Asos 4505 Leggings Review


In this Asos 4505 Leggings Review, we’ll look closely at what this brand offers. We’ll look at the price, comfort, fit, and sizing. We’ll also take a look at the quality of the materials used.


These high-rise leggings hit right above the navel and stay in place. The material is breathable, making it ideal for supple workouts. And with a stretchy waistband, you’ll feel less constrained, too. Plus, they’re made of recycled materials.

The ASOS 4505 Leggings are an excellent value for their price and quality. They’re comfortable and stylish and feature a bodycon fit, high-rise, and elastic waist. They’re also perfect for cardio and HIIT workouts. They’re also stretchy, making them an ideal base layer for any active woman.

The ASOS 4505 Petite Icon leggings come in zesty orange color and have sculpting seams. These pants also feature a single slip pocket and breathable mesh panels. They’re also part of the Petite range, perfect for smaller women. These leggings are available for around PS20, making them an excellent value.

The high-rise leggings are breathable and stretchy, making them an excellent choice for full-body workouts. You can wear them straight from the barre, and they won’t sag. And they’re made of durable material, so they’ll last for many washing items.


The ASOS 4505 leggings are an excellent way to get fit without breaking the bank. These fashionable pieces are designed for any workout and feature functional compression materials for increased comfort. They also feature a trendy and fashion-forward style that reflects the latest trends. They are the perfect choice for adding a little personality to your playtime.

These leggings are made from a polyester/elastane blend and are typically solid-colored. The ASOS 4505 logo is printed on the right thigh. They are designed for compression and tight fit but are not sheer. These leggings also come in petite sizes.

The ASOS 4505 leggings feature a body-con fit, high-rise, and elastic waistband. Whether you’re doing HIIT workouts, lifting weights, or jogging, ASOS yoga leggings are designed for comfort.


ASOS is one of the biggest names in fashion and has recently moved into the athletic clothing market with its 4505 line. The tights in this line are breathable and light and offer compression, which is a massive benefit in gym wear. If you’re on a budget, you can always go with a pair of cheaper leggings to give your workout the boost it needs.

ASOS 4505 leggings are affordable and are the perfect base layer for any workout. The solid color style features the 4505 logos on the right thigh. They’re made of polyester and elastane blend, so they’re made to fit snugly. They are also made with compression and are not handcrafted.


The ASOS 4505 leggings are made from a polyester/elastane blend. They are a base layer for activewear and are available in various colors. This means you can find the perfect pair for your workout needs, no matter your shape or size.

If you are unsure of your size, the ASOS website offers size charts for each of its own-brand items. These are based on sizing guidelines for ASOS’ clothing, but sizing may vary from brand to brand. In addition, it’s a good idea to check the model’s size before purchasing.

ASOS 4505 Icon Yoga Leggings are high-rise and body-conforming with an elastic waistband. These leggings are made to provide comfort for all types of exercise, including yoga and HIIT workouts. They’re also suitable for weightlifting if you want to tone your legs.