Although the number of annual truck accidents in Missouri may be low compared to the number of car accidents, crashes involving trucks are severe and deadly. Missouri truck accidents account for more than 10% of traffic-related deaths every year. The impact of a truck crash is dangerous because of the size and weight of the truck resulting in a significant amount of force exerted during the impact.

So what can you do to avoid truck accidents in Missouri? The expert lawyers at Craig, Kelley, and faultless LLC, truck accident law firm, suggest keeping safety at the top of your mind whenever you are driving. Additionally, stay informed on the common causes of truck accidents in Missouri.

Aggressive driving

In most cases, commercial truck drivers are under constant pressure to travel long distances over the least time possible to make their deliveries on time. Many of them have been on the road for long periods and may be under work stress, so they are prone to road rage. Their road rage may manifest through aggressive driving practices such as tailgating, following the car too closely, cutting other drivers off, and failing to yield the right of way, which increases the risks of accidents.

Fatigued driving

Every state has regulations regarding commercial truck driving to keep tired truck drivers off the road. In most cases, a commercial truck driver should not drive for more than 11hours straight and should take a 10hour break between shifts.

More rules help protect truck drivers on the roads, but some companies do not adhere to them because of individual motivations and poor scheduling. As a result, fatigued truck drivers lose their focus on the road and may cause accidents.

Inclement weather

Another common cause of truck accidents in Missouri is severe weather that reduces the driver’s visibility or control of the truck, increasing the risks of an accident. Extreme weather conditions include rain, snow, fog, ice, wind, and hailstorms which can cause multi-truck pile-ups and severe injuries. Therefore you should practice extra caution when driving during inclement weather.

Cargo overloads

Cargo overloads in commercial trucks are another common cause of truck accidents in Missouri. Trucks that carry excessive cargo are more prone to tire blowouts and may trip over after a lane change because they take too much weight than they can handle. The danger is more severe if the load is external, and it can slip, causing the driver to swerve and road obstructions which can cause accidents.

Truck failure

Although driver mistakes cause many truck accidents, a good percentage are caused by truck failure. If the commercial truck company is negligent in keeping up with regular repair and maintenance, defective parts are most likely to cause truck failure resulting in an accident. Brake failure is one of the most common truck accident cases in Missouri.

Final words

You never know what to expect while driving on Missouri roads, so it is good to stay informed on the common causes of truck accidents in the state to remain vigilant. You should be extra careful when driving behind a truck or when one is following you.

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