Best Places to Play Chess Online


If you enjoy playing chess, there are several websites you can use to play online. Some of these sites include ICC, chess24, Red Hot Pawn, and Licious. These games require a lot of strategic planning and logical thinking. When playing chess, you need to study the board and consider all of your options before making a move. You also need to avoid losing positions as much as possible.


ICC is a popular website where players from all over the world can play chess online. Its home page displays the number of games in progress, as well as the names of chess stars that are online at any given moment. It also offers a unique way to pay for services. The ICC has a database of most players’ credit card information, and players can use this to redeem shekels for ICC products.

ICC is also one of the best sites for beginners since the software is free and easy to use. However, many people cheat online. While it is not illegal to cheat, it will reduce your rating. Therefore, cheaters should refrain from using chess programs without an ICC account. In case you come across a cheater, you can report him to the administrators of the site. Those who are caught cheating can face harsh punishment.


If you are looking for the best place to play chess online, Chess24 is your best bet. This site offers a wide variety of puzzles and games for players of all levels. It is extremely easy to navigate and offers an excellent chess clock. The website also offers free e-books on various chess topics, as well as a daily news feature.

Chess24 also offers several games that are free for players to try. You can play a few games every day in the play zone, and you can also take part in daily tournaments with special themes.

Red Hot Pawn

Red Hot Pawn is a chess website that lets you play online with a partner. This website is free to download and is available in several languages. You can play chess with friends or challenge other users directly. This site is a part of a large chess community and features one of the most user-friendly interfaces for playing chess online. The site allows you to write down your strategy notes, review game history, and analyze the board as you play.

Red Hot Pawn has been around since 2001. It features correspondence-style chess and is compatible with mobile devices. It also allows you to challenge other players and friends worldwide. In addition, it features an optional dark mode and a chat room. It has new high-resolution icons and more features and functionality than its predecessor.


The Lichess chess online service provides players with an interactive, user-friendly interface. Users can compete against other users or analyze tournament statistics. The app even offers a beginner’s guide and a kid’s chess tutorial. Lichess TV also allows players to watch the games of top players and learn from them.

Lichess offers free chess tournaments to players from around the world. It also offers a variety of chess variants, game summaries, and evaluations from local computers. It has over 200,000 active users per day. The service is free and open source.

Jolly Plazza

Jolly Plazza is an online chess game that offers lots of variations on a variety of board sizes. It even allows you to create your games, and you can play against human opponents. It also has a lot of other benefits. Let’s look at a few of them.

Internet Chess Club

Internet Chess Club (ICC) is a commercial Internet chess server that focuses on playing the game of chess and discussing chess with other chess players. As of 2005, ICC had more than 30,000 subscribers and was the largest pay-to-play chess server.

ICC is dedicated to offering the best chess experience on the web. This is made possible by its use of leading-edge technologies and APIs. Users can easily get started and improve their games without the hassles of navigating a complex interface.