Covid Certificate Verification- Smart Way of Eradicating Surging Scams

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The gains that are achieved by lessening the covid virus spread and reducing its influence over the healthcare industry are getting neutralized because of the emergence of digital frauds. Mostly, such scams are associated with the covid vaccine. While the surging coronavirus vaccine frauds are comparatively not that harmful, in the long run, consequences could be adverse. Thus, the vaccine shots are available publicly, global regulatory bodies along with nations’ governments are working to prevent such activities.

According to the federal trade commission (FTC), they received around 4.7 million fraud reports that were linked to the covid vaccine.  Other than vaccine scams, the fraudsters who are using online platforms are breaching health facility centers’ databases to abduct patients’ information.

Coronavirus Pandemic Aftermath – Glimpse Over the Global Situation

The black market for coronavirus vaccines is rapidly progressing because its demand is surging as the global community is now fed up with strict regulatory obligations and is desirous to experience pre-covid life. As stated in the medical product quality report (MPQR), the black market linked to the covid related things has grown to 400%. Because of unequal distribution and shortage of vaccines, underdeveloped countries are still not getting supplies. However, the Fight the Fakes (FTF) organization is working day and night to combat illicit vaccines producers and fake immunity medicines.

South Africa is also struggling to counter covid scams. Recently false coronavirus vaccines were smuggled that were produced in China. The alleged company generated billions of revenue through this scam. Whereas, somehow the situation is the same in the United States. Homeland security has snagged around $47 M worth of illicit products and more than 235 criminals were arrested that were messing around with people; promising people a cure of Covid.

The criminal groups are playing with the lives of the people as disastrous consequences are quite obvious by using such false vaccines and substandard products associated with coronavirus cure. By using such things people could get even more severe illness or in the worst case they could die. The global market is loaded with illicit vaccine doses that are worsening the current pandemic situation. Having in mind all emerging scams, the world health organization is coming up with the solution to encounter such bad actors in order to save one’s life.

Vaccine Frauds- An Undeniable Symptom of COVID-19

Identity theft and attempts of breaching peoples’ personal information have exponentially increased during the covid pandemic. Due to the current situation, the fraudster is availing full advantages as people are under the fear of getting prone to deadly viruses.

False vaccine passports and forged coronavirus tests are becoming new cottage businesses. People usually upload copies of their immunity cards while the cybercriminals get their hands on them and utilize the information in order to create forged vaccine passports and sell them on the dark web.

The fraudster is becoming pro in manipulating the people in order to acquire money from them as well as fascinates them by giving them foolish offers regarding vaccines as well as promising cures of covid.

Covid-19 Testing Scams

The regulatory official like the better business bureau has addressed the public and warned them regarding the text message fraud.  The imposters send the message like “mandatory digital coronavirus certificate verification” along with a link which is the old way of carrying out phishing attacks. Usually, people fall prey and become victims by clicking on the links and end up providing personally identifiable information such as health information, security numbers, and financial credentials. Moreover, such links are infected with malware viruses by which criminals get access to victims’ devices.

Covid-19 Vaccine Scams

Globally, the state governments are providing free-of-cost vaccine shots to the public. But, on the other hand, criminals have come up with coronavirus vaccine programs in order to acquire money and pieces of information from victims.

The regulatory authorities are always warning the people and suggest that no one should ever sign for such programs nor have to pay a penny for getting vaccine shots.

Contact Tracing Scams

Around the globe, contact tracing programs are initiated by the governments that are intended to identify the coronavirus cases so that pandemic spread could be stopped. The state’s law enforcement bodies are sending messages to outreach covid victims. Spotlighting over the other side, the fraudsters are all set to exploit such effective programs as they are impersonating themselves as contact tracers in order to retrieve people’s information.

Health Insurance Scams

The imposters are endeavoring to abduct people’s medical insurance information through scamming customers in versatile ways such as false antibody reports, bogus calls, and portraits as legitimate insurance firms. The fraudsters demand information and force them to confirm the insurance packages so that they can transport vaccines that were pre-ordered. Further due, such information is used to avail insurance fundings to receive high-cost medical treatments, and bills are sent to the real identity holders.

Precautionary Measures to Avoid Covid Scams

  • Don’t be fascinated by the foolish offers regarding the coronavirus vaccine and products promising the cure for covid. There are no such medicines or food that are authenticated by the global health authorities
  • One should make efforts to get to know the non-government organizations before contributing is any kind of charity drives
  • It recommended that any kind of links whether in mails or in text messages asking for information or to fill a form must not be opened. Mainly those entities that are claiming to be world health organization representatives.
  • Don’t provide your financial information other than government officials.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping it up, the coronavirus outbreak has poured negative impacts over the globe and has disrupted the world order. 2-factor authentication can assist businesses to verify authentic covid certificates. Where people are struggling to earn a living, the fraudsters are taking advantage of the crisis and are scamming people. Global authorities are taking steps to cut down the flow of rising frauds to provide relief to the individual entities as well as the businesses.

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