Anytime Fitness Reviews


Whether you’re a seasoned powerlifter, an occasional yoga aficionado, or just looking to get in better shape, it’s important to know which fitness club is best for you. In this Anytime Fitness review, you’ll find out more about this popular gym chain, including how much it costs, how convenient it is, and how it works for your lifestyle.

Good for people who powerlift

Whether you are a powerlifting novice or an experienced lifter, Anytime Fitness is a great place to get in shape. It has a full range of powerlifting equipment, including dumbbells, bumper plates, plyo boxes, pull-up bars, kettlebells, and more. Despite the name, this is not a gym for competition, but it is ideal for those looking to improve their strength and power.

Anytime Fitness has functional fitness equipment as well, including treadmills, rowing machines, and exercise bikes. This means that you can do everything from running and cycling to weightlifting. However, most Anytime Fitness locations do not allow chalk, which is essential for powerlifting.

Not big on the availability and variety of group classes

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness guru, you’ll find a variety of classes at Anytime Fitness. In addition to classes for strength, endurance, and team training, you can take advantage of several specialty classes, including barre, yoga, Pilates, and spinning. There are even some clubs that offer functional training equipment, individual equipment, or sequential circuits for those interested in a more focused workout. There are also many social events and community activities held at Anytime Fitness clubs throughout the year, so you can connect with other members outside the gym.

Cancel your membership on the fly

Having a gym membership is a great way to stay fit. But if you have decided to stop using the gym, it may be time to cancel your membership. Fortunately, there are several ways to do it.

You can cancel your Anytime Fitness membership over the phone, in person, or online. In any case, you will need to give the gym at least 30 days’ notice. You may also need to pay an early cancellation fee. The amount of the fee varies based on the club’s policy.

Key-fob entry system

Whether you’re a member or a visitor, the Anytime Fitness reviews tell you that the company prioritizes a tight-knit community and a high-quality boutique experience. To help you reach your fitness goals, the company has introduced the Anytime Fitness key-fob entry system, which provides a convenient way to get into any of the gyms in their network. It’s an inexpensive solution to gym access and has the potential to save time and money.

Yoga Studio

Typically, you’ll have to pay to join a gym, and if you’re lucky you’ll get a decent workout without breaking the bank. The best gyms have several amenities, including a cardio room, weight machines, and a tanning bed, in addition to a large group classroom. If you’re looking for a fun workout in Midtown Manhattan, check out Temple Yoga on Moran or Midtown Community Yoga on 600 South Virginia Street.