Catalina Flower – A Symbol of Good Fortune and Prosperity


Catalina flowers have long been seen as symbols of good fortune and happiness. Their vibrant hues and delicate petals can offer hope to anyone facing challenges or obstacles to progressing their journey.

Torenia Catalina, commonly called the wishbone flower, is an annual that tolerates heat and shade conditions well and produces showy blooms throughout its growing season with minimum maintenance requirements. Proven Winner’s plants have been time-tested to demonstrate landscape performance and beauty – this plant qualifies!


Catalina flowers are beautiful and inspiring, symbolizing joy, charm, and happiness for no apparent reason. Used to decorate homes and bring joy, they also bring good luck and hope, making them popular for weddings or other special events.

White Catalina flowers symbolize purity and innocence, representing new beginnings with their promise of an exciting, fresh start. Yellow Catalina flowers stand for optimism and energy, often associated with creativity and inspiration, making them ideal for use in creative spaces like art studios or writing rooms.

Catalina Flower, also known as Torenia or Wishbone Flower, is an attractive perennial that thrives in shady areas of your landscape. It is ideal as a filler plant in containers and hanging baskets due to its trailing habit and deer resistance. Easy care. Deer resistant.

Catalina flowers represent wish fulfillment by their wishbone-shaped stamens. Since ancient Rome, when people broke open a furcula bone as an object representing luck, they expected it would bring fulfillment of their wishes.


Catalina flowers have long been linked with numerology as being associated with the number nine, representing completion and renewal in your life. Furthermore, these beautiful blooms may remind you to cherish life’s precious moments while building lasting relationships.

Astrologically speaking, these flowers are connected with Venus – symbolizing love, beauty, and abundance – so seeing these blooms may portend prosperity in all areas of your life and encourage you to follow your heart and trust the universe’s plan.

The Catalina flower, commonly called the clown flower due to its striking colors and lively spirit, has earned this moniker due to its unique appearance and striking double stamen, which resembles a turkey’s wishbone – giving the flower its particular name. Additionally, hybrid versions with yellow flaws that resemble smiles give rise to other terms for this stunning bloom used frequently in bouquets and arrangements.


White Catalina flowers symbolize purity, innocence, and beauty, signifying new beginnings. Yellow Catalina flowers represent sunshine and rejuvenation – dreaming about them can often mean good luck and prosperity!

As an ornamental plant, Catalina can also be used in traditional medicine to treat various disorders. The Ayurved treatment utilizes this flower to treat gonorrhea and other genital issues, typically used with sandalwood, cloves, and musk. Catalina herb can also help alleviate exanthemata symptoms.

The wishbone flower gets its common name from its fork-shaped stamens that resemble those found on birds, while other words for it include bluewings or clown flowers to refer to its wings-like petals found on particular varieties of this plant.

Cattleya cylindrica ‘Midnight Blue’ cultivar is an excellent addition to hanging baskets and landscape settings, featuring large true-blue flowers on an easy mounding/trailing habit tolerating heat well and deer-resistant features such as trailing stems. Flowers bloom throughout summer and fall on sturdy stems, with vibrant green leaves providing contrast.

Medicinal properties

The blue Catalina flower, Torenia fournieri, represents angels. This flower helps people overcome shyness and other emotional restrictions to express themselves freely while providing peace and clarity of mind. Its medicinal properties include antispasmodic, soothing, and astringent properties; volatile oils and mucilage components found within this plant have proven successful at decreasing muscle contractions.

Dreaming of seeing a Catalina flower could be a powerful reminder to uphold your values and principles and pursue your passions without fear. Additionally, its vibrant colors and trumpet-shaped blooms may serve as a metaphor for romance – making this bloom an excellent choice for weddings and other special events.

This annual is a fast-growing annual that boasts large flowers all summer. Tolerant of most weather conditions and perfect as either container or ground cover plants. Its trailing, mounding growth habit makes it ideal for hanging baskets or combination planters; deer resistance means no regular watering needs!


The Catalina flower has long been recognized as an emblem of love and romance in various cultures and traditions, symbolizing love, romance, wealth, and prosperity, inspiring individuals to pursue their dreams without fear and trust in the universe’s more excellent plan. Additionally, Catalina flowers can immediately and positively affect the mind and body by relieving stress while encouraging creativity and a sense of calmness.

Catalina flowers have long been seen as symbols of beauty, grace, and elegance – a favorite choice for wedding bouquets and centerpieces, adding an air of sophistication. However, recent scientific evidence also points towards healing properties and medicinal uses for these beautiful blooms that including treating headaches and fever.

Torenia Catalina (Wishbone Flower) is an annual plant that thrives in heat and shade environments, performing beautifully in hanging baskets and combination planters. This trailing cultivar produces mass blooms all summer and into autumn – easy care instructions make deer-resistant plants even easier! Just water when your soil feels dry; fertilize every one or two weeks using either liquid or granular products for best results.