Buying a Property in Bulgaria


The price

Although the property prices within Bulgaria are pretty low compared to other European countries, there is nevertheless a wide variety of prices depending on the house type and location (as a rule, the properties within Sofia and the Dark Seas are more expensive). The very first thing you will need to figure out is just how much you can afford to spend, as well as determining the price range for the purchase. Apart from the actual tariff of the property, there are a lot of other one-off costs you have to consider.

The actual expenditures

There are some differences in the actual property-buying process in Getaway from those in the UK. Beneath is the list of one-off expenses, which gives you a rough estimate of the expenditures you will need to cover. It is advisable always to consider all eventualities when creating your estimates.

1 . Down payment

Usually, you must put down a minimum of 10% of the price.

Second. Solicitor

It would be best to employ a nearby solicitor who speaks British for all the legal aspects of getting a property. Some charge a designated rate, others a percentage of the property price (usually 1%). We recommend getting some quotations before choosing one.

Solicitors throughout Bulgaria frequently represent both equal sides of a transaction but are by law obliged to be diligent along with fair.

3. Preliminary deal

Its cost is all-around £100, with an extra £15 or so payable for a contracting movement – do not forget that the English version is not legally binding.

4. Review / Valuation Fee

your five. Agency fees

Agency service fees in Bulgaria are often divided between buyer and retailer; a typical price might be 6%, with buyer and retailer each paying 3%. Usually, the buyer is responsible for the entire cost; would-be buyers should make clear beforehand precisely what percentage of the value will be the fee for what proportion of that cost he or she is liable. Occasionally rapid, and this is most often the case using new-build properties – typically, the fee is included in the purchase price tag; again, though, the buyer is to find out if this is the case along with, if so, what proportion on the overall price pertains to typically the fee as it may affect the secondhand value of the property.

6. Seal of approval Duty

The government charges the tax based on the property’s purchase price. This is a national tax, the equivalent of the actual Stamp Duty in the United Kingdom. This can be a maximum of 2% of the price charged at completion.

8. Notary Fee

The notary publishes how the title deed has been signed into their presence and understood through the events concerned. The notary is usually further in charge of distributing the title deed while using other related documents sent to the cadastral and the property or home register (land register).

Typically the Notary will pay registration along with state fees collected in the past from the buyer.

Registration realizes you as the legal user of the property and picks you up at that address. Typically the fee charged depends upon the buying price of the property (See Stamp Duty).

8. House-hunting Expenses

Property-hunting can be a pretty costly business. Costs include money for visiting Bulgaria, hotels and consuming, and telephone calls.

9. Elimination Fees (if not only a vacation home)

Doing the removal yourself is time-consuming and stress filled. If you decide to employ a company, discuss with for quotes first.

Look for a Property in Bulgaria

After calculating how much you can afford, you can start on the most significant benefit of the property-buying process: choosing your future property.

But before you begin spending your nights searching through piles of Bulgarian property websites and looking in estate agents’ brochures, you should sit down and think about what precisely you want. Property-hunting is stressful and time-consuming, and you can save a lot of work and power by deciding on specific requirements before starting the actual house search.

Choosing the location and also the neighborhood

Make sure you select the one you feel comfortable in, as well as which suits your requirements if you spend only your holidays in Bulgaria. After that, you may prefer a property or home in a ski or water resort. If you usually intend to retire in Bulgaria, then the tiny village may be proper for you. But it is a must to check typically the infrastructure in the region. The same could be the situation if you are thinking of getting a property in Bulgaria intended for part-time retirement.

Suppose you are a fresh, childless professional. In that case, you might want some lively pub scene in the neighborhood, whereas if you are an overworked parent or guardian of two children, a good institution and a playground might be of greater importance to you.

Anyway, in Getaway, there is a place for everybody rapidly quiet lovely villages using animals and gardens, or maybe quiet mountain villages, or even lively cities, or luxurious sea or spa hotels.
Here are the essential points to consider think about your future location and local community:

1 . The Prices

Find out what region you can afford a decent house in by looking at the costs of properties sold not too long ago in different locations.

2 . Your emotions

Make sure you feel comfortable in that spot.

3. Distance and move

You can arrive in Bulgaria by simply plane, by car, by mere bus or by educate. The major airports are in Sofia, Varna, and Bourgas. In the third stage, you can take a bus or taxi to your final destination. For more info, you can see Arriving in Getaway. So when you choose your property’s location, consider how you would likely get there and how extended it would take you. The top possibility is that your future property or home is close to the primary international airport, and the road infrastructure is in good condition.

4. Local Conveniences

What you need depends on your lifestyle along with your preferences. Look out for shops, open public transport, leisure facilities such as pubs and clubs, little ones’ activities, parks, etc.

Five. Schools

If you have kids, discover the situation with the nearby schools.

6. Crime price

Find out the crime price in the region.

7. Condition of the location and neighborhood

Keep in mind that the houses in your neighborhood affect the value of your own. The holiday resort regions will likely be more elegant than the typical villages.

Eight. Local Authority Services

Discover how often the waste is being gathered, if the road infrastructure is regularly maintained, if the backyards and parks are stored in good condition etc.

Choose a Residence

In addition to deciding what place you want to live in, you must like the characteristics of the property you intend to buy.

Down below there is a list of property attributes you will have to consider:

1 . Residence type

Do you want a house or maybe a flat? If you prefer a home, whether it is00 detached, semi-detached, or terraced?

Under the Bulgarian Act on Unknown Investments, foreigners do not happen to own land but could own buildings. Foreigners wanting to own land can do it using setting up a Bulgarian company to place the ground. Bulgarian corporation incorporation costs less than £600. Bulgaria’s ownership policy will likely be harmonized with the EU down the road, most probably in 2007.

2 . not Property Features

Determine what sizing the property should be (keep at heart that bigger homes suggest higher heating costs).
Decide on the number of bedrooms and lavatories and the face of the building, regardless of whether you want a garden. If you are looking for an apartment, have you any taste for the floor number?

A few. Old or new?

A new property will be more expensive to buy; however, for an old property, high expenditures might incur for fixes and improvements. Several properties are sold “off-plan,” which may be pretty favorable to suit your needs.

4. Garage

If you intend to get a car in Bulgaria, look at whether you have good vehicle facilities on the street or perhaps if there is a garage.

Bulgarian Property-Hunting Resources

After possessing decided on your priorities, you could start off looking for a property to get. There are different resources for home listings.

1 . Estate Agents

In Bulgaria, Estate Agents can undoubtedly advertise properties and handle negotiations. Agents typically have a wide range of properties and may offer detailed information.
Shopping for property in Bulgaria should only be undertaken with excellent professional advice. It is essential to start using a reputable real estate agent – often, the boom in what is a typically unregulated market has led to a significant increase in the number of companies providing property, some of which may don’t you have the experience or professional solution of long-established businesses. It is advisable to ask for references from previous customers, notably different foreigners.

2 . Private great deals

Some property sellers want to handle their sales for your case by advertising locally. Even so, a private sale may rarely be found. But the selling point of this kind of bargain is that you will discover no estate agent fees for being paid, and you might finally end up paying less.
You have to think that a private seller probably won’t deal with you in the identical professional manner as a real estate broker does. Especially when difficulties, as well as delays, arise, the situation can be a bit tense.

3. On-line property listings

When you want to get property in Bulgaria and also you want to get a quick impression regarding what’s on the market, online home listings are very convenient and also helpful. It is usually possible to watch for properties according to features, budget range, and location. Internet listings may be accessed via estate agents’ home pages or indie property websites.
You should keep at heart that a photo posted on the net might not give you a good feeling about the property, so it is preferable to remain skeptical until you have got seen the property.

Set up a viewing

If you have the possibility you have to go and see the house with your own eyes. Check the home you view for:

: General Condition (fixtures and also fittings, layout, etc . )

– State of Fix (insulation, heating, plugs, plumbing related, etc . )

– Strength problems (dampness, cracks inside walls or ceilings, twisted doors, damaged foundations, and so on )

If you have no probability to go to Bulgaria to view the house that interests you, you may demand more pictures of particular features of the property. Also, you may ask for the things not referred to in the advertisement as accessories and fittings, insulation, warming, plugs, plumbing, etc.


Once you have determined which home to buy, you can arrange it by cellphone, post, or e-mail. You will be required to pay a booking fee, which is refundable, along with the property will be reserved for you actually for a certain period. If your property is sold via a Real estate broker you have to call them to protect the deal.

Preliminary Contract in addition to deposit

The next step will be the warning of the initial contact along with the deposit payment. Often the deposit may vary from 10% to 20% of the invest-in cost.

Survey and Survey

You are conducting a new mini-survey and valuation whenever you view a property. It is also helpful to have a more in-depth inspection in addition to a valuation done to find out the property’s condition and find out whether the house is worth it has price.

The Conveyance

Immediately after your offer has been established, the conveyancing process will begin. This includes all the legal in addition to administrative issues that have to be attended to when a property is transmitted from one owner to another.
The more common practice is to hire a new solicitor or a licensed conveyancer to deal with the legal areas. Hiring a professional solicitor is cheaper, and his services are well worth the money.

What the conveyancing practice involves
Before the exchange connected with contracts:

Checking the “title deeds” of the property to find out if it belongs to the seller
Starting the property’s legal borders
Putting together a list of fixtures, lighting fixtures, and contents to establish precisely what is to be included in the sale
Getting ready an inquiry form for any vendor to find out about any content or structural defects they are aware of
Surveying local capacity plans for details on impending developments that could influence your personal property’s value
Negotiating together with the seller any repairs as well as changes to the offer
Offering their advice to you on the draft seek sale prepared by the vendor’s solicitor
Exchange of plans:
Arranging the date for the completion and the trade involving contracts
Handing over the put in
Handing over the take some time and title deeds
Paying out stamp fees and notary fees
Completing the Sale

Typically the completion date, which has been emerging in the contract, is the moment the house becomes officially the one you have.

For further information on Bulgarian components or any aspect of the property-acquiring process, visit the new Get Bulgarian Property Portal.

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