Blackpink Cake Designs


Blackpink is a well-loved K-pop girl group with an enthusiastic fan base known as Blinks. Supporters love showing their enthusiasm by baking and decorating beautiful cakes for them as a show of support for Blackpink.

BLACKPINK fans in Manila arranged an extraordinary celebration to commemorate Lisa’s birthday during their Born Pink World Tour, giving her a cake featuring many details about herself.

1. Color

Blackpink, the K-pop girl group that has gained immense global acclaim, is beloved among their fans, known as Blinks. Blinks like to show their loyalty in many ways – such as eating food inspired by Blackpink! One popular Blackpink cake design features its logo – making this an excellent way to mark special occasions without overdoing it!

Fans who wish to make an impression with their cake may opt for one featuring specific members of Blackpink, creating a more personalized statement on birthdays or other celebrations while showing Blinks some love! Unfortunately, this option may be more costly than its simpler counterpart.

2. Design

Blinks are known to express their fandom for K-pop girl groups through various fandom activities, including cake designs. A famous example is creating a Blackpink cake with its logo as a means of showing their devotion without going overboard. This simple gesture shows your support without going too far!

Personalize the celebration for Blackpink members’ birthdays or any special occasion by ordering a cake that features individual members from the group. It is sure to bring smiles!

Recently, BLACKPINK PH organized a birthday cake celebration for Lisa while she was visiting the Philippines. However, this event caused a considerable uproar as fans voiced criticisms regarding how not enough attention was being paid to Lisa, as well as using a lower-than-anticipated budget of only $90 for this celebration. Many fans also voiced complaints that Lisa wasn’t appropriately represented on the cake design that featured other members without including her name on it.

3. Ingredients

Blackpink is an internationally acclaimed K-pop girl group, and their fans, commonly referred to as Blinks, love to show their loyalty through merchandise and fandom activities such as creating gorgeous Blackpink cakes with either the group logo or pictures of favorite members adorned on them.

Though Blackpink fans found the cake design charming, many Blinks felt otherwise and wanted more attention paid to Lisa, as well as reduced spending for this project. While Blinks may appreciate that they could pay tribute without paying over budget, there have been complaints that organizers could have provided less extravagant displays.

Other fans have defended the organizers, noting their attempt to honor all members equally. Although the cake does not entirely center around Lisa, it does include her picture and also features strawberries and other fresh ingredients used by the bakery that created it. Fans can purchase this cake either online or locally at various bakeries.

4. Delivery

As one of the most beloved K-pop girl groups, Blackpink enjoys an expansive global fan base known as Blinks. Fans demonstrate their affection for Blackpink through various events and merchandise purchases, such as Blackpink cakes made to feature the band logo or individual member pictures as an elegant birthday celebration gift! These cakes are great ways for Blinks to show their passion!

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