Birch box vs Ipsy: Which Is The Best Beauty Subscription?

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There are several beauty subscription boxes available. There’s a subscription for everything from skincare to haircare to cosmetics. The question of Birchbox vs Ipsy — which of these low-cost memberships is the best – often comes up when it comes to beauty boxes.

Today, we’ll look at this contentious topic and compare these two identical boxes to assist you to choose between the two.

Discounts are available for longer-term plans.Discounts are available for longer-term plans.
4–6 “deluxe” samples are included.Five sample goods are included.
Value of the box: $30+ (estimated)Value of the box: $50 or more
Women’s and men’s plansWomen’s plans
Products are chosen according to your preferencesProducts are chosen according to your preferences
In 6 months, your reward points will expire.Points expire after 12 months.
There is just one plan available.Two enhanced plans with full-size goods are available.

All About Birchbox

What exactly is contained within a Birchbox? Makeup, hair products, and skincare samples, as well as body care and scent samples, may be expected. Each category usually has a few things in each box.

birchbox vs ipsy

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You can also view a full list of the brands included in their boxes!


When it comes to Birchbox cost, you may select between a month-to-month subscription and a lengthier commitment.

The following are the pricing for each:

$15/month on a month-to-month basis

$15/month for a three-month plan

$14/month ($6 off) for a 6-month plan

$13/month ($24 off) for a 12-month plan

You can also get some great free items if you join up for a certain plan.

Points for Reward

Birchbox offers a fantastic rewards program: you will earn one point for every $1 spent, which you can then redeem for free goods in their shop.

Remember, though, that points expire six months after you obtain them. Here are a few options for earning reward points.

  • Subscriptions as gifts
  • Purchasing items from their store
  • Friend referrals (100 points for each friend)
  • Examining your monthly purchases

All About Ipsy

birchbox vs ipsy

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Ipsy is all about assisting you in creating a one-of-a-kind package for you each month.

Their Glam Bag contains five high-quality beauty items hand-picked from various brands just for you.

Different Product Types

Ipsy sends out skincare samples, cosmetics, nail polish, makeup implements (such as brushes), and occasionally perfume. Products are tailored to your beauty preferences, which you may modify as frequently as you like on your profile.

You’ll frequently see a list of past months’ items — they usually have many selections, so you know they’re tailoring things to your interests.


When it comes to cost, Ipsy offers two alternatives.

Monthly: $12/month

Annual: $132/year (save $12)

The annual subscription is the only way to save on Ipsy since they don’t offer additional coupons or discounts.

Which is better: Birchbox vs Ipsy?

While both businesses have advantages and disadvantages, I prefer Ipsy for my subscription needs. Not only is it less expensive, but they have done a better job of tailoring my membership to my beauty profile, ensuring that I receive things that I enjoy.

With Birchbox, there have been a lot more faults. Ipsy also includes a lovely reusable cosmetics bag! Ipsy seemed to select more makeup-related things, whereas Birchbox includes a lot of skincare and haircare.

Birchbox vs Ipsy: The Final Verdict

However, neither subscription is perfect, so don’t expect to fall in love with every item in your box. Ipsy has done the finest job for me — every month, and I generally enjoy at least three of the goods!

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