Automatic Call Recorder App: How To Record Mobile Phone Calls Automatically – A Complete Guide

Automatic call recorder app


Have there ever been times when you’ve needed to refer to past call recordings? or Missing a discussion with a loved someone? Do you regret not having a recorded call? Get the auto call recorder app, then. One of the best auto call recorder apps is available here for you. The voice recorder, recording tool, and automatic call recorder app. Discover the benefits of using this auto call recorder app now.

Automatic Call Recorder App – Recording Tool: 

As we are aware, not all smartphones include the ability to record calls. Therefore, a call recorder app would need to be downloaded in that situation. There are certainly many call recorder apps available in the Google Play Store. However, we’ve uncovered one of the top call recorder apps right here for you. Use the one and only Automatic Call Recorder App to record every call. You can record every phone conversation using the Automatic Call Recorder application. Some of them might be significant to you, in which case you can listen to them whenever you want or share them with a specific contact. You can select which call recordings to save and which to discard with this recording tool. After you have saved a chat, you can add notes to it to clarify any details you don’t want to forget for the next time.

automatic call recorder app
automatic call recorder app

Additionally, it allows you to save recorded chats to your cloud account for safety. With this recorder, you may select the recording path and destination folder for each recording. Additionally, you can select an inbox size that can hold up to 300 recordings, but pro users can set a limit of 1,000 recordings. Three call recording options are available: record all, ignore all, and ignore specific contacts. Let’s examine the auto recorder app’s features now.

Specifications – Automatic Call Recorder:

Auto Speaker and Auto Recording:

The Automatic Call Recorder app has the auto feature, which automatically begins recording your phone calls. It also has an auto speaker feature. Additionally, you may alter the settings for the auto speaker feature, which automatically activates your speaker when you receive phone calls.

Save Recordings:

You have the option to automatically save recordings. Although the default setting is “Ask what to do,” you can change it at any moment to “Don’t save the recordings” or “Save the recordings and ask what to do.”

Call Summary:

Auto call Recorder enables you to access your contacts’ histories. You may view every call summary in the contact history. Date, time, and recording duration are displayed for the chosen contact.

Obtain Recordings That Have Been Backed Up: 

Auto Call Recorder has developed a backup service. You are able to log into your cloud account and get backup copies of any missing data. You can only log in for backup purposes using a Dropbox or Google Drive account.

Add Notes: 

The automatic call recorder programme always allows you to annotate the recorded video. To quickly access the information in the recorded clip, you can jot down any pertinent, brief information.

Recording Filters: 

The most crucial component of the auto call recorder software is the recording filter. While it is enabled by default to record all calls, the recording filter offers many modes of recordings. You can choose which contacts should not be recorded when all calls are configured to be recorded. You can choose contacts to be recorded if you choose the ignore all calls mode.

automatic call recorder app
automatic call recorder app


  • The aforementioned app includes an automatic call recording capability.
  • Allow you to obtain recorded backups.
  • Auto recordings are not directly saved; instead, they are briefly stored in the Inbox Section.
  • More than 50 languages are supported.
  • You can programme a delay timer to record calls, both incoming and outgoing.
  • From the inbox section, you can store recordings.
  • You can instantly share recordings with your pals.
  • The recordings themselves have a direct link to the interaction history.
  • Allows you to add notes to the recording to make it easier to identify.
  • It’s simple to search recordings.
  • Enables management of storage location.
  • While the pro app allows you to save 1,000 recordings, it offers an expanded inbox area for 300 recordings.
  • Allows you to toggle between turning on and off the many types of notifications it offers.


  • Regardless of whether you have saved recordings, they are immediately deleted once your mailbox reaches their maximum size.
  • Automatic call recorder is an application that supports advertisements.


Therefore, download the app right now to receive call recordings on demand. Save them in accordance with your needs and preferences. Put recording filters to use. Easily backup your data using your cloud account. Please comment in the space below with your thoughts on the Automatic Call Recorder programme.