CREDIT Safety Tips


A customer with an ATM at a Folly Route bank office was scammed out Friday night, the second this robbery at the same Bank in as many days. About in search: 10 p. m., a couple of men approached a woman who received made a withdrawal from ATM at the Bank connected with America branch office with Folly Road, said Charles Francis, Charleston police accumulated officer. At least one of the adult males was armed with a pistol. The men demanded that the women turn over her cash in addition to her cell phone, and she complied. Choose the ATMs Near Me.


ATMs are a great convenience, but they can certainly compromise your safety or else careful. A robber searching for easy prey only has to stake out a TELLER MACHINE in a low-traffic, dimly lit place and bide his time frame. As all categories of thievery are on the rise throughout the nation, we’re providing these kinds of ATM safety tips to aid protect you, your consideration, and your life. Remember, CREDIT theft can occur in two techniques – unauthorized withdrawals from your account or the physical fraud of cash as a person finish a transaction.

Most lender ATM robberies occur between 7 pm and night when the machine only creates 10% of the daily purchases. Between 7 pm and 4 am, the ATMs handle only 11% of the total everyday transactions but suffer 60% of the crime.


As always, be mindful of your current surroundings. Don’t select a great ATM at the corner of your building – corners produce a blind spot. Instead, do your current automated banking in a community well-lighted, high-traffic place that is free of shrubbery and also decorative partitions or partitioning.

Maintain an awareness of your surroundings through the entire transaction. Be wary of plans trying to help you with ATM orders. Be aware of anyone sitting in a new parked car nearby. If leaving an ATM, be sure you are not being followed. If you are used to or think you are, push immediately to the police or perhaps fire station or any crowded, well-lighted location or business.

If lights across the ATM are not working, avoid the use of that machine.

Do not know how to use an ATM that appears abnormal looking or offers selections with which you are not familiar as well as comfortable. There are machines these thieves stick on top of TELLER MACHINE machines called skimmers which steal your banking facts.

When using a walk-up TELLER MACHINE, park as close as you can easily to the machine. Before causing the safety of your car, check out suspicious persons or situations. Have your ATM playing card ready before you approach your machine

Use your body to block your lovely view of your transaction, especially because you enter your PIN in addition to taking your cash. If necessary, consult a person to leave, regardless of whether that person is just curious. If your ATM is in use, provide the person using the machine precisely the same privacy you expect. Allow them to go away from the ATM when you approach the machine. Having a close friend with you is also beneficial.

Will not wear expensive jewelry or have other valuables to the TELLER MACHINE. This is an added incentive for the robber.

Never count dollars at the machine or in public places. Instead, wait until you are in your based car or another secure area.

When using a drive-up CREDIT, keep your engine running, your doors locked, and abandon enough room to maneuver between your auto and the one ahead of anyone in the drive-up line.

Stay away from a car that ‘accidentally’ humps into yours if you are at the drive-up ATM and has become your cash.

Maintain the availability of deposit envelopes at home or maybe in your car. Prepare most transaction paperwork before you arrive at the ATM. This may minimize the amount of time put in at the machine.

Many of the brand-new ATMs will take your cash or even check without envelopes; therefore, be extra careful, specifically if you are depositing cash. If at all possible, do these transactions in an exceeding bank.

Closely monitor your bank statements, as well as your amounts, and immediately report any kind of problems to your Bank.

If you are involved in a confrontation with an armed robber who needs your money, complies. Your cash is not worth your life.

Some banking institutions offer secure ATMs that may only be accessed with a charge card. If you have the opportunity, use these types of. If possible, have someone opt for you to the ATM.

Usually, do not leave your car running as well as keys in the ignition while you walk up to an ATM. While you return after your deal, have your car keys and pepper spray ready and check around and under your car or truck.

If there are other people with the ATM you want to use, continue in your car with the doors and windows up until they leave, or go to yet another ATM.

When using a drive-up ATM, keep your doors and windows up until you need to use the machine; keep dollars, checks, or money totes out of sight until you are positioned for your transaction.

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