Business For Sale in Montgomery County PA


Employing talented staff can be difficult. Utilizing an agency to source employees is one way of saving both time and money.

Montgomery County requires licenses or permits for various businesses, and you can easily apply or update your Maryland business license online.

Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, now boasts an SBA loan-preapproved durable medical equipment business for sale that generates gross sales exceeding $360,000 yearly.

Durable Medical Equipment Business

Changed demographics and an aging population drive demand for durable medical equipment, including wheelchairs, glucose monitors, nebulizers, and hospital-grade beds. Many of these products are covered by Medicare or insurance plans; sellers receive payments either directly from these plans or indirectly from an insurer; plus, these businesses are typically subject to state and federal regulation.

To launch a DME business successfully in your region, you must be knowledgeable of local regulations. Research the market for your product, and select office locations near hospitals or medical provider clinics where referrals could occur more readily. Furthermore, ascertain whether your product falls into either drug or device categories; this may necessitate getting a license in your region.

Most states and cities require a license for businesses operating in the durable medical equipment industry. Furthermore, these businesses may be subject to state or federal regulation depending on what equipment they sell. If you need help to understand your state’s licensing requirements or to become licensed, Harbor Compliance offers assistance by reviewing them and outlining the steps required for licensing compliance.

This recession-resistant business offers semi-absentee ownership an excellent high-income opportunity from day one, with a recurring revenue stream based on customer loyalty. Conveniently located in Montgomery County, PA, it provides ample room for growth opportunities in an industry that continues to flourish. Furthermore, the owner will provide training and support services to facilitate an easy transition of this service business into your hands! This business offers excellent potential to make an immediate, impactful contribution to their community!

Fuel-Oil Distributor

Fuel oil and kerosene distribution business for sale. Situated in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, with an established customer base and proven track record of success. Offering excellent quality service at reasonable rates with a solid reputation in a recession-resistant industry.

Montgomery County requires various licenses, permits, and registrations before opening or operating in Montgomery County. You can search online by activity type and location to easily acquire these licenses and registrations and obtain details on required inspections or other regulations businesses must abide by.

Anyone collecting or transporting solid waste must obtain a permit with their vehicle(s) registered under that number. Refueling facilities and waterworks, waste disposal companies, private education institutions, and recreational camps with five or more people operating must also obtain permits before using their services.

Other business activities requiring permits include brick-and-mortar entertainment businesses like amusement parks, theaters, dance halls, and for-profit swimming pools, as well as brick-and-mortar restaurants like amusement parks, theaters, dance halls, and for-profit swimming pools as well as brick-and-mortar entertainment businesses like amusement parks theaters dance halls taverns and sandwich shops. Also required for these activities is performing fire protection systems work on commercial buildings and selling alcohol at events hosted by bona fide non-profit organizations with open doors to the public.

Business-to-Business Service Company

An established business-to-business service company has recently been listed for sale, boasting increasing revenues and profits with no prior industry experience necessary to run or expand it successfully. The seller is willing to assist in training the new owner as part of an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan application, with an initial down payment requirement of $350,000 being made towards servicing debt service costs in year one, with profits estimated to reach $308,000 after debt service payments; additionally, the seller would consider selling real estate for an additional $250,000.

A fantastic opportunity exists to purchase a highly profitable and secure business in Montgomery County and its surrounding areas, currently serving a substantial customer base and with ample potential for future expansion. The current owner is offering this business at a fair price, with some seller financing being possible.

Established organic dry cleaner located in a busy shopping center. Boasting an established clientele and robust revenue streams from laundry service and retail sales of laundry products. Their staff has received comprehensive training, providing excellent parking.

Business features an advanced, fully automated system with patent-protected technology and is one of few companies in the country with such technology, enabling customers to collect their laundry at times and locations convenient to them. Furthermore, there is a full-service delivery truck available if preferred by customers.

This rare opportunity provides an exceptional and exciting chance to acquire an established retail business in a prime location! The company has long been part of its community and is widely recognized for providing excellent customer service. Now ready for retirement, its owners wish to pass this torch on to someone who will continue this outstanding tradition of customer care and service excellence. Offering many loyal, long-term customers and solid cashflow capabilities – don’t miss this fantastic offer!


Montgomery County, PA, offers many opportunities for prospective business owners looking to buy an established and lucrative restaurant business in Montgomery County, PA. From breakfast and lunch cafes to well-known steak houses, there are countless opportunities for purchase available in Montgomery County. Restaurant businesses for sale are an ideal way to launch into business ownership while making excellent investments for investors looking for something worthwhile.

An effective restaurant business offers you an ideal chance to create a lifestyle for yourself, your family, and employees alike. With careful planning, your restaurant could become a long-term financial success story. Here are some things to keep in mind when purchasing one:

Do research when selecting an investment option and location for your new restaurant. Consider finding one with a solid customer base located in an accessible area with high foot traffic, in which customers will easily be able to visit you.

Ensure your restaurant complies with all state and local regulations before starting business. Before getting started, it’s essential to understand which licenses and permits will be necessary for operating your venture; you can find this information by searching the county list of Business Licenses, Permits, and Registrations.

Many restaurant business owners in Montgomery County, PA, make the mistake of failing to register their companies with Montgomery County as soon as they open for business. This can become an enormous legal problem that may lead to penalties being assessed, so registration must occur as quickly as possible to avoid this scenario.

Montgomery County requires for-profit and non-profit entities, both for-profit and nonprofit, to register their business activities to operate legally in Montgomery County. Activities that require registration include restaurants, stores, hotels, catering, beer & wine tasting events, food truck events, outdoor cafes, and one-day special events. Furthermore, anyone selling secondhand personal property must also register with local law enforcement agencies before anything of sale second-hand.

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