Blaney and Others Closing in on Elliot: How the Race at Concord is Crucial

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This year’s NASCAR races have been fun, we are having a rollercoaster season, and we can’t tell who will win the next race until it ends. Every race has been epic, and it is everything we love to see. From the exciting asphalt in Daytona to the warm city of Kansas, it has been one hell of a ride for us this season.

Every event has exciting moments that make it unique. We saw some at Darlington, Dover, Kansas, etc. We look forward to the Coca Cola 600 in Charlotte. We hope to get more as we enter the following races in the coming days. The battle at the top is tightening up, and we are indeed witnessing some of the most exciting ones in years.

Only Byron William and Kyle Busch have won two races so far this season, and that is how tight it is for now.

At the start of the season, it seemed like this would be Chase Elliot’s title. However, we have questions. With how the races have gone and what has happened, we believe that there is a chance that Blaney or Busch will catch up with Elliot.

Undoubtedly, after what happened in Kansas, Concord will be a crucial race. It can change the dynamic of the standings, and we might see another driver lead the fray. However, it is also possible to see Elliot extend his lead if he can put the past few races behind him and get into the zone.

We expect to see epic battles as we prepare for Concord, and the top driver should certainly win this event. It is not going to be easy. But we will undoubtedly see some incredible showdown.

So, what does the race at the Charlotte Motor Speedway mean to the championship title chase? Could you keep reading to find out what we think?

Overview of the Year

The year has been great for the spectators, although we can’t say the same for the drivers as it has been a rollercoaster year.

There have been many incredible moments where we enjoy top-notch racing experiences. It has been a fantastic time, with the races getting bigger and better with every new event.

Drivers understand the problem and believe it will get only better as we go into the next race. It is everything we expect from a race, and the good thing is that the battle to the top is getting tougher. In that case, the year is one of the best, and it might even enter the history books as we go forward.

Chase Elliot’s Woes

The season started well for Chase, and he was on a roll, even though he was yet to win a race. It all started well as he mainly finished in the top 10 spots throughout the season. We saw an exciting Chase race through the tracks.

Finally, he got his first win of the year, and it looked like he was going to blaze through.

However, since then, it hasn’t been going his way with the different issues happening off-pitch, and in the last race, he finished outside the top 20 positions.

Elliot has lost lots of ground, and the opposition has closed in on him. Therefore, going into the race at Concord, Chase would have to put the past behind him for a better chance.

Ryan Blaney and Other Competitions

The race to the top is getting fiercer, and we believe it will only get tougher with Blaney and the rest closing in on Elliot’s position. Ryan Blaney is the closest to Chase for now, and he is only a few points off the leading man.

We would like to see how he would challenge for the title in the future or will he lose out to the other challengers.

Also closing in include Kyle Busch, William Byron, and Ross Chastain, each of them has already hit the 400 points mark. Therefore, there is a chance for them to get to the top of the table if they continue to battle hard in the coming races. However, it will not be easy since many competitions are left to go.

Our Thoughts

Our focus in NASCAR now is the race at the Charlotte Speedway, and we expect to see an eventful showdown with so many exciting things to go by. It will be exciting for us, and we hope to see every driver make it to the finish line without any hassle.

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