BUSINESS-ON-BUSINESS Customer Satisfaction Surveys – Just what Questions Should I Use?

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1 . Overall

A. On an entire basis, how satisfied currently with [enter business name here]?

B. How contented are you with the ease of employing our company?

C. I would obtain products or services from your company once more.

D. I would recommend your company to an associate.


2 . Billing as well as Invoicing

A. How pleased are you with our billing as well as invoicing?

B. Invoices from the company are complete as well as accurate.

C. Billing troubles are fairly and satisfactorily resolved.

D. When there is a huge concern with an invoice, your workers are accommodating and valuable.

3. Credits and Repayments

A. How satisfied are you currently with our credit and transaction process?

B. The credit history and payment schedules anyone provide us are consistent with each of our needs.

C. When a credit history or payment issue develops, you work effectively around it to arrive at a solution.

D. Your own payment schedules tend to be consistent with the industry norms.

4. Credits and Returns

Some sort of. How satisfied are you with your policies and procedures intended for issuing credits?

B. Breaks are issued in an immediate and efficient manner.

C. The paperwork and period required to process returns are actually reasonable.

D. The need to publish credit requests is sporadic.

5. Ordering NEW at the time of August ’13

A. Precisely how satisfied are you that our placing your order system is user-friendly?

B. The techniques by which orders may be positioned with your company are handy.

C. Your company makes it easy for us to determine the status of these orders.

D. Contract or maybe order changes are easy to help make.

6. Ordering

A. The way satisfied are you with the success with which we process your current orders?

B. Orders put with your company are always highly processed correctly.

C. Ordering out of your company is an easy practice.

D. Your company is bendable and accommodating when we ought to make changes to a get.

7. Quotations

A. Just how satisfied are you with the treatments we use for supplying quotes?

B. I can constantly count on your price prices to be accurate.

C. If providing quotes, you’re associated with information that is readily acquirable and up to the minute.

D. Price quotes are provided in a prompt and efficient fashion.


8. Enterprise Partner

A. How happy are you in your dealings with the company as a business mate?

B. Your company is bendable in the way it conducts small business.

C. Your company always helps to keep the promises it makes.

D. Your company takes initiative and is also proactive in working with my family.

9. Business Practices

A new. How satisfied are you together with the way we conduct small business?

B. Once I am coupled with the right person, any inquiries or problems I have are generally quickly resolved.

C. Typically the individuals that I interact with at the company are responsive to my needs.

D. Your company appears to do everything it can in order to streamline processes.

10. Valuable Partner NEW as of June ’13

A. How fulfilled are you with our company as a value-added business partner?

B. The relationship I have with your organization adds value to acquire.

C. When I think of high-quality products and services, I think of your organization first.

D. Yours is a simple company to deal with.

11. Company Partner

A. How fulfilled are you in your dealings with your company as a business spouse?

B. Your company’s organisational practices are easy to understand.

C. I can always count on your business to meet its promises along with commitments.

D. Your company listens and responds to me when I have a problem.

12. Relationship

Some sort of. How satisfied are you together with your relationship with our company’s staff?

B. I can always rely on your personnel to follow up on problems to make sure they have been remedied.

C. When dealing with many personnel, I am always given consideration and respect.

D. I have open and easy interaction with people from your company.


13. Communication

Any. How satisfied are you with this company’s efforts to meet your current communication needs?

B. As I call it, I am always coupled with the right individual who can help my family.

C. Your company personnel use a thorough knowledge of products, providers and policies.

D. I am aware of exactly who to contact when I have got questions or a need for details.

14. Communication

A. The way satisfied are you with our business overall communication efforts?

C. Your personnel routinely keep in contact with me to keep me updated on issues that may have an impact on me.

C. Everyone in your company seems committed to serving to meet my business needs.

Deborah. I do not need to rely only on my sales representative to fulfil my informational needs.

15. Telephone Communication

A. Determined by recent experience, how contented are you with our telephone help systems?

B. When I was unable to initially contact a person, I know they will return our call promptly.

C. Your organization is very responsive to telephone queries.

D. Your personnel tend to be pleasant and accommodating anytime I call.


16. Customer Support

A. Precisely how satisfied are you with the higher level of customer support we provide?

B. All around, your personnel make me really feel as though you have my needs on your mind.

C. Questions and requirements are responded to quickly along with efficiently.

D. Company workers are knowledgeable along with responsive to my business needs.

17. Customer Service

A. How pleased are you with the customer service this site offers?

B. The customer service workers are pleasant and educated

C. Whenever a problem develops, I know who to contact.

D. If someone cannot initially solve my question, they discover the answer and get back to me personally promptly.


18. Management

A. How fulfilled are you with the commitment of the company’s management to assist you?

B. I am afforded the opportunity to talk with or talk to company administration whenever I need to.

C. We have no need for a planning period with key members of your management staff.

D. I’ve been afforded the invitation along with the opportunity to visit your services.

19. Management Interactions

A. How satisfied are you together with your interactions with our management?

B. The management people I possess contacted in your company are generally customer focused.

C. I am aware that your management is available to handle my problems and worries.

D. I can always make contact with someone in your company who will make decisions that have an impact on me.


20. Delivery

A. How contented are you with the delivery of our products or services?

B. Your supply arrive when promised.

T. Your deliveries are comprehensive and accurate.

D. All of the deliveries are clearly designated to identify the contents.

21 years old. Delivery

A. How happy are you with the delivery of our products or services?

B. All supplies arrive in good condition.

C. All the deliveries are made with the proper certification.

D. Arranging for special supplies or shipments is never a challenge.

22. Delivery Lead Periods

A. How satisfied have you been with our product delivery head times?

B. Delivery head times for standard development items are within industry expectations.

C. Delivery lead periods for custom items are within just industry standards.

D. Your current quoted lead times are always achieved.

23. Delivery Communications

A . How satisfied are you how do we keep you apprised of the status of pending shipping?

B. I am kept totally informed of the up-to-date reputation of all deliveries.

C. Becomes promised delivery dates to tend to be pro-actively communicated to me prior to the fact, not after.

D. If a promised delivery particular date changes, I am given a satisfactory warning to be able to deal with the idea.

24. Shipping

A. Precisely how satisfied are you with the signifies we use for shipping and delivery of our product?

B. Most items received have been correctly handled and stored throughout shipment.

C. Packing, as well as shipping materials, are satisfactory to protect the product during transport.

D. All product is shielded from environmental conditions (dust, moisture, etc . ) through shipment.

25. Product Packaging

A. How satisfied are you with the product packaging?

B. All merchandise I receive is packaged along with labelled according to specifications.

C. Your packaging fully satisfies my shipping, usage as well as merchandising needs.

D. We never receive a product that is certainly poorly packaged or mislabelled.


26. New services

A. How satisfied will you be with our efforts to speak about the availability of new products?

B. Your sales representative maintains me well-informed of new services or products available to me.

C. Your enterprise always informs me of your new products or services previous to I hear about them in other places.

D. The information and supplies I receive on your new items are adequate to meet our informational needs.

27. Product or service Performance

A. How happy are you with the performance of your products?

B. Your solution design and features are usually innovative.

C. The opportunity of your product line meets the needs.

D. I can not consider any ways in which your solutions could be improved.

28. Solution Quality

A. How contented are you with the quality of our products?

B. The products are given by your company perform as displayed in your literature.

C. Virtually any issues having to do with quality usually are promptly corrected.

D. The coffee quality process that you use in your enterprise is sufficient for our requirements.

 29. Product Quality

A. Just how satisfied are you with the top quality of our products?

B. Just about all products purchased from your corporation consistently meet specifications in addition to quality standards.

C. Should a quality issue arises, your enterprise strives to make sure it is swiftly and appropriately resolved.

D. Your overall product quality fulfils our needs.

30. Solution Value

A. All things considered (cost, durability, quality, etc . ), how satisfied are you with products?

B. I order your products because they signify excellent value for the money.

C. When I think of a product of good quality, I think of your company initial.

D. Of all the suppliers of the product I’ve used, your own provides the highest overall dependability.

31. Product Value

A. How satisfied are you with your products as representing the price for the money paid?

B. The amount of technical support you provide is really a key-value ingredient for the company.

C. The reliability of your products is an essential value ingredient for your firm.

D. The quality of your merchandise is a key-value substance for your company.

32. Merchandise Value

A. How pleased are you with our products because represent value for the money compensated?

B. Your willingness to utilize us as a partner, really not a customer, is a key price ingredient for your company.

C. Your efforts to keep me current on trends in my marketplace environment are a key worth ingredient for your company.

D. Your ability to find revolutionary solutions to changing needs can be a key-value ingredient for your company.


33. Technical Support

A. Precisely how satisfied are you with the degree of technical support we provide?

B. Once I call with a technical issue, I am promptly connected to an individual who can give me an answer.

C. I get my techie questions answered on the initial attempt.

D. Your tech support team people follow up to make sure this problem has been corrected.

34. Technical Support

A. How happy are you with the level of the tech support team we provide?

B. When I phone technical support, your support employees are knowledgeable and professional at resolving problems.

C. My technical product helps support issues are resolved when they’re due.

D. There is a defined escalation path if I feel Me not getting the results I should to get a technical support-related issue.

35. Warranties

A. How contented are you with the warranties currently for our products?

B. Any time a warranty question arises, it truly is dealt with quickly and pretty.

C. The applicability regarding warranty coverage is never a concern.

D. Warranty terms and conditions usually are fair and reasonable.

36. Training Courses

A. How contented are you with the training courses currently?

B. The subject content of obtainable training programmes is comprehensive and effective.

C. Your current training program instructors are experienced in the subject matters they will teach.

D. Your online classes are of the right period and frequency.

37. Exercising Material

A. How contented are you with the training content we provide?

B. The training content is complete and useful.

C. The training material is put in at home to understand and follow.

D. The training material is up to night out.

38. Documentation

A. The way satisfied are you with the top quality of printed support supplies we provide?

B. Product makes use of specification manuals that are usually comprehensive and easy to read.

C. Product use manuals are impressive for operator training.

D. Your choice of media for your study materials (e. g.: hard copy, CONCEPT ALBUM, disk), meets our desires.

39. Test Standards

A . How satisfied are you with procedures for maintaining and also documenting test standards?

B. All items received are usually marked or otherwise verified since having met test requirements.

C. All test info is properly maintained to guarantee traceability if the need appears.

D. If a quality challenge or question arises, I recognize exactly who to call for help.

40. Design Input

A. How satisfied are you with this responsiveness to your input in accordance with design or quality difficulties?

B. When designing a new solution, your company strives to understand all of the issues and needs before likely.

C. Your approach to style and design issues is based more on challenge prevention than detection following occurrence.

D. When speaking about design-related issues, your organization views us as a lover, not just a customer.

41. Manufacturer product line

A. How satisfied have you been with the breadth of assortment in our product line?

B. All the different products you offer thoroughly meet our buying needs.

C. The diversity of your products is a major reason I obtain you.

D. I wish you should expand the number of items inside your product line.

42. Product Line

A. How satisfied are you using the diversity of our product line?

B. I have no product requirements that your company fails to satisfy.

C. Your ability to satisfy isolated or unusual merchandise needs is a major explanation I buy from you.

D. I rarely have to purchase from other sources because you avoid offering the products I need.


43. Machine Distribution

A. Overall, how fulfilled are you with the delivery along with the installation of your new equipment?

B. All equipment, parts as well as operator manuals were offered at the time of delivery.

C. The length of time it took to set up along with installing the equipment at the location was as organized.

D. The equipment was provided on or before the arranged date.

44. Installation

A. How satisfied are you with this installation of equipment?

B. The particular personnel installing your devices work quickly and correctly.

C. Expectations of what exactly would occur during the instalment were clearly defined forward.

D. Installations are done correctly the first time.

45. Devices Performance

A. How contented are you with the overall performance of your new equipment?

B. The tools have fully met the needs for the required software and uses.

C. The new [specify type] equipment has been extremely reliable.

D. I cannot visualize any ways in which the effectiveness of the equipment could be superior.

46. Spare Parts NEW adjusted August ’13

A. The way satisfied are you with our effectiveness at meeting your replacement parts needs?

B. The prospecting time required for the shipping and delivery of spare parts is sufficient for the needs.

C. Your company will be responsive if we need fast or emergency delivery regarding spare parts.

D. You preserve an adequate inventory of replacement parts to properly support older equipment.

47. Equipment Provider

A. How satisfied currently with the service we provide for one piece of equipment?

B. Service staff respond quickly and efficiently to our requests for support.

C. Service personnel are generally knowledgeable about the equipment they assist.

D. When equipment is maintained, problems are corrected the first time.

48. Service Technicians

A. Precisely how satisfied are you with the functionality of our service technicians?

B. Service technicians are well displayed with replacement parts.

C. Support technicians usually fix the problem within the first visit.

D. Support technicians respond to equipment complete breakdowns promptly.

49. After Product sales Support (Equipment)

A. Exactly how satisfied are you with the volume of follow-up contact we presented after your installation?

B. Your service organization presented my company with full assistance during the installation.

C. Time it took for the machine to become functional was reasonable.

D. The features and functions of the new machine are precisely what my business ordered.

50. Operator Training

A. Precisely how satisfied are you with the user training that was provided for your own personal equipment?

B. The extent and duration of operator practising for our new equipment had been adequate.

C. Operator assistance materials (manuals, documentation, and so on ) for our new gear are easy to understand.

D.The burkha training needs for our brand-new equipment have been quickly presented to.


51. Literature

A. Just how satisfied are you with the books we provide to describe our product or service?

B. Your literature is quite easy to read and understand.

C. I get enough reading to keep me well informed with regards to the products you offer.

D. Your literature is stored current and up to date.

52 comments skærm. Sales Performance

A. The way satisfied are you with the operation of our sales representatives?

B. Your sales representatives carefully know and understand your current products and services.

C. Your revenue representatives understand my small business.

D. Your sales reps suggest solutions to improve the business.

53. Sales Efficiency

A. How satisfied currently with the overall performance of our gross sales representatives?

B. The balance between your sales and provider people is excellent.

C. Your current sales representative treats the account as a valued lover in business.

D. I know who also my sales representative is definitely.

54. Sales Relationship COMPLETELY NEW as of August ’13

A new. How satisfied are you with the overall relationship with our gross sales representatives?

B. Your income representative takes initiative and is proactive in working with us.

C. My sales rep responds to my enquiries promptly.

D. Your merchant is a trusted advisor for the business.

55. Sales Responsiveness

A. How satisfied will you be with our sales representative’s general level of responsiveness?

B. The sales representative is always mindful and responsive to my requirements.

C. My sales consultant is accessible if I need support.

D. I get the experience my sales representative opinions my business as a goal.

56. Sales Performance

A. How satisfied are you while using the personal commitment of our revenue representatives?

B. Your revenue representatives are pleasant, taking and treating me together with respect.

C. The regularity of meetings I have with the sales representatives is ample to meet my needs.

D. Your sales representatives hold their appointments and are willing to discuss my needs.

57. Distributor Marketing Support

A . How satisfied are you with these marketing support programmes?

B. Your marketing support shows are a major component of the overall business strategy.

C. I have a clear understanding of the pros we receive from your advertising and marketing support programmes.

D. There are seen a marked development in company-sponsored marketing and advertising support efforts.

58. Provider Sales Support

A. Just how satisfied are you with our total sales support efforts?

B. The sales materials you actually provide are creative in addition to effective.

C. Your profile managers are important members of your sales team.

D. I can trust your company when I need help making a sale.

59. Website

A . How satisfied are you together with the design and functionality of your website?

B. Your website is quite informative and easy to use.

C. Your website is the preferred option by which to receive product details.

D. I routinely occurs websites to get information about your corporation or its products.


60. Wholesale drop shipper Performance NEW as of July ’13

A. How contented are you with the performance in our local (distributor/dealer/representative)?

B. Your neighbourhood (dealer) is a valuable source of important product information.

C. Your local (dealer) adds benefit to my selling initiatives.

D. Your local (dealer) includes an adequate inventory of your merchandise.

61. Manufacturer’s Sales Distributors NEW as of August ’13

A. How satisfied will you be with the knowledge of our manufacturer’s sales reps?

B. Your own personal manufacturer’s sales rep makes fruitful joint sales calls along with end-users.

C. Your manufacturer’s sales reps are moved and responsive to my requirements.

D. Your manufacturer’s product sales reps provide effective as well as accurate training on your items.


62. Business Trust

A. Precisely how satisfied are you that you can have confidence in our company to look out on your interests, not just our own?

B. Your company takes a collaborative method of our business relationship.

C. In case a new business need arises inside my company, I can count on you to definitely do everything you can to assist me to meet it.

D. My business relationship with your firm is built on trust along with respect.

63. Long-Term Spouse

A. How satisfied currently that you can rely on our company for a long-term business partner?

B. When problems arise, your organization puts more effort directly into finding solutions than in attaching blame.

C. Your industry’s search for solutions is motivated by the spirit of the relationship.

D. Your company views small business relationships from a long-term view, not just as a short-term financial transaction.

64. Commitment

A. The way satisfied are you that our corporation is committed to helping you connect with your business needs?

B. Your personal company’s approach to business states that you are committed to generating “win-win” situations for both people.

C. My trust in your organization and its products is an important reason why I buy from you.

D. I view your company as being a “go-to” source regarding innovative solutions.

65. Market Leadership

A. How happy are you with our company, not merely as a supplier, but as a business leader?

B. The quality of your personal products is an important reason most of us buy from you.

C. Reliable product availability is an important reason why we buy from your company.

D. My overall positive perspective of your brand is an important reason why we buy from your company.

66. Industry Leadership NEW by August ’13

A. Just how satisfied are you with our business, not just as a supplier, but as an industry leader?

B. Your current company’s technical and industry expertise is a major reason why I specify or obtain your products.

C. Your enterprise provides solutions that help my family obtain more value for my very own company’s products in the marketplace.

D. The updates you give on trends in our sector is a major reason many of us buy from your company.


67. Romantic relationship

A. How satisfied are you currently in your dealings with our organization as a business partner?

B. Your company works as a team with your staff.

C. I watch your firm as a greatly regarded business advisor.

D. Your corporation provides valuable ideas which help me increase profitability.

68. Business Practices

A. Exactly how satisfied are you with the method we conduct business?

B. Your company always shows the in me and the company.

C. Your company usually takes initiative and is proactive throughout working with me.

D. I am able to always count on your company in order to meet its promises and promises.

69. Fees

A. Exactly how satisfied are you with our charges?

B. Your fees tend to be fair and reasonable.

C. Invoices from your company tend to be complete and accurate.

D. I am always made mindful of and understand your service fees before the work is done.

70. Quality of Services

A. Overall, how satisfied will you be with the quality of companies provided by our company?

B. Once I think of quality business solutions, I think of your company very first.

C. I engage your own firm because your services symbolize excellent value for the money.

D. The service I acquire from your firm is better than various other (specify type) firms I possess dealt with.

71. Professional Staff members

A. How satisfied will you be with your interactions with our expert staff?

B. The expert staff personnel I have approached in your company are client-focused.

C. I know your professional staff is available to handle my problems and worries.

D. I can always make contact with someone in your company that can make decisions that have an effect on me.

72. Written Substance

A. How satisfied have you been with our newsletters?

B. Your current newsletters give me useful facts.

C. I always read your personal newsletters and other literature.

D. I generally save recent issues of your newsletters for a reference source.

73. Responsiveness

A. How contented are you with the responsiveness of our people?

B. Your company is available when I need assistance.

C. Commitments and deadlines will always be met.

D. Your company aims to understand my business as well as my needs.

74. Services Presented

A. How satisfied have you been with the range of services you can expect?

B. Your company provides precious ideas that fully connect with our needs.

C. Your personal ability to address unusual desires is a major reason My partner and I engage your firm.

D. I sometimes have to browse other sources because you have a tendency to offer the services I need.

75. Service Value

A. Total, how satisfied are you with all the value of our services?

B. I engage your organization because your services represent superb value for the money.

C. After I think of quality business providers, I think of your firm 1st.

D. The service My partner and I receive from your firm provides great improvements over other professional service providers I always have dealt with.

76. Provider Team

A. How contented are you with the overall performance of your service team?

B. Your personal service team is accessible as I need assistance.

C. Your personal service team strives to be aware of my business and its demands.

D. Your service staff regularly suggests solutions boost our business.

77. Data Resources

A. How fulfilled are you with the relevance as well as the usefulness of our information sources?

B. I always read your own newsletters because they give me useful information.

C. I worth the seminars and other academic offerings provided by your business.

D. I generally protect your informational mailings to use as some sort of reference source.

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