Choosing the Business Name – Exactly what is Involved?



So you have made the decision. You’ve got that excellent plan. You’re ready to leave, perform and pursue your desire. You are one step far from creating a business. One move away from being your superior. One step away from becoming an entrepreneur, but you desperately need to manufacture a business name…

A Business Identify Should Never Be Taken Lightly.

You should consider several things when creating a new name for your business. Determined by what you want to do, where you want to work, and what industry you’re getting into, is the business local, country-wide, or international? Does your firm build something, make a thing, sell something, buy a thing, trade something, or present something? Each one of these factors could affect what your name needs to be. Is your business for nonprofits? Does your business belong section of a group? Is it a family managing the business?

Before I within some samples, I want you to break out a piece of paper and pen. Write down some examples involving names that are fitting on your business. Keep all the labels close together so you can assess and revisit them frequently.

Let’s look into some examples affected by the above statements:

Making use of your Name:

I will use the name (Martin Lemieux) in these types of examples.

Service Based: – Real-estate (Ex. Lemieux Realtor) — Mortgage Broker (The Lemieux Home loan Group) – Law Firm (Lemieux Law Firm) – Style (Martin’s Design Concepts) — Writing (Lemieux Writing Services) – Corporate (Lemieux Enterprises) – Contractors (Lemieux Creating Group) – Renovators (Martin’s Reno Services) – Publishing (Lemieux Print Shop)
Item Based: – Pizza Location (Martin’s Pizza Delight)- Clothing (Lemieux Fashion) – Toys (Martin’s Toy Shop) – Appliances (Lemieux Appliances)
As you can see, these business brand examples mention two things; a) My brand and b) What I do. To complete is to personalize your business title with your name and business. Using your first name or even last name doesn’t necessarily matter.
Precisely what matters is the fact that you like your name. A business name could be with you until you die; it includes the potential to stay in your family intended for hundreds of years.

Inventive Names:

These illustrations will be something of the top involving my head just to present you with an idea. Each name is going to be accompanied by a slogan to explain the real meaning of the name.

Service Structured: – Online Promotion (“eMarket Promo” – Internet Marketing Marketing For Your Business) – Studio (“Crystal Graphics Firm” — Graphics that wow people) – Barber Shop (“Clean Cut Barbers” – Haircuts that clean up your style) – Business Networking (“NETeGroup” – Entrepreneurs Grouping To get more Business Leads)
Product Dependent: – Hydraulic Systems (“ProHyd Systems” – Professional hydraulics that last) – Swimming pool Cues (“StickBall Cues” — A pool cue which sticks to its game) – Power Bars (“SafeBars” – A power bar secure for the whole family)

A small, very little play on words, combined with little descriptions of your product or service, can guide you to come up with something a little more innovative. Although these names had been created within about 5 minutes, take your time, you should never rush this stuff. A company name should never be found within minutes. You should let the suggestions brew for a while. Even after you believe you got the correct name, allow it to sit there and look at it often. Ask your friends, household, and co-working what they imagine your choices.

Local Business Labels:

Services that are locally structured should carry a brand that spells them out. It should be simple and essential. With these examples, I will employ my location (Hamilton, Ontario) to illustrate what I mean.

Area Wide: – Lawn Attention (Hamilton Lawn Care), – Mortgage Brokers (Hamilton Mortgage Group) – Real Estate (Greater-Hamilton Homes) – Employment Agency (Hamilton Employers)
Provincial Wide: rapid Insurance Brokers (Ontario Insurance plan Specialists) – Parcel Distribution (Ontario Mailing Systems) – Apple Farm (Apple Woods of Ontario) – Movers (Relocators of Ontario)
Countrywide Wide: – Baby Apparel (Canadian Baby Wear)-: Computers (Computers Made in Canada) – Consultants (Canadian Contacting Group) – Printing (PrintCanada)

Creating a business name to focus on your local area is a little easier regarding ideas. Always try to incorporate your city, province/state, or country into the situation to tell people the exact provider area that you provide. Make sure you search online for other companies together with the same name. Many neighborhood companies opt for this method of selecting a great name; this happens actually because of how easy it can become for anyone to remember your name.

That concludes my business identify creating tips. I have a great deal to teach you concerning creating a name, but that will require me to write a story, and for this tutorial, I would like to cover all of the basics, not merely one area.


Once you’ve refined your business name list to 1-5 names, it’s time to research online to check if someone has taken your identity.

Searching online will be different for everyone. You will discover different ways to search for duplicate small business names depending on the type of small business you want.

When searching online, you must determine:

1) Is your small business local, provincial/state-wide, state, or international???
2) Would you like to trademark/copyright your name? Also…
A) Is there other competitors who have an identical name?
B) Do one of your competitors certainly own a trademark and copyright similar to your label?

1 . 1) Local:

This might be the easiest one to find. Typically, you can perform a search within Google/Yahoo/MSN with your business name inside quotes like “My Name” in “My City,” “Province/State,” or “Country” (Ex. Search for something such as “Lawn Care Guys inside Hamilton, Ontario, Canada”) to view whether or not you get exact effects found for that name. Try out the same thing without quotes to have different results. If you benefit from found, check within site to see if these results were “fabricated” by search engines for their effects or if they are actually an authentic business name.

Don’t forget to search and see if the results match any type of business you want to get into.

The market you want to get into affects your name as well. In particular, you could choose “Hamilton Backyard Maintenance” for your business identity. After performing a search, My partner and I guarantee you that yahoo and google will combine the words “Hamilton”-and-“Lawn”-and-“Maintenance” together to form their benefits. I’m sure there is a lawn routine maintenance company from Hamilton. Ask how\ that could mix your search benefits. Searching online is just the start of the activity, don’t get discouraged if you primarily find some matches.

1 ) 2) Provincial / Point out Wide:

For this search, it’s good to perform the same style of seeking as I mentioned in “1. 1) Local”, today you want to remove the “City” as part of your searches to determine right away if you realize a name similar to the ones you have. Again, if you find final results within your search, investigate further by visiting the identified website (s).

If a potential competitor gets the exact name you want, damage the name and forget the idea. You don’t want to have a legal fight later on for something that could be prevented right now.

1 . 3) National:

Same thing, but just include your “Country” within your queries.

1 . 4) International:

Just search for your business name within “Quotes.” Don’t use a country’s particular search engine like Google. los Angeles, instead, uses Google. Com to perform your searches. Search engines can provide an exact match for your company name by including our quotes. If other companies possess your name, it really will not matter unless; you’re straight related in the same sector and whether or not they own retained that name.

1 . 5) Trademark / Copyright:

“A trademark or trade draw[1] is an exclusive sign of some kind used by an individual, business corporation or another legal thing to uniquely identify the source of its products or services to consumers, also to distinguish its products or services via those of other entities. Very well Wikipedia

When searching for a business brand online, avoid names that resemble someone’s trademark. Duplicating a trademark could get a person into big trouble, together with a lawsuit. A lady online has been battling this idea for a long time. The famous car maker, Machine, has a trademark on its title and logo, but you do not have control over These people failed to buy that website name in time, and now they are suing the owner for ten mil dollars in damages that could have been going on since 1999.

If you want to trademark your name, you have to ensure that NO ONE uses which name. This includes phrases, phrases, logos, and images. The challenging aspect is trade marking something that already exists. For example Canada, you would have a great deal of trouble trade marking “Business Name” because so many people online actually use the words business brand together before you ever loaded a trademark.

I recommend that you just hire a professional to help you using your trade marking needs. That way, you’ll have access to government data sources that allow you to search through previous logos and to help you search for various other names that might deter through trade marking your label.

Trademarking is a little pricey for some, but once you have the trademark, no one else can use your good name regarding anything else without express composed permission. I made this mistake with our original business, “Smartads.” Following time, people started using intelligent ads for their functions, some good and some very negative.


For the most part, you can always go down to almost all business name registry companies and perform a search there for all the businessmen’s names.

Canadian Trademarks Databases Search:

United States Logos Database Search:

Great Britain Intellectual Property Office:

Australia Database search:

China Database search:

Japanese Database search:

These websites were easy to find on the net; for more countries, simply seek them within Google. Com to get “trademark (Country).” That’s the item. Most significant countries own an online database that you can look through to help your search for logos.


Investing in a domain name, a. k. any. The website address that fits your organization’s name is essential. Sometimes trying to find a business name is not adequate; finding the right domain name might be your main element. I’ve known many entrepreneurs who came to me for help with their enterprise names but ceased in their tracks when we attempted to get a domain name that combined their business names. You want to have one or the other before you start. For many people is essential to keep your marketing similar so that the public obtains familiar with your name.

I’ve truly written an entire tutorial about domain names:

This step is rather key if you want to trademark your enterprise name. A way to prevent persons from misusing your identity is to buy all of the urls of your website extensions for your name. Ex-mate: Com/. ca(Canada specific) /. net /. biz /. info /. Org/. us /. britain /. biz, etc …

Looking for domain names, simply go to:


The easiest way to register a small business name is to look online at your local government office. Try to find “Register A Business in (Your City, Province/State, and Country).” For example, I will use our home town, “Register a business label in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada”


Creating your organization’s name doesn’t happen straightaway and shouldn’t be obtained lightly. You may be stuck with your current name for hundreds of years. Get creative while brainstorming for a name, inquire others what they think, and jot down every idea you have. Research before you buy online to look for duplicate companies. Make sure to stay away from business companies that resemble trademarked companies that are already taken. For anyone who is planning on trade marking your name, hire a professional to be of assistance. Try to find a name that could compliment your domain name, in particular when your business name is going to be copyrighted. Lastly, search online to find out exactly where your local government office is to register your brand.

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