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Angera bunnies were photographed at Davenport on September 18th; Red Mare was seen in Minocqua on September 10th; black GREY CATS from Rice Lake, WI were captured on September 9th; Hurley, WI cats on September 8th were tagged and then on October 5th were Russian Bearded Dragons photographed from Cedarburg Wisconsin!

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craigslist provides abundant information for anyone searching for the ideal pet dog. Listings range from those up for adoption, sale, or rent to breeders and rescue groups near your location – making Craigslist a fantastic tool to find something perfect!

Other than traditional pet classifieds, exotic animal listings also exist. You might come across an ad advertising a baby Australian Shepherd for sale in Indiana or tiger adoption opportunities in Kentucky; many even feature photos to make your search simpler.

Pet owners looking for local items may find what they’re searching for on Facebook Marketplace, an increasingly popular website among shoppers looking for goods locally. Many users take advantage of it to post items from furniture and household appliances for sale at reduced or no costs, making this service superior to sites such as Craigslist in terms of convenience; though, as with all online interactions with strangers, it is wise to take precautions when dealing with strangers online.

Before engaging with any seller or purchasing anything from them, it’s wise to conduct background research. Verify they comply with local laws and regulations in your area, as well as ask past buyers for references.

Before choosing a pet, it is wise to evaluate your budget carefully. Pets can be pretty costly, especially when purchased or adopted from shelters, while some require ongoing veterinary costs and care that could quickly add up.

There are ways you can save money when purchasing pet supplies. Utilizing services such as Freecycle Network and Facebook Marketplace are great ways to unload unwanted items while saving money on pet supplies. Plus, coupons and discounts may also be available online before purchasing.

Cats is an online classifieds site that allows users to post advertisements for various products and services they provide, searchable and viewable by anyone worldwide. Craigslist is free for buyers and sellers to connect, with extensive listings making it simple for both parties to find what they are searching for – you can even use their search feature to narrow your results further!

Craigslist features many different species of cats for adoption, from domesticated pets and kittens to exotic species like snakes. You may even come across those being rehomed due to circumstances beyond their control; you might find these animals in both privately owned homes and shelters. If you are interested in adopting one, contact one of the rescue organizations listed on Craigslist directly for more information.

Cats make great additions to any household, as they can be both affectionate and loving companions. Cats also possess incredible intelligence, making them ideal for both children and adults alike, not to mention playful felines who make great playmates for children as well. Before purchasing one of your desired breeds, however, be sure to conduct sufficient research into its health requirements; often, different breeds have specific health criteria before being adopted into households.

Craigslist provides access to cat breeds, from purebreds and hybrids like Siamese, Scottish Fold, Bengal, and Persian cats. There are also mixed breeds that combine two or more species; some of these breeds may be small, while others can reach sizes more significant than a typical domestic cat.

No matter what you need for your cat or feline friend, Craigslist NWI Pets page offers everything – from food and litter boxes to cages and toys! There are even veterinary services and grooming provided here!


Pet rabbits make lovely companions for anyone who enjoys cuddling and playing, yet unfortunately, these adorable animals can sometimes be neglected or mistreated by their owners. The good news is that these rabbits can be rescued through animal shelters and rescue groups or private breeders who specialize in rabbits and offer many different colors and sizes online – check Craigslist NWI Pets to find the right rabbit!

Craigslist pets can usually be found either for free or at a nominal fee; however, you should always exercise caution when searching the Internet for an animal as many ads may be scams posed as pet owner ads to dupe unsuspecting buyers into paying a fee for an animal they did not intend to own – this can be particularly harmful to children as scams such as this can quickly take advantage of them.

Craigslist provides access to abundant pet supplies, such as food and accessories for your furry friend. Some may be new, while some will have been pre-loved but still represent tremendous values. Before purchasing anything, you must research brands carefully to ensure they suit your animal; any concerns should be brought up to your veterinarian immediately.

If you are searching for a new pet, check Craigslist or other online classified sites in your local area. People often have surplus animals they want to dispose of, although society’s values regarding animal welfare are constantly shifting. Unfortunately, however, some unscrupulous people try to dupe unwary buyers into purchasing these animals from “animal mills,” using websites or classified ads to sell the animals they have at bargain basement prices.

No matter the age or breed of cat you’re searching for, Craigslist is an excellent way to locate them. Additionally, other forms of pets, including birds, reptiles, fish, and rodents, may also be available, but be wary before purchasing as some species can be costly!