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Chapter Enzymes |  Enzyme introduction, Metabolism, and Properties of enzymes |

Chapter Enzymes | Enzyme introduction, Metabolism, and Properties of enzymes |

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Enzymes are organic molecules (sometimes proteins) that considerably pace up the speed of nearly the entire chemical reactions that happen inside cells.

They’re important for all times and serve a variety of necessary features within the physique, equivalent to aiding in digestion and metabolism.
Metabolic reactions are of two varieties
Anabolic reactions or anabolism additionally referred to as synthesis reactions and the opposite sort is catabolic reactions or catabolism additionally referred to as breakdown reactions.
Some enzymes assist break giant molecules into smaller items which can be extra simply absorbed by the physique. Different enzymes assist bind two molecules collectively to supply a brand new molecule. Enzymes are extremely selective catalysts, that means that every enzyme solely quickens a selected response.
The molecules that an enzyme works with are referred to as substrates. The substrates bind to a area on the enzyme referred to as the energetic web site.
Properties of enzymes
They’re made up of globular protein
they act as catalyst
They’re extremely particular
They remained unchanged after a chemical response
They decreases the activation power required to start out a chemical response.


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