Best Brunch in Dallas


Knox District brunch spot This elegant spot provides the ideal setting for hosting baby showers or gatherings with friends for casual meals, with its sophisticated decor and eye-catching light fixtures. Offering French dishes like crepes, Suzette, and quiche Lorraine.

Try the jam and toast dish for something light yet delectable, or order the fried chicken and eggs benedict as one of my recommendations.

Yolk Cafe

Breakfast and brunch are an integral part of daily life for many people, providing an opportunity to connect with loved ones while enjoying delicious food. Dallas boasts several fantastic brunch destinations, such as Yolk Cafe – an institution in Houston for years, now making its debut in Dallas!

This casual eatery specializes in breakfast favorites and Tex-Mex classics, including its famous fried chicken and waffles dish. Additionally, they offer mimosa flights – making this an ideal spot to meet friends for brunch! The lively environment provides the perfect setting to experience these dishes firsthand!

Highland Park Village’s Brunch King has been serving delicious dishes long before brunch was trendy; their eclectic and diverse menu includes Lemon Ricotta Pancakes, Cadillac Brunch Burger, and Smoked Fried Chicken Waffles as its most noteworthy dishes. They’re also well known for their drinks, such as their Bourbon Glazed Bacon Cocktail!

Saint Roccos in downtown Dallas offers a more luxurious brunch experience with its gorgeous rooftop patio and an excellent menu of traditional brunch offerings such as eggs benedict and smoked salmon.

Bread Winners has long been a beloved brunch spot in Dallas. Famous for their fried chicken and waffles, as well as their pancakes that satisfy every sweet craving imaginable, and offering something more substantial such as corned beef hash for those searching for something hearty!

Rustic offers a casual brunch experience in its relaxed backyard with a live DJ. A favorite among locals, their brunch is served all day; plus, there are specialties like White Lotus Rum Cocktail.

The Toasted Yolk Cafe is an ever-popular brunch destination among both Dallas locals and visitors, and this casual eatery currently has eight locations – with one more opening soon – available through Resy or their website, so guests can order online in advance to ensure a stress-free brunch experience for groups and large families alike.


Oddfellows in Bishop Arts District offers delicious brunch food and drinks that won’t break the bank – from their fork-and-knife breakfast sandwich to buffalo mac and cheese, plus an extensive margarita list! Service can be excellent, but reservations must be made if planning to come on weekends.

Art metal megatons Tomahawk (Jesus Lizard guitarist Duane Denison, Helmet drummer John Stanier, Fantmas bassist Trevor Dunn and Mike Patton of Fantmas) have returned after six year’ hiatus with an album known as Oddfellows which many consider their most straightforward, stripped-back record yet. Produced by Collin Dupuis from the Black Keys, Oddfellows still boasts massive riffs with Patton’s vocals but has a more contained feel than previous works.

Diners looking to dine in can enjoy this popular eatery’s spacious patio and indoor seating areas, which offer an impressive menu specializing in American classics and contemporary favorites, an extensive wine selection, and delectable desserts.

For an unforgettable brunch experience, head to this Dallas restaurant in Preston Royal. Their signature Tex-Mex dishes satisfy all your cravings and can easily be shared. Their chicken and waffles dish is one of many highlights, serving crispy fried chicken over an enormous waffle covered in flavorful white gravy. You can also add some guac and salsa for a complete dining experience!

If you enjoy healthy fare, this restaurant’s healthy offerings, such as juices and avocado on toast with pomegranate relish, can satisfy. Meat lovers can indulge in shrimp and cauliflower grits or the carnivore scramble with bacon and pork sausage. Their smashed avocado on brioche topped with lemon curd, mascarpone cheese, and blueberry syrup is something worth tasting; pair this dish with either their mango screwdrivers or lavender lemonades; the drinks may be more costly but are worth every penny spent.

Knox Bistro

Knox district restaurants boast several delightful brunch spots specializing in mouthwatering meals like signature chicken fried steak with eggs or Paradiso’s breakfast pizza, known for their mouth-watering cuisine and beautiful decor. Many also provide outdoor seating and free-flowing mimosas, making for the perfect family brunch or group outing! You can experience these culinary gems alone or join in with others from your group.

If you’re searching for an elegant dining experience in Dallas, visit Knox Bistro. Founded by Stephan Courseau and Bruno Davaillon, this neighborhood gem serves classic French fare in an approachable fashion, including delicate souffle and delicious seafood (don’t miss the branzino!).

You’ll find the perfect egg Benedict or French toast meal at this charming Dallas brunch spot. Inspired by Parisian cuisine, their menu boasts an impressive selection of French wines and spirits – excellent for an enjoyable dining experience.

This North Dallas brunch spot is a favorite among locals. Their dishes are memorable and service-friendly; their food is reasonably priced; you can enjoy a full meal here for less than 30 dollars!

Oak Lawn-area brunch spot The Oak Lawn Room is a favorite among SMU students and families, thanks to its gorgeous decor and delicious bar bites – making it one of the best spots in Dallas to have brunch! Their menu offers everything from Eggs Benedict and Chicken and waffles to ample outdoor patio seating and lively happy hours – something everyone will love about this delicious dining option!

Ida Claire, one of Dallas’s acclaimed dining establishments, is an essential destination for brunch in Dallas. This chic eatery boasts an expansive brunch menu featuring refined and casual options like Blackened Redfish, Chicken Fried Steak, and live entertainment. Indulge in premium drinks served in an inviting bar room!

Henry’s Majestic

Brunch at this LGBTQ-friendly Dallas eatery is lively and enjoyable, featuring both savory and sweet dishes, eye-catching art installations, and excellent service. Try their Wagyu brisket and short rib burger with aged yellow cheddar, smoked bacon, remoulade sauce, and caramelized onions served alongside OG cheese fries; try their Henny Benedict or Breakfast Raja’s burger for something different!

Oak Cliff Restaurant boasts a huge outdoor patio that is perfect for gatherings of any size. They boast an impressive menu and extensive drink selection – the Lavender Lemon Drop, made with gin and lavender syrup, is sure to please every member of your group! Additionally, their brunch offers unique takes on classics, such as their Plain Jane Eggs Benedict dish.

Boulevardier offers something to please every taste – friends gathering to celebrate or romantic couples looking for the perfect date night spot. Their stylish decor and elegant French cuisine create an unforgettable dining experience, including appetizers, main dishes, and desserts that satisfy even the pickiest eater.

Bishop Arts District offers this high-end brunch spot, perfect for your French fix. They feature unique dishes such as Bread Pudding French Toast and Red Velvet Pancakes; their omelets, fresh seafood dishes, and handcrafted cocktails are worth trying!

Highland Park residents and visitors have enjoyed this classic since brunch became mainstream. Their popular brunch is served each weekend and features an extensive menu that satisfies every palette imaginable; plus, there’s a spacious patio complete with music to complement the culinary delights served.

West Dallas Eatery In West Dallas, this eatery was previously the site of Henry’s Majestic, which first opened its doors in 2014. Shortly after that came Atwater Alley – an intimate but luxurious speakeasy – which later closed. Both owners have since reworked their spaces to be more approachable while keeping their unique whimsy and charm – featuring two large bars and an inviting dog-friendly patio as its central features.