Best European outdoor brands: A classic never goes out of style!

Best European outdoor brands


Are you tired of purchasing your outdoor clothing from the same company? Do you want to explore other best European outdoor brands but feel overwhelmed by the selection? We have your back! Today’s essay will concentrate on European manufacturers of top-notch outdoor apparel and equipment. We focused on their histories, iconic goods, raw materials, and sustainability while conducting our research and choosing them. After conducting our research, we came up with a list of European companies that we believe are among the best on the market for outdoor products right now. Here they are!

Helly Hansen: Perfect for Wet Environments

This business was established in Norway and has been running since 1877.They were the first to develop waterproof textiles, and sailors wore their clothing in the past. With 140 years of experience, Helly Hansen has stayed modern and developed into one of the top companies for outdoor and technical clothing. The majority of apparel, however, can be a little expensive.

Jack Wolfskin: Ideal for Hiking

Outdoor retailer Jack Wolfskin was established in Germany with an emphasis on creating high-quality goods while protecting the environment. To avoid using PVC, Jack Wolfskin primarily employs recycled polyester and pure cotton in their products. Their main focus is on apparel for trekking and daily activities, offering the greatest levels of comfort and quality in each item. They are within a range that is fairly priced.

best european outdoor brands
best european outdoor brands

Berghaus: Best for Climbing

Berghaus was established in 1966 by two British climbers named Peter Lockey and Gordon Davison. They made the choice to create their own outdoor attire. They were able to produce goods that any mountaineer or climber might appreciate thanks to their climbing expertise. They now have an extensive selection of insulated coats, waterproof jackets, and their special 3-in-1 jacket line. Additionally, they are affordable for all budgets and readily available.

Haglöfs: Best for Cold Weather

Haglöfs is a company with a long history of producing clothing appropriate for extremely cold weather. Wiktor Haglöf founded the company in Sweden in 1914. Given that they sell a variety of outdoor jackets, including GORE-TEX, Shell, and lightweight jackets as well as ski and snowboard jackets, their pricing are reasonable and affordable.

Norrøna: Best Quality

In Norway, Jrgen Jrgensen cherished the great outdoors. In 1929, he established Norrna with the mission of providing all outdoor clothing requirements for any activity. The goal of manufacturers is to select just the best components and produce the most pleasing designs. Although Norrna is not an inexpensive brand, the premium materials and timeless designs appear to justify the high prices.

Fjällräven: Best Style / Best Bags

The popular Knken brand of backpacks is the trademark of the Swedish manufacturer Fjällräven. Even while they initially just sold bags, they have since expanded their selection to include a wide variety of outdoor clothing. Some people think it’s sci-fi influenced, while others are just smitten with the unusual hues they chose. Fjällräven isn’t an inexpensive brand, considering its high level of quality.

Salomon: Best Outdoor Shoes

This French business, which has its roots in Annecy, is well-known for its Alpine ski equipment. They are renowned for producing the best footwear on the market. Shoes from Salomon are made to survive even the toughest trails, mud, and tiny rocks. As a result, you receive the best comfort, strength, and style. Additionally, Salomon offers a line of outdoor gear for a variety of outdoor sports, such as skiing, snowboarding, and regular, everyday activities. However, the good news is that they’re all inexpensively priced.

best european outdoor brands
best european outdoor brands

Mammut: Best Jackets

Mammut, which has been around for more than a century, was initially offered in Switzerland in the latter half of the 19th century, in 1862. It is a well-known brand for its tough, water-resistant, and insulated outdoor clothing and equipment. Mammut makes some of the top jackets on the market, each with an individual flair and unmatched durability. They also offer a selection of gear and shoes that can handle all of your outdoor experiences. Mammut’s wide choice of reasonably priced items is yet another fantastic feature.


When you have the right equipment, your trips can be a lot more enjoyable. All of these European outdoor clothing companies are appropriate for a variety of outdoor activities. Any decision you make will be the right one.