Best Breakfast in San Diego


Hoodline researched San Diego’s best breakfast spots, from retro diners to European-style cafes. Hoodline determined which establishments offered breakfast-centric services in San Diego by analyzing local Yelp reviews and user feedback.

Make brunch memorable at this fun spot with its playful approach and irreverent sense of humor! Enjoy their visually appealing atmosphere and specialty drinks such as Cereal Killer Lattes or Smoky Jurassic Pork Bloody Marys.

Old Townhouse Restaurant

The Old Townhouse Restaurant is one of the finest eateries in San Diego. Serving breakfast and lunch to patrons located within Old Town’s historic district, it features authentic cuisines as well as friendly service – its reputation rests upon delicious dishes like eggs with toast or toast, pancakes or omelets, desserts, and much more – making this restaurant popular with both residents and visitors.

At this intimate and cozy restaurant, they create an environment that feels just like home. Open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner and serving a selection of food from around the globe, their extensive menu also offers vegetarian and gluten-free options, making this an excellent choice for families.

The restaurant is in a historic building built at the turn of the century. It features an idyllic patio ideal for family outings, plenty of parking, and highly reasonable prices. Their menu boasts breakfast items, sandwiches, desserts and beverages such as beer and wine – plus they serve alcoholic beverages!

Mission Hills Diner is a staple in Mission Hills. Boasting a large counter that seats approximately 40, this diner offers delicious avocado toast and breakfast burrito options as well as Venezuelan arepas (corn-based pancakes filled with ingredients such as chorizo, black beans, or plantains), which make this an excellent place for gatherings with friends.

The Old Townhouse Restaurant offers delicious coffee and authentic, freshly prepared food that makes an impressionful impression – not to mention excellent service and very reasonable pricing, making this an ideal family option. They boast an impressive wine list, while the warm and welcoming ambiance makes this an inviting spot where friends and families can unwind together.

Trails Neighborhood Eatery

Trails Neighborhood Eatery offers the ideal place to begin your day, with quality coffee and hearty breakfast dishes from their menu of lattes and cappuccinos to the Trails Blend smoothie – they even have large portions and friendly staff as well as a dog-friendly patio!

At this cafe, the best part is being open all day! Their breakfast menu boasts everything from traditional egg dishes and pancakes, pastries, and pastries through to vegan and vegetarian cuisine. Locals and visitors alike frequent this spot, where they can find quality meals at a fair price.

Flap Your Jacks of North Park is famous for its tabletop pancake griddles and creative toppings, including flavor-specific batter, mix-ins, syrup, and more that can create customized flapjacks. Their lively atmosphere provides the ideal place for families, while their menu also includes gluten-free offerings.

Breakfast Republic is another of San Diego’s premier breakfast places, serving an extensive menu with several locations around town. They’re known for their delectable food, quirky sense of humor, and seasonal drinks; try their Pomegranate Mimosa or Iced Cereal Milk Latte while there! You’ll find this favorite in Encinitas, Liberty Station, or North Park, so one should be near you.

Herb & Wood is a cozy breakfast spot with an unassuming, rustic farm-to-table aesthetic. Their menu boasts classics with an unexpected flair – like pumpkin waffles – while they specialize in gluten-free offerings for those with food sensitivities or allergies. Furthermore, this establishment’s owners strive to ensure all their guests have an enjoyable dining experience – serving delicious brunch food and drinks in an environment ideal for family dining outings.

Breakfast Republic

Breakfast Republic, one of San Diego’s premier breakfast spots, should not be missed for those seeking delicious early morning meals. Their extensive menu boasts classics with a modern flair like shrimp enchiladas, chilaquiles suizos, and chicken confit and grits, as well as sweet options such as S’mores French toast and breakfast bacon mac n’ cheese for your dining pleasure.

Breakfast Republic offers seven locations across New York City for your breakfast pleasure. It is known for its hearty brunch dishes made from high-quality ingredients with rustic or seasonal influences. They also offer inventive cocktails and large breakfast plates such as the Jurassic Pork Benedict: an impressive mountain of pork over an English muffin with avocado and hollandaise sauce served alongside house potatoes!

Check out their strawberry pancakes or berry chia seed smoothie if you’re craving something lighter. Additionally, this restaurant boasts one of the highest-rated coffee services, and its chai lattes are widely considered some of the finest.

The only downside to dining here is the long wait time – but the food makes up for it!

This iconic diner has long been a family favorite. The Waffle Spot’s vibrant murals on its walls, rich turquoise and purple color scheme, and delicious breakfast menu make it an excellent spot for kids (and adults) seeking delightful breakfast options. Plus, choose between different waffle flavors with options of bacon or eggs to complete your breakfast experience!

Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon, goat cheese, and pesto is another fan favorite at this family-friendly restaurant with an inviting patio to accommodate children and parents alike.

San Diego foodies must visit this restaurant! With its expansive selection of sweet and savory dishes – not to mention gluten-free options for those with food allergies – and its welcoming staff, this spot provides delicious bites in no time! The wait can sometimes be lengthy, but their delicious meals make up for it all! This restaurant offers a great atmosphere, and its staff ensures a beautiful dining experience!

Brian’s 24

At a time when headlines focus on twerking tweens, government gridlock, and bikini-clad Biebers taking center stage, one thing you can always rely on is breakfast. San Diego boasts numerous morning-focused eateries specializing in this morning meal, from retro diners to European-style cafes.

Fig Tree Cafe in San Diego offers an exciting, upbeat California brunch menu to satisfy every palate. Their savory eggs to sweet pastries, French Toast, Omelets, and Scrambled Eggs stand out as delicious treats, while their signature Breakfast Burrito (stuffed with seven different ingredients!) is always popular with customers.

Rose’s is a cash-only breakfast spot in Linda Vista that serves up delicious food with an inviting atmosphere, including buttermilk pancakes, French toast, and savory omelets. Additionally, their fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

Since 1949, this diner in Old Town has been delighting diners with classic breakfast dishes and signature sandwiches, earning them the title of San Diego’s best breakfast spot. Their owner’s family have been in business for generations – their homemade hash browns should not be missed!

With a name like Brian’s 24-Hour Diner in the Gaslamp District of San Diego, one would assume this restaurant would remain open 24/7. They deliver on this promise with their extensive menu of comfort food and around-the-clock service. Their historic atmosphere features original features like a European hand-crafted mahogany bar (obtained from Joan Crawford’s estate) and a tin ceiling. Grey walls, chocolate bistro chairs, and framed photos complete this classic vibe.

Brian’s is known for its tasty menu and late-night specials – from Jalapeno Poppers and Chili Cheese Fries Basket to Monte Cristo sandwiches – the ideal stop if you want something indulgent yet satisfying after a night on the town. They even stay open until 3 a.m. on weekends! It is truly the place for an indulgent yet satisfying meal after partying hard.