Common Medication Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making Right Now


Taking medicines is not enough when you have any health issues. You have to follow a proper time and dosage advised by the doctor. Often we make some medication mistakes which makes the whole result of taking the medicines zero.

Common Medication Mistakes You Need To Avoid Making

Sometimes, a single wrong dose can also make your health condition worse. Thus it is crucial to know the most common mistakes so that you can avoid making them. Here they are as follows. Check them out.

1. Skipping Your Dosage

When the doctor has prescribed you a specific dosage, there has to be a or several reasons. Skipping a dose might end up giving out other complications. Or, sometimes skipping a dose weakens the whole purpose of taking those medications. Always take all the dodge of your medicines.

2. Not Completing The Course

There might be instances when the doctor has prescribed the medications for 5 days, but just after taking it for three days, you start to feel better. So, you stop taking medicines without completing the course. This might make you sick again after a while because you have not completed the course.

3. Doubling On Dosage

If you are thinking that doubling the dosage will make your condition better faster, then think again. If your body cannot cope with the increased dosage, you might experience some serious side effects.

4. Forgetting To Take Medications

It is a lame excuse that you have forgotten to take your medicines. You have your phone, right? Apart from just scrolling social media feeds, use it for some essentials. Set a reminder for your medications, or take medicine as soon as you remember about it. When you are at work, you can stick a reminder pad for medications as well.

5. Taking Someone Else’s Medicines

You can not take your mom’s medicines because you both have the flu or fever. Every person’s body is different as their needs are. The reason for your fever and your mothers’ fever might not be the same.

6. Splitting Pills That Aren’t Supposed to

When your doctor has prescribed you to take the whole pill at a time, you simply can not take the pill and split it in half. If you face difficulty swallowing the whole pill at a time, you can use Gloup swallowing gel to make the swallowing easier. But do as the doctor says.

7. Stopping Or Not Taking Medications

As we have already mentioned, you can not stop taking the medicines just because you feel better. Stopping them without completing the course might end up giving you side effects. Your doctor is a qualified professional who is well aware of your medication. If there have been talks about stopping your medication process once you start feeling good, he/she would have already told you about it.

8. Sloppy Measuring

Almost everyone uses a kitchen measuring spoon for measuring medicines instead of using the measuring container that comes with the medication. It is another mistake. Those measuring containers measure accurately when it comes to measuring medicines. Your kitchen tools are perfect for measuring only the kitchen ingredients.

9. Not Reading The Insert

Another mistake that almost everyone makes is not reading the insert of the medications. It comes with not only the required dosage but also the components, storage, and usage instructions.


For example:

  • Some medications need to be stored in the refrigerator
  • Some are away from sunlight
  • And some are instructed to shake well before use.

Final Tips

From now on, avoid making all these medications mistakes. Take your medications on time, and do not skimp on your dosage. Store your medicines at a proper palace, where they will be safe and secure, away from the reach of children. Last but not least, take medicines in the first place when it is needed.

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