Benefits and Beyond: Leading SAFeⓇ training

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There is a very vital role of the leader who makes business decisions in the success of a company. The functioning of a company along with its team is influenced by its plans, mindset, and actions. In order to upskill themselves, true leaders continuously learn and keep themselves updated. They stay on the levels with the constantly altering scenarios of business and accordingly adapt to them. A mindset of Lean and Agile performs as a foundation of leadership and intellect in order to apply the practices and principles of SAFeⓇ. A framework of Agile is of use to individuals who oversee the future of an organization.

What kind of job roles are applicable for a Certified SAFeⓇ Agilist?

Upon taking the Leading SAFeⓇ training, you will get certified as a SAFeⓇ Agilist. This section of the article will deal with the type of job roles offered to such candidates.

  1. SAFeⓇ Program Consultant – A SAFeⓇ Program Consultant is one who carries through the entire framework of SAFeⓇ in a company. They accomplish their responsibilities in order to align the whole company to a common language and smooths coordination among various Agile Release Trains or ARTs with a solutions train.
  2. They apply the skills and tools of Lean and Agile in order to deliver value.
  3. Release Train Engineer – One who takes the lead in perfectly aligning all the team, bringing the ART or Agile Release Train, and removing impediments in order to run smoothly.
  4. SAFeⓇ Product Manager – One who offers feature priorities in an Agile Release Train to numerous teams. They carry the responsibility to manage the demands of the customer and the stakeholders.
  5. SAFeⓇ Product owner – One who prioritizes the tasks and finalizes the budget. They take their decisions at the level of the feature.
  6. SAFeⓇ Advanced Scrum Master – One who assists the communication between important stakeholders including architects and product management in the context of a larger enterprise.
  7. SAFeⓇ Scrum Master – This is one who facilitates and overlooks the teams of Agile in an organization of Agile.

Benefits: Individual and Organisational

  1. The certification acquired after the Leading SAFeⓇ training is recognized internationally. One will have the freedom to work in a location of their choice. Adding to that, experts in the methodologies of Leading SAFeⓇ are recruited by highly reputed companies and organizations. A lot is at stake; therefore, companies only prefer skilled experts.
  2. The methodologies of Leading SAFeⓇ aids one to position cross-functional teams of Agile in order to increase faster delivery. One can streamline operations and make quick decisions when one leverage the power of SAFeⓇ. Moreover, one can accomplish enhancing interaction between the stakeholders and the Agile teams as well as within the teams. This will result in quicker delivery.

The processes of project management are evolving with the evolution of businesses. The methodologies of Leading SAFeⓇ cater to the requirements of the dynamic scenarios of business. Today, due to the benefits offered, more organizations are adapting to the approach.

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