Cheeny Plante


Cheney Plante is an accomplished survivalist currently competing in Naked and Afraid. A graduate of Sanford High School, Cheney joined the Air Force as a SERE specialist (1st Special Operations Support Squadron Survival, Evasion Resistance Escape). Additionally, Cheeny runs her own property maintenance business called Black Cap Services.

Cheney Plante is a Naked and Afraid contestant.

Cheney Plante has appeared in two seasons of Naked and Afraid and has proven her unmatched survival skills and motivational speaking ability to overcome any obstacles that come her way in her personal and professional life. Producers approached her after seeing her on social media; she accepted their invitation.

Naked and Afraid returns this spring on Discovery channel with 12 of its most formidable contestants competing head-to-head for a $100,000 prize in one of Africa’s harshest environments ever before. Filmed entirely in Africa, participants face more extreme elements than ever as part of this season’s challenge.

Naked and Afraid producers have allowed female contestants on this season of Naked and Afraid to bring feminine hygiene products – even though the show focuses on natural survival, producers do not wish for women to rely on mother nature alone for support simply; pads and tampons will aid their journey through the 21-day challenge! This is an impressive change from previous seasons, where contestants were forced to drink unclean water, risk dehydration, and die. This change marks a vast improvement from prior attempts where contestants had no options other than drinking contaminated water or risking dehydration, resulting in death from severe dehydration!

Naked and Afraid is an intense reality television show that pits contestants against each other to see who can survive the wild with only what’s on their backs. Male and female contestants are dropped into remote areas without food or water and must go through an obstacle course full of survival tasks to compete for a $50,000 prize pool.

Naked and Afraid participants have endured Category Five hurricanes, broken bones, relentless insects, and even being attacked by snakes or venomous spiders during past competitions. Yet regardless of the difficulties they’ve had to endure, producers always ensure contestants receive proper medical care during these challenging conditions.

This year’s Naked and Afraid production crew will feature an exciting cast of survivalists. These participants include a decorated army veteran who has survived more than 148 days on Naked and Afraid; another record-setting participant will join this year. Alongside these, newcomers will return favorites like Cheeny Plante and Jeff Zausch.

Plante was raised in Sanford, Maine, and graduated from Sanford High School in 2008. Following her time in the Air Force as a SERE specialist (specialized in survival evasion resistance escape techniques), she went on to start her own property maintenance company while enjoying fishing, hiking, camping, and travel – which earned her selection onto Naked and Afraid after casting scouts saw pictures of her outdoor adventures online.

During her time on the show, Plante was inspired to devise an ingenious method of crafting shoes and other items out of animal skins, using wildebeest fur to fashion a backpack she used during each challenge and creating shoes, a hat, and a kilt out of its skin. She even found ways to utilize its warmth as shelter or warmth at night!

She lives in Sanford.

Cheney Plante of Sanford is an accomplished survivalist. She has made three appearances on Discovery’s Naked and Afraid reality series, which challenges participants to survive for 21 days without food or water in remote locations. Each competitor is placed into an isolated wilderness environment with another person and can only use one tool to aid survival. Cheeny is an adventurous traveler and nature lover who often shares photos from her outdoor excursions on social media. She enjoys fishing, hiking, camping, and traveling – she owns a Black Cap Services property maintenance business. She plans to return to school to study marine systems, boat building, and sustainable agriculture.

Cheney was born in 1990 and currently stands 33 years old. She was raised by her mother, Karen McCarthy of Sanford, Maine, while her father, James Plante (58), lives in Springvale. Cheney has one sibling named Spencer Plante, who works as a loan officer assistant at Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation; previously worked at Mortgage Network Inc and Residential Mortgage Services and held the NMLS #1760 license.

She is married

Plante has decided not to disclose details about her personal life on Naked and Afraid due to respect for loved ones or to create a healthy work-life balance, and she should be applauded for her decision.

Since she first appeared in season one, the survivalist has been a fan favorite on the series. Her fearlessness in the wilderness has earned her widespread acclaim among survivalists and swashbucklers. Although her popularity may have made her considerable earnings, its exact amount remains unknown as the survivalist prefers not to draw too much attention to herself financially.

Plante graduated from Sanford High School in 2008 and joined the Air Force. She became a SERE specialist (survival, evasion, resistance, and escape). Today, she owns her own property-maintenance company, Black Cap Services; she enjoys fishing, camping, traveling, and CrossFit at her local gym. Furthermore, she plans to return to school and study marine systems and boat building.

Plante has successfully endured 21 days in South Africa’s desert and fields as part of a spinoff episode of Naked and Afraid: Solo, not expecting to return for another attempt; however, she couldn’t resist its primal appeal and returned despite not expecting it. She revealed that it wasn’t money that attracted her back; instead, she desired to test herself in harsh environments that kept bringing her back.

Plante found strength during her time in the Karoo Desert from reading books with inspirational characters such as prisoners of war or those who had experienced extreme circumstances; recalling these accounts helped keep her optimistic despite the cold temperatures and hunger she faced.

Maine native Erin Regan also transformed animal skins into shoes, headdresses, kilts, and backpacks, using her skills at upcycling them into outfit items. The most challenging aspect of Naked and Afraid for Erin was surviving cold temperatures without adequate clothing; she won the contest and received $100k, which enabled her to purchase home heating oil for several months of home use – and will return this summer as a fourth time Naked and Afraid participant.