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Gour Malda


In case you want to explore the diverse and rich history of Bengal, then Gour Malda will be the place for you. Despite being in ruins right now, this place can boast of having some magnificent architecture as well as a unique history that attracts tourists from distant places. In this article, we have mentioned some interesting places to visit in Gour Malda that you must know.

  1. Baro Shona Masjid

Situated 12 km from Malda city, this structure is quite near to the borders of India and Bangladesh. Being constructed in the year 1526 AD this happens to be the biggest mosque that you will find in Gour. There are as many as 12 doors in this Baraduari mosque according to its name; however, in reality, there are only 11. This massive structure has been built from bricks and stones while the doors can boast of having floral patterns made from tiles.

  1. Firoz Minar

The structure was built by Sultan Saifuddin Firuz Shah belonging to the Habshi dynasty. It happens to be a structure consisting of five stories and it is under the control of the Archaeological Survey of India right now. The elevation of this tower is 26 m which resembles the well-known Qutab Minar situated in Delhi. While the upper 2 stories are circular in shape, the bottom three are of the shape of a dodecagon. The Firoz Minar is placed on a masonry pedestal while there is a spiral staircase consisting of 73 steps that go to the top of this tower.

  1. Daakhil Darwaja

Another interesting place at Gour Malda is the Daakhil Darwaja which was constructed by the Lakhnauti rulers in the year 1425. This gateway has been made from red bricks having terracotta works on it. You will come across towers consisting of two stories in the four corners of this gate. There are also several canons used for firing from the gate, and consequently, it has the name Salaami Darwaza.

The structure is standing at a height of 21 m right now and there are guard rooms located on every side of the corridor. There is likewise a vaulted passage at the back of the smaller arch right here. It is a fact that the whole structure is in attractive harmony and it indicates the dignity and honor of a great ruler.

Gour Malda
Gour Malda
  1. Lukochuri Darwaza

This particular gateway will stand ahead of you in case you shift a bit to the north. The 17th-century Lukochuri Darwaza has been dedicated to Shah Shuja, the son of Shah Jahan, the Mughal Emperor. You will come across the architecture of the genuine Mughal style all over this gateway. You can enter by means of an iwan-type portal with as many as four arches at the center with analogous arch doors situated on the borders.

The height of the structure is approximately 20 m while the gate has a structure made of bricks having a rectangular shape. There are three floors in this gateway and you will come across flanked doors on the first floor. Above it, there are the Naqqar kanas intended for the entry as well as the exit of the governor.

Gour Malda
Gour Malda
  1. Chika Masjid

One more historical landmark standing at Gour Malda is the well-known Chika Masjid which was constructed by Sultan Yusuf Shah in the year 1475. Although this mosque happens to be in ruins right now, it has not lost its grace whatsoever.

This mosque happens to be the habitat of plenty of Chikas or bats, and therefore its name is Chika Mosque. The structure consists of a single dome having walls that are decorated with intrinsic carvings. Moreover, the doors feature astounding stone works which depict the images of Hindu idols. There are as many as three verandas at the structure’s entrance out there.

  1. Ballal Bati

The location of Ballal Bati happens to be the most recent excavation in Gour according to the locals. This excavation of the site was done in 2003. There are many previous stories about this site that are yet to be revealed. According to some legend the Sena dynasty remains are underneath the mound which happens to be the palatial structure of King Ballal Sen.

It is nevertheless a mystery whether Ballal Bati is a palace or not. You will come across pillar-like structures right here having holes in the middle. As a result, some individuals are confused regarding the structures. Try to visit the site and solve the puzzles indicated by the structure.