Can I Hire Someone To Write My Book? – How to Hire Someone to Write Your Book

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Are you tired of the lengthy process of writing books, and articles, and what have you? Do you wonder if someone could do it for you? Is it possible to hire someone to write your book for you that will get published with you as the author?

The answer to that question is yes, and that someone is called a ghostwriter, but here comes another question. How do you hire someone to write your book, and is it worth it? Let’s discuss.

What are ghostwriters?

So First off, what is a ghostwriter? So ghostwriters are someone who writes a book on behalf of someone else. This might be an individual or a company, and there are some famous examples of both, but you see a lot of books written by big-time CEOs. Sometimes those are written by a ghostwriter.

Maybe it’s a memoir or things like that, but usually, a professional writer gets paid to write, and they can write the book on behalf of someone else.

What is the cost?

Now that leads to a kind of ideally what does it cost? It depends on who you go with. So do you go with an individual or with the company? But I would expect to pay at a minimum, 10,000 bucks and probably more like 25, 35, fifty, maybe even as much as 100 grand or $250,000.

On the high end if you want a good ghostwriter. And the fact of the matter is good ghostwriters cost good money. And also, good ghostwriters are in short supply, and if you go into an individual, you know, sometimes you can find someone cheaper, but know you get what you pay for. Do you want to look at the track record and ensure that that person truly is good? On a side note, if you live in Great Britain and are looking for UK ghostwriters, then click here.

Reasons why you should work with a ghostwriter


So the first reason you might decide to work with a ghostwriter is the one that’s obvious to most people, and that has to do with professionalism. A professional ghostwriter is a professional ghostwriter. It’s going to be someone who works with words every day. So If you care about having the best possible book, the best possible finished product, then it only makes sense to have a professional do the job.

When you’re getting ready to publish a book, you’re not just taking your ideas and putting them out there; you’re putting them in a form that can hang around for years or even decades. It’s like a business card that doesn’t want to be thrown away, good and evil. It’s a good thing that books have tremendous marketing power.

Still, it’s a bad thing in the sense that if your book is underwhelming, or if it doesn’t make you seem like a competent professional, then that’s something that can hang around for a long time, too, so that’s something you might want to consider if you aren’t that strong at writing yourself, or you don’t have a lot of confidence in your ability to work with words.

Time efficiency

A professional ghostwriter will probably finish your book a lot faster than you would on your own. But, even if you were a fast writer, you have a business to run or other things to pay attention to, and you don’t have that kind of time to sit in front of a keyboard and produce page after page after page.

As a result, the kind of work that a ghostwriter does will add up a lot more quickly than what the average person will come up with, and again, that’s not to say that the average person writes slowly or that a ghostwriter writes quickly, it’s just that this is their full-time job.

They have a lot of hours to devote to the project that other people might not. So in that sense, hiring a ghostwriter gives you the time back that you wouldn’t otherwise have.

Truthfully, a ghostwriter is committing at a minimum to around 200 hours of work when they take on a new book project, and that’s them having done this almost 200 times and knowing exactly how this process goes. So it takes a minimum of 200 hours for them to get a book from start to finish.

For someone who doesn’t know the process of outlining, designing, and revising all of these things, that might take 500 hours, and most business owners don’t have 500 hours to put in a project like this to get it done right. So if time is essential to you, either saving the time you have or getting your book finished quickly, it might make sense for you to work with a ghostwriter.


A third reason you might decide to work with a ghostwriter and one that gets overlooked a lot has to do with organization and just overall hassle. When a ghostwriter starts a new book project, the client’s responsibility is essential to be interviewed on the phone. They have to talk about their area of expertise while the writer asks questions, which takes time. But it’s not anything they can’t do easily.

What they are spared by the writer asking these questions and guiding them through the book design process or the book writing and design process is having to worry about things like book blurbs, keywords, book descriptions, sales descriptions about the author pages, photos, cropping, letting font sizes, book trim sizes, paper colors and a million other things that I’m probably forgetting about right now.

The point is that a ghostwriter knows when to bring these things up, how to manage them, at what point they matter, and who to find for answers if we need them, and that kind of stops any of these little details from becoming a bottleneck that would otherwise maybe sink the process or slow things down a great deal.

When going through this on their own, many entrepreneurs or coaches, or self-employed professionals find these little details to be overwhelming. It’s hard enough to start writing a book, outlining it, adding it, and deciding what goes there.

When you start adding these sorts of minor factors and decisions on top, it can just be too much forum, and in that way, they can slow the book down weeks or months further. So for that reason, a ghostwriter can cut down on a lot of the workload for the published author.


Suppose you have reached this part of the article, then congratulations, as you are now more knowledgeable about hiring a ghostwriter. In addition, you should be more aware of all the ins and outs of hiring someone to write you.

Whether that is the cost of a ghostwriter, how long they take to get the job done, or just the pros and cons of hiring one. If you are still unsure whether you completely understand this subject, I would recommend going back to the top and rereading the whole article for your own sake.

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