Chinese Restaurants in the Homestead


One Manhattan health coach wanted to open a Chinese restaurant where her food-sensitive clients could dine without feeling bloated or uncomfortable after dining out, so she chose Lucky Lee’s, which sounds stereotypically Chinese.

As Asian immigration restrictions were eased, American-Chinese cuisine became more diverse and tailored to local ingredients while maintaining authentic dishes.

Panda Express

Panda Express was established by husband-and-wife co-founders with solid family values who focused on building an empire focused on fast casual Chinese food, catering to customers from coast to coast. As well as offering employees health and career benefits – such as flexible scheduling, free lunches, and discounted college courses after six months -.

Panda Cares supports schooling, feeding those in need, and disaster relief. Panda employees can participate in these projects to make a difference and give back.

Panda Express boasts over 2,100 locations nationwide, serving American-Chinese dishes that include its iconic orange chicken. This menu item boasts 490 calories, 23g total fat (5g saturated fat), 51g carbohydrate, and 51g sodium; for reduced sodium intake and calories, opt for the grilled version or add brown rice as your side order. Recently introduced is Beyond The Original orange chicken, which is vegan friendly, but some Reddit users have pointed out it uses similar cooking equipment as traditional meat dishes, which could pose issues to some vegetarians.

China King

China King offers a relaxing and friendly dining environment, making it the ideal spot to share meals with family or friends. Their staff is attentive and efficient; fast delivery services are also provided. Their menu boasts an extensive selection of Chinese cuisine, including vegetarian-friendly choices.

This no-frills restaurant boasts booth seating and Asian decor. Furthermore, food delivery and pickup services are provided, as well as classic Chinese dishes like General Tso’s chicken that combines sweet and spicy flavors and crab rangoon and spring rolls for dine-in service.

If ordering at a Chinese restaurant, ensure to order entrees that are either steamed or sauteed. Fried dishes contain trans fats linked with heart disease and other health conditions; steamed or sauteed dishes provide your body with essential proteins and fiber.

China King offers delicious yet cost-effective cuisine. Open for both lunch and dinner, service is professional yet friendly, as is its extensive tea selection.

China Yan

China Yan is an important town located in northern Shaanxi Province on the Loess Plateau, historically referred to as Fushi in history. Known as such during their Long March (1934-35) and subsequent civil war that brought them power in 1949.

As well as its unique folk customs, such as peasant painting, paper-cutting, and drum art, historical sites, and natural scenery make Nanchang a top tourist destination. Furthermore, Nanchang serves as an incubator of China’s modern revolutionary spirit and national socialist cultural system.

Chef Yan has won over millions of cooking fans around the globe with his creative food artistry and humorous teaching style, winning several awards through TV shows, books, and other programs such as California Culinary Academy and Johnson & Wales University as a teacher and other chef training programs. Dedicated to demystifying Asian cuisines while making them accessible for all people, he combines ancient culinary tradition with cutting-edge innovation using fresh ingredients for maximum impact!

Hong Kong Homestead

Hong Kong Homestead offers authentic Chinese food to anyone in the area, with an expansive menu that covers Americanized dishes like General Tso’s Chicken to more exotic fare like steamed fish head and tripe with pig skin cooked on. Furthermore, this establishment also serves more traditional items like fried wontons and Malay sponge cake.

This restaurant provides both dine-in and takeout service with high-quality cuisine at an excellent value for money. Their friendly service ensures quick food delivery; there is an impressive selection of drinks, such as tea, beer, and cocktails, to enjoy at this establishment.

This restaurant boasts an elegant atmosphere and delicious cuisine. Service is friendly, and prices are fair – the only drawback may be that some may prefer more spicy food, but it remains an ideal destination for anyone who enjoys Chinese fare without needing their mouth to burn! Located in Florida City with an extensive menu available 24/7.

Shanghai and Tokyo

Shanghai and Tokyo in Sarver, PA, offer classic Chinese dishes without overly spicy preparation. Their extensive menu has something for every customer to enjoy; customers can dine in or call ahead to arrange takeout service.

This restaurant has been open for more than 15 years, and while their Chinese food may not be the most authentic I’ve tasted, they still do an outstanding job of satisfying customers. On weeknights, it is typically packed; on weekends, there is usually a line to get a table.

Shanghai Terrace provides contemporary interpretations of classic Chinese cuisine with Chef de Cuisine Elmo Han. Their menu encompasses an impressive range of traditional dishes such as Xiao Long Bao dumplings made with thin dough that encase a meat filling and flavorful broth; then they’re steamed for 20 minutes and served dipping mixture of soy sauce and vinegar – even earning themselves one Michelin star in 2016.