Business ideas for college students

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Do you want to make some extra cash? Or turn your hobby into an actual business? These business ideas are low-investment and can be used to test your creativity, resilience, entrepreneurial spirit, and financial acumen while you’re at university.


Need some inspiration? Here are 10 side business ideas that you could start at your university. You should consider your strengths and values when you are considering making it your full-time business after graduation.

1. Sell on eBay

Online selling is possible. But you need to be aware of what your profit margin will be. You might work with wholesalers to bulk-buy the products you wish to sell. Or you might be able to sell vintage or handmade clothes.

Consider what is hot right now. You could also test your products with student mates.

2. Make your own design products

Starting your own craft business is an option for those who are creative and want to create a business. Some popular ideas are candle making, jewelry-making, or making your own framed art prints.

You can do this from your home. But you also have the option to go out and run your own craft stalls at local markets. Craft events are bound to be held at your university, especially around Christmas. Keep an eye out for them.

3. Tutoring

Studies show that tutoring is a popular way for students to make money. It’s a good idea. If you’re more advanced in your university career, your support could be for a first-year student in your specialty subject or support school-age students with their GCSE English. You can also receive requests like “do my math homework for me” and complete them. Just find what you are good at and help others!

It doesn’t take much to set up your site. You only need your knowledge and materials.

4. Social media influencer

Students can make money by promoting brands on social media. Brands might be interested in you being an influencer if you have a loyal following and engaged audience.

You don’t necessarily have to have thousands of followers. It is enough to find your niche and post at least once per week.

5. Start a YouTube Channel

A camera, sound equipment, and a backdrop are all you need to be a vlogger. YouTube has many popular YouTube trends, including fashion vlogging and makeup tutorials. You could also document the joys, challenges, and experiences that student life brings.

While making money on YouTube takes a lot of effort and time, you might start to see your viewing figures rise. You may also be able to make money via advertising revenue or channel membership.

6. Walking dogs

You can offer dog walking services to those who have a passion for animals.

The guide to dog walking provides everything you need, from licensing and training to how to draw new clients and calculate your charges.

7. You can become a freelancer

Freelancing could be a great option to earn some extra income. However, it could become your full-time business with a little bit of work and networking. As many companies seek support in writing news articles or blogs, copywriting is a very popular service. Like sites listed here that always look for writers.

Graphic design and photography are also common freelancing options. No matter your skill level, freelancing can help you build your client base and find your niche.

8. Food and beverage businesses

Start a food or drink business if you are passionate about food. You could also start your own baking and cake business, selling at local market stalls. You could even offer cooking lessons or deliver meals.

There are laws and regulations that govern selling food to the public, including providing allergy information. Check the Food Standards Agency for guidance.

9. Student removals business

It may sound expensive to start a removals company, but it is possible to get started small. A van can be hired for just a few hours, or you could use a car club in your city. This is usually very affordable and easy to arrange last minute. It is possible to hire student movers without having to spend any money.

Remember that most students need assistance moving during the first and second terms. You’ll be busier in June, July, September, and October but relatively quiet the rest. This is great for fitting your business into your studies.

You might consider buying or leasing a van for your side business if it takes off.

10. Party and event planning

The university lifestyle is full of fun nights out and parties. You can start your own event- and party planning company if you are passionate about bringing people together.

Event planners are responsible for organizing food, drink, and decorations. You must be a communicator and have a strong network of suppliers. It is a smart idea to get experience with event planning before you try it on your own. But, there are many opportunities to improve these skills while studying at university. For example, students could join the Students’Union to help organize student nights or on-campus events.

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