Best Public Universities


Whether you are looking to study in the United States or overseas, you will find that there are many different public universities that offer you a wide variety of education. There are even several public colleges that are free to attend.

University of Florida

Despite a year that saw a series of controversies surrounding its academic freedom policies, the University of Florida remained among the best public universities in the nation. The school’s ranking in the 2022-2023 edition of Best Colleges marks the ninth year in a row that it has climbed into the top five public universities, interrupted only by a three-way tie with UC Santa Barbara last year.

While much of the national attention on the university’s performance was due to Florida’s open record laws, the university also faced criticism for its participation in a lawsuit against a Republican politician. Faculty members filed a lawsuit against the university claiming that it was influenced by Florida politicians and that they were not allowed to testify in the case on their own time.

University of Georgia

Located in the southern United States, the University of Georgia is one of the best public universities in the country. UGA was founded over two centuries ago and is the oldest public state-supported college in America.

Located in Athens, Georgia, UGA is a large public university with a diverse student body. The university offers undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. It has been named one of the top 20 universities in the United States.

UGA’s undergraduate classes typically average about 30,000 students. Despite its large enrollment, UGA has a high rate of retention and graduation. Eighty-four percent of UGA students earn a degree within six years. The University has the most extensive academic resources of any public university in the state.

The University of Georgia is also home to official art museums, including the Georgia Writers’ Hall of Fame. There are also hundreds of student clubs and organizations.

University of Virginia

Founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819, the University of Virginia is considered one of the top public universities in the United States. It has a ninety-four percent graduation rate and a student selectivity rating of the twenty-fourth. In addition to its academics, the university has a strong reputation for its athletics. It fields twenty-five Division I varsity sports teams.

University of Virginia students have a lively social life. Frat parties dominate the social scene for second-year students. A typical UVA student is preppy, well-rounded, and involved outside of the classroom.

University of Virginia students also have access to innovative learning opportunities. This includes the Hampton Roads Cyber Collaboration Laboratory, the Northern Virginia Fabrication Laboratory, and the NOVA Tech Talent Pipeline. The university also supports students’ financial needs.

University of Washington

Located in Seattle, Washington, the University of Washington is one of the oldest universities on the West Coast. It is considered to be one of the best public universities in the world. It ranks in the top 10 in several areas, including business, education, and engineering.

The university’s main campus is located in Seattle, Washington, and covers 703 acres. It borders two lakes and the Cascade Range and offers students a scenic view of the Olympic Mountains.

The University of Washington also has campuses in Bothell and Tacoma. The school is ranked #1 in Seattle for Journalism & Media Studies (Journalism) and Languages & Literature (Linguistics). The school is also considered one of the best engineering schools.

UW has one of the largest university libraries in the world. It offers courses from undergraduate to doctoral level. It is also a member of the American Association of Universities.

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Among public universities, the University of Wisconsin – Madison is one of the best. The ranking is based on UW’s performance in several indicators.

The Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) ranks universities around the world based on six factors. The factors include the number of articles written in Nature and Science, the number of alumni who have won Nobel Prizes, and the number of articles written by alumni in Nature and Science.

The University of Wisconsin – Madison is the flagship campus of the University of Wisconsin System, and it’s located in Madison. The campus encompasses over 900 acres along the southern shore of Lake Mendota. It has more than 250 graduate and undergraduate programs.

In addition to the rankings, UW – Madison has been named as one of the Best Value Colleges by the Princeton Review. The university was also recognized as a Best Value School by U.S. News & World Report. The rankings, however, don’t include social life or other aspects of life at the school.