failure. The underside line is anyone who has an acute liver sickness ought to go to a health care provider.

Continual Liver ailments

Continual means the issue is happening and persisting for greater than six months. After that, it’s unlikely to enhance in case you don’t deal with these issues.

One sort of persistent liver illness is Liver Cirrhosis. It’s the shrinkage of the liver. The liver turns into shrunk, small and nodular and will fail at a while in your life.

The situations that result in Continual Liver Ailments in India are –

Viral hepatitis– Hepatitis B and hepatitis C

Over consumption of alcohol- Alcohol is a large killer. About 25% of sufferers who we see in our clinics as we speak are affected by Liver cirrhosis due to their alcohol consumption.

Non-alcoholic metabolic illness– A non-alcoholic fatty liver illness is the one the place alcohol is just not the offender. It’s your way of life which results in fatty liver. And that causes the liver to develop issues afterward. One other group of issues is metabolic or inherited ailments like autoimmune issues, the place the physique damages your liver.

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Indicators and Signs to Name to the Physician

An individual develops sure indicators and signs once they have persistent liver illness. Most significantly you begin dropping vitality and really feel fatigued. Additionally, you will have yellow eyes, swelling of ft, and weight achieve. This weight achieve could also be the results of water accumulation within the tummy. You finally additionally begin dropping focus. Your alertness, vigilance and talent to make choices go down.

These are early indicators and might lead you in direction of a liver coma. It is likely one of the most harmful ailments. One other vital manifestation is bleeding. Rupture of veins in meals pipe results in blood in vomiting or blood within the stool. As liver cirrhosis progresses, an individual can have kidney dysfunction, liver cancer and different points additionally.

The physician could point out a liver transplant relying upon your situation. The physician will counsel a liver transplant in the event that they notice that this liver is just not going to operate effectively.

Please notice that not all cirrhosis sufferers want a liver transplant. The monitoring by physician and stage of liver situation are components that decide whether or not transplantation is required or not.

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Prevention of Liver Ailments

I really feel that prevention is best than remedy. A match liver means a match physique and a match particular person

We will summarise the preventive features as:

Avoiding alcohol

In the event you keep away from alcohol, you’re going to have enormous advantages. About 1/fifth of liver ailments in our nation are due to alcohol. These ailments might be prevented by merely avoiding alcohol.

Balanced eating regimen

A balanced eating regimen is prime to any one that needs a wholesome physique, particularly good well being of the liver. You don’t have to go to a extremely certified dietician or large books to know methods to eat higher.

A eating regimen good in greens and proteins will do you good. Vegetable proteins are higher than animal proteins. If it’s important to, it is best to select fish, egg and rooster, however keep away from crimson meat. Additionally, it is best to keep away from saturated oil and boiled meals. There’s a enormous false impression in our nation that boiled meals retains the liver wholesome. It’s not true. Some little bit of oil and ghee is required for good well being.


Look after hepatitis B and hepatitis C is important. You need to get common checkups carried out and lead a great way of life.


It’s possible you’ll take into consideration how diabetes is linked to the liver. Diabetes and hypertension are the principle causes of fatty liver illness in our nation. This is named non-alcoholic fatty liver illness.

If an individual has unmoderated diabetes, hypertension, and excessive ldl cholesterol, they will get steatosis. On this illness, fats will get gathered within the liver. At any time when the fats content material of the liver is greater than 5% than the burden of the liver, it’s referred to as fatty liver. This non-alcoholic fatty liver can flip into liver cirrhosis.

Each within the West and our nation, non-alcoholic fatty liver illness is the 2nd to third explanation for liver transplant. Within the USA, non-alcoholic fatty liver illness is the most typical explanation for liver transplant. However you possibly can stop fatty liver illness by really controlling diabetes, blood strain and ldl cholesterol. You need to train and keep away from weight achieve. This is applicable to youngsters as effectively. Don’t let your youngsters be sofa potatoes, make them go to the park as a result of fatty liver illness can be there in youngsters.


There could also be 100 causes to not train however 1 or 2 motivations to do it. In the event you transfer your physique a little bit bit, it has wonderful outcomes. Something is best than nothing. The perfect is 30-40 min of brisk strolling each day not less than 5 days per week. Jogging or sweating is just not a should. Any type of train is nice. Something that’s making your physique transfer is best than nothing.

One other side of prevention is getting a vaccination. You will need to get vaccinated towards hepatitis B, which is obtainable in our nation. Vaccination of hepatitis C is just not but accessible globally. Each new child within the nation is vaccinated. Three doses of vaccination may give about 99.5% safety towards hepatitis B. Even adults at any age can get vaccinated. These options could make a huge effect on methods to stop liver ailments.

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About The Physician

Dr Sanjiv SaigalDr Sanjiv Saigal is a skilled and effectively skilled Hepatologist and Director of Institute of Digestive and Hepatobiliary Sciences at  Medanta -The Medicity, Gurgaon. He has a wealthy expertise of 26 years on this subject.

He has accomplished his DNB in Gastroenterology from Nationwide Board of Examinations in 1996, and DM in Gastroenterology from GB Pant College of Agriculture & Know-how in 1998. He’s a member of Indian medical affiliation (IMA) and Indian society of gastroenterology.

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