Conversion process – What an Affiliate Marketer Ought to Survive Online


I have escalated like a phoenix from the ashes.

After three and a half hours of hard work, frustrations, failures and significant financial losses, I know well what it takes to be a successful Internet marketer.

This article does not deal with the actual ‘Traffic’ aspect of Affiliate Marketing, simply because with all the traffic in the world, about to catch going to succeed if there tend to be little or no conversions.

From experience, I firmly think there is no such thing as a TOP CONVERTING sales page.

Overlook those who claim to have made large numbers or millions because of affiliate marketers.

Let us talk about internet affiliate marketing as a livelihood, as a supply of regular livable income.

Searching for a booming niche market that gives the most significant paycheck is OK. However, that big paycheck will not come by the waving of the magic wand; it comes via sound, tried and tested marketing methods that have been proven over many years.

Affiliate Marketing is no different from any other online marketing type; what functions will and must work for Affiliate Marketing?

The road to Maximum Conversion as well as Profits.

Step Number One.

Become familiar with the product you are about to promote.

You can market a physical customer product online since the marketer does not know the product. Precisely the same principle applies to marketing an electronic product as an affiliate.

To successfully promote an affiliate item, you must first answer these queries:

Is the product good enough to advertise?
Do you know the product well enough to recommend it?
The only way to reply to those questions is to purchase the product and check it out.
Become familiar with what the product is,
Get to know what the particular product does,
Get to know the particular product has done,
Get to know the limitations,
Get to know if the system is, as described by the vendor’s sales page.
Once you have equipped yourself with the knowledge about the product, move on to the next stage associated with promoting it.
Step And second.

Give the product a unique picture, independent of the Supplier’s Sales Page.

It is a gross misunderstanding when people think it is possible to successfully market a digital item as an affiliate without a website.

Many marketers have exhausted (and failed miserably) to promote a digital product as an affiliate marketer through PPC campaigns on their own, with just their affiliate marketing URL or LINK, for the reason that the destination URL is in their PAY-PER-CLICK campaigns.

Everyone who has attempted this fails to know that they just turn out paying the search engines for the mouse clicks that take the visitors to the actual vendor’s sale page. A colossal waste of money.

There isn’t going to be any conversion, simply because, in all probability, the vendor’s purchase page is ‘STALE’, it is ‘NOT CONVINCING ENOUGH’, and many of all the prospective buyer is here there WITHOUT BEING CONVINCED CONCERNING THE PRODUCT.


To ensure a high conversion price, especially if you are using PPC campaigns, the prospective buyer has to be convinced about the product, together with his or her mind constructed to buy it, before these people arrive at the vendor’s purchase page.

It is essential to consider or even treat the vendor’s last sales page as a CLOSING web page and NOT as a SELLING web page.

The vendor’s sales page should strengthen and reinforce the actual prospects’ decision to buy and be instrumental in closing someone’s buy.

One should NEVER depend on the actual vendor’s sale page to perform the selling.

Before you decide to market any affiliate product, the actual following:

Have your website with your domain name
Create a website dedicated to the product you want to market
Make the page on your website the first port of demand for the prospective buyer.
Stage Number Three.
Sell the item on your website.

In step number 1,

You purchased the product and got to understand it.
In step number two,
You place up your website under your domain name
and now create a website and promote the product on it.
Make this web page the first squeeze page for all prospective buyers,

Create an independent and candid article on the product and put your brand to it.
Include a third party’s review if possible.
Include several Testimonials as you can lay your hands on.
Give a link to the vendor’s website.
With good copy publishing, you always have an excellent opportunity to be candid, convincing and enticing.
Build a picture of what their prospects’ lives would be without the benefits of the product you are endorsing.

Give your prospect the chance to consider carefully what you have to say about the merchandise you are promoting without hinting that he/she has to buy it.

The outlook is not pressurized by a ‘BUY NOW’ profile or maybe an ‘ORDER NOW’ button or buttons.

This typically removes the psychological sense of debt TO BUY that pressurizes each prospect, giving them a little more liberty to study what is being explained about the product. This can come up with a big difference.

Step Number Several.

Having done the above, ordinary phone line. The much better conversion rate in your campaigns’ traffic to your landing page.

You can be guaranteed a sale if the potential customer clicks on the ‘LINK’ you might have provided to the vendors’ web page.

This is true because you have persuaded the prospect about the product and motivated him to buy it, resulting in them simply clicking the link to the sales page.

Their mind is practically constructed before they arrive on the vendors’ sales page. They understand much more about the product than that sales page can tell all of them.

You can check this out by making two identical campaigns.

Deliver all traffic in one strategy directly to the vendor’s web page, and
All traffic within the second campaign to your marketing page.
You will experience a greater conversion rate from the 2nd campaign.
Only two things can happen in all affiliate offers: choose a sale or lose the chance forever.

I do not thrive on the prospect of losing the chance forever.

Profit from the prospects’ visit sale or no purchase.

This can never be done if you promote a digital product as an affiliate without using another web page on your website.

That’s where many affiliate marketers have never monetised that PPC just clicks, which cost these people money, whether it was only $0. Fifty cents or maybe $3. 50.

If the outlook does not want to purchase the product you are promoting, they will leave that site and be lost to you for good.

If you have an, opt throughout box set up on which web page, you can entice outlook to give you their name along with email address in return for:

Free Information connected with the product, or
Cost-free Videos connected with the product, or maybe
Free MP3 Audio Interview with Internet Gurus as regards the product and its creator, or maybe
Free monthly news alphabets on Internet Marketing or whichever ‘Niche’ markets you choose.
There’s never been a better and easier way to slowly and surely build a choice in your list.
Your primary activity remains Internet affiliate marketing. However, you get to build an invaluable list of prospects in the meantime and still have the chance to market a product to them in the future.

The actual above and you will be a successful internet marketer.

This has been my experience.

For your success

Noel Benjamin D’Costa became an Internet marketer out of pure necessity. Losing his tone of voice to cancer, he had to look for alternative gainful employment which did not involve talking or the need to use his tone of voice. He became an internet marketplace and used his Internet pages as his voice.

Noel currently has over 60 live websites selling actual consumer goods and digital companies’ affiliate promotions. Visit the blog Internet Marketing Works intended for constructive information on how to set up sites to create a stream of On web Passive and tips on Affiliate internet marketing.

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