Beautycounter Makeup Reviews : Is It Worth The Hype?

Beautycounter Makeup Reviews


I’m giving you a  thorough Beautycounter Makeup Reviews in this article! I’m here to discuss the best items Beautycounter has to offer and to share which ones I personally adore. Beautycounter was founded in 2013 and has since gained popularity as a clean beauty company by receiving numerous accolades. They promise never to use any of the 1,400 chemicals that the EU has outlawed in personal care goods, or any of the other 1,800 “questionable or hazardous compounds” in their products.

Beautycounter has a wide selection of items if you’re seeking natural cosmetics, skincare, sunscreen, or even men’s skincare. Everything is available there, including shampoo and conditioner, eye masks, lip gloss, and vitamin C serum.You can learn all the information about the top-selling items from the company in our BeautyCounter review. In order to give you a better understanding of what people actually think of these items, we’ll also provide some BeautyCounter reviews.

Lip Conditioner in Peppermint

This lip conditioner is fantastic! It has jojoba oil, avocado oil, meadowfoam seed oil, and shea butter, all of which are emollients. It also has heavenly-smelling peppermint and rosemary oil infusions.

Satin Powder Blush

One of my fave blushes is this satin powder blush in the shade “nectar”! It possesses the most delicate brilliance, a gentle finish, and excellent pigment.

Touchup Skin Concealer Pen

This concealer pen has really amazed me as well. I think a click pen and brush combination provides excellent, smooth coverage. Also, it can be built, which is always a plus. If you need more coverage, you can wear a little or a bit more. It contains knotgrass extract to aid in minimising the appearance of fine lines and photoaging, resulting in skin that is firmer and more radiant. I dress in a light colour.

Beautycounter Makeup Reviews
Beautycounter Makeup Reviews

Luminous Powder Highlighter

Although it’s not the best highlighter, I think it’s a wonderful highlighter and put it on the worth it list. This would be ideal if you wanted a very subtle highlight.

Illuminating Cream Highlighter

To be completely honest with you, although being a really wonderful sheer, luminous highlighter, it doesn’t give me quite as much highlight as I would want.

Color Pinch Cream Blusher

Again another excellent item! I believe that the pigment is superior to the highlighter and that it applies smoothly and adheres to the skin. “Caramel” is the colour I have.

Sheer Genius Conditioning Lipstick

Buy one of each pearl, petal, rose, terra, and twig! This item, along with the, is probably my favourite from Beautycounter. Terra is my favourite colour. This lipstick is my favourite since it can be built up, has a velvety texture, and softens my lips owing to jojoba esters and plant waxes. Furthermore, vanilla is included, giving it a delicious fragrance.

Beyond Gloss

Another fave is this! Beautycounter makes up for its lack of mascara with gloss. One of my very favourite glosses is the Beautycounter gloss. It is non-sticky, long-lasting, and available in the most lovely colours. I already own it in the colours Bare Shimmer and Peony, but I also want to test the brulee and spicy new colours.

Mattifying Powder

This mattifying powder has really impressed me, and I love how well it sets concealer beneath the eyes.

Velvet Eyeshadow Palette – Classic

The eyeshadows from Beauty Counter have really impressed me. They have very minimal falloff and superb pigment. This is my preferred colour scheme.

Beautycounter Makeup Reviews
Beautycounter Makeup Reviews

The Pros

  • It resembles genuine cosmetics from a beauty counter.
  • It’s perfect for working moms.
  • There are a TON of goods.

The Cons

  • These aren’t entirely organic.
  • A surplus of goods!
  • Some goods are expensive.


Is Skincare From BeautyCounter Worth The Price?

Is this brand’s merchandise profitable? is a frequently asked question.

Although we believe that BeautyCounter products are pricey, there are other companies who offer products with better value. One company is Carrot & Stick, a clean skincare line that skillfully strikes a balance between the delicate care of plants and the potent effects of cutting-edge science. Due to the fact that you can combine 3 full-size goods valued up to $240 for $88 in Carrot & Stick beginning bundles, they offer excellent value.

Wrapping Up

Overall, we appreciate BeautyCounter’s efforts to produce safer skincare items that can assist consumers in lessening the toxic load in their lives. The goal of Beautycounter is to level the playing field for the entire business, in addition to releasing clean goods on their own. They support tighter federal regulations to promote greater openness and less trash in the field of beauty overall. They’ve travelled to Washington, DC, to express their opinions, and they occasionally take a stand when new bills and topics are raised.