Construction Process Subjects to Serval Factors


Construction is a valued and important process. It includes several factors that stimulate, pace and halt the construction process. Understanding these factors and then going through the actual process holds its benefits. But to do so we have to first fully learn about them. To understand them contractors and other often get construction takeoff services.

Before understanding those factors, we should have a look at the construction process.

Construction Process

Construction is about putting together construction material as per the design through labor efforts. It goes from sitework preparation to the final finishing. This includes various tasks and activities. Things such as materials, designs, labor, tasks, and others are the various factors that influence the construction process in various ways. Contactors and others have to deal with these to carry out an effective and timely completion.

Factors and How They Effect

Construction is a long process that is liable to various factors that can both pace and slow down according to their condition. These factors and their uses go as:

Construction material. First and foremost, construction materials are the building blocks of every building structure. This includes every required material along with its specified variation and quantity. This is paramount. Every material is crucial, need to be appropriate, and further needs to be in the right quantity. Otherwise, the intended building is at risk or its ongoing work pace. Contractors usually have material takeoff services to help this sorted out.

The labor force. Ones that do all the work make a huge difference. Contractors or whoever is carrying out the process must have an appropriate and sufficient labor force. The hired Labor should have the relevant understanding of the activities and materials involved. Having inappropriate labor can cause incidents at the construction site and having insufficient can lead to work delays and halts.

Construction plan and design. Plan and design take a major role in the construction process. An easy plan is easy to construct while a complex one is a difficult endeavor to construct. A complex plan creates confusion, troubles labor, the material is harder to find, high cost, and other minor problems.

Various construction tasks. Certain construction projects include more activities than others like in the cases where the emphasis is concerned. This can occur in sitework, electrical, mechanical, finishing and others. Resultantly, construction work becomes longer and harder. All this can delay completion time.

Natural factors. Construction is carried out in the world where air, earthquake, tsunami, hurricane, civil unrest, and others. These can adversely affect construction as complete work halts, labor strikes, material unavailability, machinery damages, structural collapse, vandalism, and other problems. Summed up these can cause delay and damage to the ongoing work.

Workplace problems. Workplaces can become dangerous at times. They can catch contagious diseases that can result in labor shortages and later work halts. In the same way, the construction site can be subject to material rotting and spoiling problems such as lumber rot. This way contractors have to face material shortages and money wasted. A means to avoid this is by having material in the right quantity through the information provided in quantity takeoff services.

Transportation. Everything including material, labor, and machinery is subject to transportation. In case transportation is compromised, it results in work unsuitability. This way, the labor force is delayed, annoyed, and mismanaged. The same goes for the material. Through faulty transportation, the material can be spoiled, delayed, dropped out, and other problems.


The construction process is subject to certain factors. These factors determine the results both in the manner of time and exact construction. Above we have discussed various factors that influence construction.

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