Best Anesthesiologists in Lucknow


When having surgery, it is essential to find an exemplary anesthesiologist. They will guarantee pain-free, relaxed, and secure throughout the procedure.

They monitor your vital signs, making necessary adjustments, and they play an integral role in your recovery from surgery.

1. Dr. Sundeep Pawar

Dr. Sundeep Pawar is an associate consultant and practicing Anesthesiologist at Sahara Hospital in Lucknow, with over three years of experience working in the private sector. His areas of expertise include pain management, gastro-surgery, endocrinology surgery, urology CTVS, and transplantation; his national and international publications have been included in peer-reviewed index journals.

He is a member of the Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists and is affiliated with numerous hospitals throughout India. Additionally, he holds certification in Radio Diagnosis/Radiology.

He holds an MBBS from Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak, and an MD in Radio Diagnosis/Radiology from Government Medical College & Rajendra Hospital of Punjab University, Patiala. With over two decades of experience working in this field, Dr. Singh brings a wealth of expertise.

He is an experienced and talented Radiologist specializing in Follicular study for infertility, pediatric ultrasound, Vascular Imaging, Cardiac MRI, shoulder joint ultrasound, and Biophysical Profile. He also uses ultrasound and magnetic resonance imaging to assess pain conditions.

2. Dr. Arun Gupta

A cardiologist is responsible for keeping your heart and blood vessels in optimal condition. They specialize in diagnosing and treating common heart conditions like coronary artery disease, arrhythmia, heart failure, and congenital heart defects.

Dr. Arun Gupta is widely regarded as one of the finest doctors in Lucknow, boasting over 41 years of experience in medicine. His specialties include Internal Medicine and Cardiology.

He is a certified and licensed physician with multiple offices around the area. With an eye for detail, you can count on him to provide high-quality care at an efficient, cost-effective pace.

He is also a member of numerous medical organizations. As an excellent resource for patients in the area, especially if you require a referral to a specialist, Dr. Reddy has earned a reputation for being highly competent and easy to work with.

3. Dr. Mohd Dilshad

Dr. Mohd Dilshad is uniquely qualified to meet your medical needs as a specialist in anesthesiology and advanced critical care. With extensive clinical experience and a reputation for excellent patient care, he is the ideal person to turn to when you have an urgent health concern.

Anesthesiologists in Lucknow combine medical and surgical knowledge to offer their patients the highest quality care. Their skills in airway management, cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation, advanced life support systems, and pain control are second-to-none.

One of the most significant challenges anaesthesiologists faces is ensuring they receive adequate compensation for their skillset. This issue is especially pressing in India, where there are widespread fears about anesthesia’s future and a lack of enthusiasm among students to consider critical care as a career option. Furthermore, anesthesia still lacks promotion as a primary specialty within medicine, leading to underrepresentation by practitioners in general. Thankfully, COVID-19 has provided new opportunities in training, research, and professional development, including better compensation packages.

4. Dr. Arun Gupta

Dr. Arun Gupta is one of the premier anesthesiologists in Lucknow, India, and currently practices at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

He is particularly interested in general radiology, interventional radiology, CT colonography, and Virtual Colonoscopy (VC, MRI). Furthermore, he is renowned for his research and publications.

Furthermore, he founded and served as Chairperson of the Department of Interventional Radiology at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

His research includes the development of a new imaging technique for colorectal cancer and using MRI to assess rectal cancer risks better. He is an active member of the Indian Societies of Vascular and Interventional Radiology and other professional organizations.

Dr. Gupta is a certified addiction provider and Monroe’s only physician-based treatment center director. He has an intense passion for opioid addiction treatment and recently released a book that details his insights and offers solutions for America’s opioid crisis.