Best mens outdoor clothing brands – Check it now!

Best mens outdoor clothing brands


If you want to get some idea regarding the best mens outdoor clothing brands then go through this article mentioned below. It is a fact that the outdoors can be quite daunting because of the uneven landscape, inclement weather conditions, and so forth. If you end up wearing the incorrect apparel, you will feel rather wet when it is raining and you will feel extremely sweaty when the conditions are quite hot. However, the appropriate gear for men will help to safeguard you from the various elements out there and you will be able to travel smoothly without any problem whatsoever.

That being said let us go through the comprehensive list of the most popular outdoor brands for men available on the market.


This particular company is known to manufacture outdoor garments for men for more than four decades, and it is evident from their products. These apparel happen to be breathable and lightweight apart from being resilient and strong as well.

This company is based in Utah and this brand initially began to design technical ski hats during the 80s. Since then, they have turned out to be the second-biggest autonomously owned outdoor lifestyle brand in the US.

The beneficial aspects of the garments produced by Kühl are that these will help the user to remain cool, dry, or warm according to the function and the garments. Moreover, the Virtuoso Polo product manufactured by this company happens to be the right blend of resilience, lightweight comfort, as well as sweat-wicking. This brand has already manufactured a huge selection of top-notch apparel for all types of outdoor and adventure activities during the last few decades.

However, one drawback regarding Kühl is that the garments are rather expensive on some occasions and they can be a large variety of prices as well. Apart from this, several of these patterns feel conventional and bland.

Western Rise

The person who founded this brand was Will Watters who began his profession in the yarn mill of his grandfather. Later, he became the Head of Product Development of a particular technical fabric manufacturer. After spending a significant amount of his life as an expert in this field, he along with his better half launched the brand mentioned in this article which happens to be well-known contemporary apparel brand manufacturing garments that appear to be sharp on the streets in spite of performing and moving along with the body.

best mens outdoor clothing brands
best mens outdoor clothing brands

The most notable aspects of Western Rise happen to be the fact that these are minimal styles that are timeless and chic as well as elegant. Furthermore, this apparel is slim fitting so that it is able to accentuate the body of the user in the best possible way. Nevertheless, it stretches miraculously while the user is moving.

There are some drawbacks to this particular brand and one of these is the fact that the color selections are quite restricted out there. Moreover, Western Rise is comparatively pricey when it comes to street and urban apparel for men.


This particular brand is known to manufacture casual performance garments that have been motivated by a breezy lifestyle as well as sun-drenched California. Vuori is known to favor sustainable practices and ethical manufacturing while manufacturing simple apparel which is comfortable for the user. Make sure to take any of the warmer pieces of this brand along with you such as their jackets, plants, or hoodies on your subsequent campout for enjoying yourself in the best possible way.

The beneficial aspect of this brand is that the fabrics depict strong performance in a casual day-to-day aesthetic. Moreover, there is an extensive range of options including long sleeves, pants, hoodies, in addition to windbreakers. It is imperative for the user to use the fabric brands consciously for creating resilient and stretchy garments.

The only drawback of this brand is that it happens to be somewhat costly compared to other similar brands on the market.


This brand is considered to be one of the best outdoor clothing brands for men since 2012. Rains provides us with Scandinavian-inspired water-resistant designs that have been manufactured from strong polyester.

best mens outdoor clothing brands
best mens outdoor clothing brands

One can easily wear these garments from this brand throughout the year and the rain jackets happen to be quite lightweight as well. There is no doubt that the garments from Rains will help to provide an impeccable balance of function and fashion for the user without fail.