Concerning Coloured Polished Concrete Floors As being a Viable Decorative Option

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A refined concrete floor is stunning, durable and its low cost regarding maintenance combined with a long life make it one of the most cost-effective floor coverings options available. Check out to know more.

A polished concrete flooring is green. The tangible for new floors is developed locally and does not have to end up being trucked in from a cross country. If you are restoring an old bed, you are these recycling the concrete because you are generally not digging it up and transmitting it to a landfill. The chemicals used in the buffing process are friendly to the environment, so they are environment friendly too!

With all that, what exactly could make a polished concrete carpet even more appealing?

Why, coloring, of course! The availability of faces allows people more incredible style and design options. Homeowners can use color to make the floor the standout feature of the interior and blend seamlessly with the interior decoration. Feet in locations and showrooms can be accomplished to reflect the colors with the company or make the place more pleasing.

Another benefit is that color will permanently hide problems, such as patches, in a carpet, making it easier for the eye.

The three methods of coloring floors are usually acid staining, solvent-based inorganic dyes, and water-based colors. Why don’t you look at each one?


Acid stain is a waterborne mixture of metallic salts and also acid. Unlike dyes, acid solution stains react chemically with all the concrete. The acid opens the particular pores of the surface, allowing the metallic salts to respond with the free calcium in the concrete and web form insoluble color compounds.

This special fuels the reaction until a neutralizing fix is applied to stop the process. By doing these bright, translucent colors together with variegated hues across the flooring, because they are UV secure, they will not fade. Indoor air quality is not affected because there are simply no Volatile Organic Compounds inside the acid mixture.


The ultimate colors result from the particular concrete’s chemical composition re-acting the metallic salts. Thus, results are unpredictable. This may make things interesting: unless the colors are not what you look for. And there is a limited palette from which to choose – a mixture of three colors: black, brown leafy, and blue-green.

The process has a skillful technician and is added time-consuming to complete than other dyes options and is, therefore, costlier.

The colored layer is thin and fragile, so it must be protected with a sealer that will be reapplied on occasion.


Extremely okay molecules of color are usually mixed with a solvent to help penetrate and color the concrete. Additional applications can continually enhance the coverage. The outcome is somewhat more predictable. The process is much faster than acid staining and shows results right away. A floor can be sealed and expect immediate use when the coloring is dry. There are many attractive colors to choose from.


This process also takes a skilled technician without the benefit of as complicated as acid solution staining. Solvents are employed, so strong odors of acetone or alcohol can be an area of the process and affect inside air quality.

The dye will not mask or hide flaws in the floor and may seem different in areas of the particular concrete that have greater degrees of humidity or hardness. The colors are not UV stable and may fade over time and demand reapplication.


Shades are mixed with water, dispersed onto the floor, and cleaned into the surface with a broom or microfiber mop. Numerous colors available, a straightforward program, no strong odors, and a foreseeable outcome make this system friendly to the environment and a low-cost color alternative.


Color penetration is not very deep, so any sealer is necessary to protect the completed. If the sealer is not taken care of, the color will eventually use off. Colors are not ULTRAVIOLET stable and will require routine reapplication depending on the exposure on the surface to sunlight or perhaps bright indoor lights.


Of course, shade can be used in any commercial construction. Still, it is most appreciated within venues that see a large number of people: showrooms, galleries, theatres, malls, and shops rather than factories and facilities where utility is primary.

In homes, coloring floors offers so many design choices that we may safely state it’s an indispensable component of the existing decor.

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