Blackberry Stock (BB) – What You Need to Know


BB stock is a Canadian software company that was founded by Research In Motion. It developed the BlackBerry brand of tablets, smartphones, and interactive pagers.

BB stock’s most recent earnings

BB stock’s most recent earnings haven’t been pretty. The company has been making moves to shift its focus from hardware to software, and they’ve acquired a few software companies along the way. Hopefully, they’ll be able to integrate their acquired software companies and grow their revenues. But they still have a lot of work to do.

The company held a conference call with investors on the same day it reported its most recent earnings. They said they’d be discussing the new direction they are taking. CEO John Chen also touched on the company’s institutional investor interest and retail investor interest. Specifically, he said the company’s most recent product, the BlackBerry 10 operating system, is a significant upgrade from its predecessor, and he expects that the software will increase sales.

BB stock’s Relative Strength Rating

BB stock’s Relative Strength Rating is a technical indicator that shows how the price action of a stock compares with that of other publicly traded companies. The indicator is calculated by dividing the price of a security by the price of another security. The higher the score, the better the performance of the stock. Alternatively, a lower score means that the stock did not perform as well as the market.

Relative price strength is one of several technical indicators that can be used to analyze stocks. It uses historical data to determine how a security’s price change compares with the market’s. A score of 1 indicates a strong buy, while a score of 5 indicates a strong sell. In conjunction with other indicators, such as the relative strength index, investors can use this information to help them decide whether an investment is right for them.

BB stock’s fundamentals do not measure up to those in IBD’s Long-Term Leaders

Firstly, it isn’t quite the iPhone in the sky. Second, the company hasn’t been in a significant state of flux in recent memory. And third, the company’s topline is relatively flat and the industry is on a downtrend. On the upside, there are numerous worthy competitors to watch out for.

Finally, the company’s stock is currently priced at a lofty $4.86, a discount of 9%. Having said that, the company’s dilution of a few hundred million isn’t going to do much to improve its stock-snagging odds. One would have to assume the company’s CEO isn’t looking to be up and out on the job.

BB stock’s short sellers

BB stock has been heavily shorted in the past few years. However, there are some investors who believe that BlackBerry stock is cheap at these levels.

The value of a stock is largely determined by the market and how investors feel about its future value. Several factors influence the price of a stock, such as volatility, financial leverage, and liquidity. There are also various methods used to determine a company’s intrinsic value. Some of them include stock peer comparison and correlation analysis.

BB’s fundamentals module evaluates the financial and economic indicators of the company. It also analyzes the company’s direct and indirect competition. The stock peer comparison compares shares of BlackBerry to similar stocks. This method is also used to identify undervalued stocks.

BB stock’s rebound after hitting a low of 5.80

Despite a modest gain in the last five months, Blackberry (BB) has yet to deliver on its promise to reclaim the title of the king of the smartphone wars. That’s a bummer considering the stock is up more than 20% from its December lows.

The good news is BlackBerry has a few tricks up its sleeve. For instance, the company has expanded its collaboration with leading Tier 1 global automotive supplier Marelli in China. A new real-time operating system has also been deployed.

The smartphone maker has also touted its QNX Hypervisor, a product that powers in-vehicle infotainment and digital cluster functions. The company has also made a major bet on mobile broadband.