Aviva Health Insurance Reviews


The consumer satisfaction ratings for Aviva are somewhat inconsistent across the different reviews available. They are typically based on smaller sample sizes (50 to 75 customers) and should not be taken as absolutes. However, the Healthier Solution policy by Aviva is modular and covers inpatient and outpatient treatment.

Aviva’s Healthier Solution policy is modular

Aviva’s Healthier Solution policy offers a modular structure and covers many everyday healthcare needs. The core cover includes inpatient treatment and diagnostic tests, and you can purchase additional coverage. The policy also covers the cost of specialist treatments, GP referrals, and outpatient mental health care.

Aviva has enhanced its well-being services for PMI customers, including a Line Manager Toolkit and a dedicated well-being app. These are intended to help line managers recognize warning signs of poor mental health and start conversations about this with their teams. This service is available to all PMI-covered organizations. Aviva also offers an app for SME clients, which helps them to track their health in five areas: stress, sleep, diet, and fitness.

It includes inpatient treatment

Aviva’s private health insurance covers various medical treatments, including inpatient treatment. The insurance covers acute and short-term illnesses, cancer treatment, and aftercare. It also covers specialist treatments, diagnostic tests, and outpatient consultations. It is possible to use a range of private hospitals throughout the UK with Aviva.

Business customers can choose a policy to suit their needs. Solutions is a flexible and multi-award-winning policy that covers various treatments and hospitals. You can even upgrade your policy with additional covers. In addition, health insurers work with a network of health providers, ensuring you get the best care.

Inpatient treatment requires an overnight stay in a hospital. On the other hand, day-patient treatment requires a daytime stay in a clinic. Often, inpatient treatments involve surgical procedures. Unlike outpatient treatments, inpatient treatment costs can be limited by insurance companies.

It doesn’t cover pre-existing medical conditions.

The Aviva Health Insurance website has a section devoted to pre-existing medical conditions. This section explains what the insurer is required to cover and why you might not qualify for coverage. It also explains the different types of underwriting and exclusions. Exeter Health Insurance also details the pre-existing conditions clause in its policy documents. Freedom Health Insurance and Vitality Health Insurance also have websites dedicated to pre-existing conditions.

Aviva’s basic policy covers acute conditions such as flu and cold, hospital charges, specialist fees, and cancer. In addition, it covers a limited amount of outpatient treatment and diagnostic tests but is still an affordable option for people on a budget.

It has an excess of PS3,000 or PS5,000

When choosing a health insurance policy, you must consider the excess amount carefully. The excess amount you choose may vary from policy to policy, so read the policy terms and conditions. The higher the excess amount, the cheaper the cover will be. You should also know what to expect from your insurer and how the excess amount will be paid.

It offers GP-referred mental health treatment.

You can benefit from extra coverage for GP-referred mental health treatment with Aviva Health Insurance. The add-on includes treatment by GP-referred specialists and up to the PS2,000 outpatient limit. This includes visits to GPs, physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, and acupuncture. It also covers up to PS210 per week for specialist fees.

Aviva Health Insurance provides four different hospital lists, allowing customers to choose the best hospitals within their area. Its core cover covers diagnostic tests, visits, specialist fees, and GP-referred mental health treatment. Those who opt for this cover can also choose hospice donation.

Aviva’s Healthier Solutions policy is a modular one with an extensive core cover. It covers private inpatient and outpatient treatment. Its Digital GP service is a popular option, allowing clients to book virtual appointments in 15 minutes.