Card Payment Machines For Small Businesses


Card payments are becoming a more widely used form of payment in the UK, as more consumers rely on credit cards for purchases.

As a small business owner, you need an efficient way to accept card payments from customers. Selecting the correct card reader for your requirements is critical.


The Vega3000 is one of the most popular and widely used countertop card machines on the market. It offers WiFi, GPRS, Bluetooth, and USB connectivity for maximum flexibility in small businesses.

It also provides a high level of security with its powerful microprocessor and advanced software to protect transactions. This makes it an ideal option for smaller businesses that need to accept card payments quickly without worrying about customer data or other security concerns.

In addition to its stylish appearance and impressive performance, this card machine is also user-friendly. Its touchscreen is easy to read and navigate with a large bright screen that displays payment details clearly.

Small businesses looking to save on setup costs while providing a positive customer experience will find this system ideal. Furthermore, it supports both contactless and chip-and-PIN payment methods – compatible with all major UK card schemes like Visa and Mastercard.

The Vega3000 is also available in a mobile version that uses an optional SIM card to connect it to the UK’s GPRS network wherever you are, making it suitable for all kinds of business owners.

In addition to standard credit and debit card payment options, this terminal can also be integrated with a Point-of-Sale system for complete convenience. It features a barcode scanner that reads Codabar, Code128, and Code39 one-dimensional barcodes as well as two-dimensional QR codes.

Castles Technology’s top-of-the-range countertop device, the Vega3000, allows processing at lightning speeds thanks to its powerful microprocessor. Plus, its optional battery feature makes it movable – ideal for businesses that require high levels of mobility.

TakePayments Mobile

The TakePayments Mobile Card payment machine is a 4G SIM-enabled card reader with intuitive software that enables SMEs to manage sales, inventory, and employee sales tracking in one system. It’s perfect for businesses on the go like hairdressers or repair technicians who require to be mobile without relying on cash. Plus, it comes equipped with real-time inventory tracking so customers always know what’s in stock and where it is.

Card machines can be utilized as stand-alone units or part of the company’s Point-of-Sale system called tPOS, which includes EPOS software and either PAX’s A920 model or its cheaper A700 variant. Furthermore, this POS software can be integrated with accounting and e-commerce platforms.

There’s no setup fee and the monthly cost of tPOS is PS29, which includes a SIM card, tablet register, and software. This price point is similar to other POS systems such as Dojo or Worldpay but you won’t get the same level of support.

On top of that, take payments offers yearly contracts at lower prices than the industry standard of 18-60 months. Depending on the business, a setup fee may apply, but all fees are clearly stated upfront.

Small businesses with high customer turnover will find the tPOS system an economical way to take payments. It is especially beneficial for restaurants, bars, and cafes where wait staff must be able to settle tables quickly. Furthermore, it enables bookings and time tracking.

Unfortunately, it lacks the personalized invoicing tool most merchant account providers provide – which could be a deal breaker for some individuals. Furthermore, there are no other POS integrations available at present so the system is inflexible for businesses who prefer using another POS system.

Take payments is PCI-compliant, meaning your business can rest assured that credit and debit card data is secure. It also runs a credit check on new accounts to reduce fraudulence. Plus, it supports 170 currencies and generates numerous reports – making it ideal for larger SMEs looking to enhance their financial management.


The iZettle card payment machine is an intuitive mobile solution designed to assist small businesses in accepting payments from chip and pin cards as well as contactless credit cards. It processes transactions 25% faster than other mobile card readers on the market and is compatible with Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

iZettle’s terminal is a touchscreen device that connects to WiFi or 4G networks. It comes with its own free SIM card and receipt printer, making it perfect for small till points or on the go.

It also supports payment links, making it simple to charge customers who aren’t physically present. A link can be sent via SMS or E-mail, making this an ideal method for taking phone and online orders.

For those in search of a more permanent card reader that can accept payments from customers, Zettle’s Reader 2 is an ideal solution. It boasts an 8-hour battery life which charges via USB cable and processes payments up to 25% faster than other card readers.

Zettle also offers a Point-of-Sale hardware kit that includes the reader, table, cash drawer, and receipt printer – simplifying payment points without needing expensive equipment like cash registers.

Business owners who don’t require high volumes of payments may want to consider SumUp Air. Their flat rate per transaction is lower than iZettle’s fee and there is no charge for cash payments or declined card transactions.

For businesses just starting out, PayPal can be an ideal alternative as it doesn’t need to process a large volume of payments each month. Plus, its pricing structure is straightforward with no lock-in fees or monthly costs attached.

iZettle’s app is accessible for both Android and iOS users, offering a user-friendly setup experience with support for various card types. It stores a customer database as well as the ability to sell gift cards. Furthermore, it integrates with BigCommerce and Shopify seamlessly.


Ingenico is a trusted name in the industry and an ideal option for businesses that require reliable payment terminals. Their card payment machines are cost-effective and user-friendly, making them great investments for any business.

Ingenico not only offers a range of payment terminals, but they also provide software and services designed to aid your business growth. These solutions include omnichannel options, global acquisition, advanced acquiring as well as back office reporting and integrations with popular business applications.

The Ingenico iPP320 PIN pad is an efficient and secure device that can accept various payment types, such as magnetic stripe cards, EMV chip-and-pin, contactless payments, and digital wallet payments. With its acclaimed Telium 2 technology, transactions remain safe even when malicious attempts are made to compromise them.

This compact countertop Ingenico credit card machine offers a user-friendly experience with its 3.5-inch touchscreen and various business apps. It supports swipe & sign, EMV chip & pin, contactless payments, digital wallets, and NFC couponing – all for an efficient and effective customer experience.

Its patented Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) protects sensitive card data, helping you stay PCI compliant. Furthermore, you can utilize this device for other tasks like electronic receipt storage and new business applications like contracts, warranty programs, and enrollment.

The Ingenico iWL 250 wireless credit card reader offers superior durability in a variety of environments. This anti-shock and water-resistant device makes it perfect for restaurants, lawn care businesses, home improvement stores, and more.

Ingenico’s wireless terminals meet the highest security requirements and are certified to accept all major credit card brands, including Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. Plus, they boast an intuitive user interface as well as a comfortable touchscreen display for added comfort.

The Ingenico Move 5000 is an advanced and dependable point-of-sale system that lets retailers stay connected to their customers while on the go. It features NFC couponing, chip & pin, signature capture, and contactless capabilities; additionally, its world-renowned Telium TETRA OS has been futureproofed with world-class peer-to-peer encryption to keep data secure.