Andrew Mitchem Review – A Look at Andrew Mitchem’s Trading System, Guarantee, and Trading Style


In this Andrew Mitchem review, we take a look at Andrew Mitchem’s trading system, guarantee, and trading style. This will help you make a more informed decision on whether Andrew Mitchem is right for you. Also, we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of following Andrew Mitchem’s trading system.

Andrew Mitchem

In this Andrew Mitchem review, we’ll take a look at the features and benefits of this forex trading coach. His system is based on price action principles and uses 2 indicators to stack the odds in your favor. These indicators are daily pivot points and support and resistance levels. In addition to these tools, Andrew teaches a money management approach, allowing you to risk small amounts and make big gains. This approach is attractive to traders who want to maximize their gains without spending too much money.

While some traders may prefer to trade on fundamental news, Andrew Mitchem’s trading system is based on technical analysis. He avoids lagging indicators and works with higher time frames. The higher time frames allow him to see the bigger picture and gives him confidence in a bullish trend.

Andrew Mitchem’s trading style

Andrew Mitchem has been trading in the Forex market for 17 years. He first appeared on our 52 Traders show five years ago, and has since become a repeat guest. Andrew is one of the oldest repeat guests and lives the closest to Trading Nut HQ. In this interview, Andrew shares the trading system he uses to trade Forex. This system is called the TFTC Pattern Trader.

Andrew has been trading on the Forex market since 2004, and he started an education company called the Forex Trading Coach in 2009. The course has been taken by more than three thousand people from 101 countries. It has a high success rate, and many of its members have become full-time traders. Andrew’s trading style is one that emphasizes low-risk, high-reward trading, and is suited for both beginners and seasoned pros.

Andrew Mitchem’s coaching system

Andrew Mitchem is an author who wrote a book about forex trading. It has been very well received by many traders. This coaching system gives you access to his technical tools and allows you to trade consistently and profitably. The program is structured to keep you out of the red zone and out of danger of losing more money than you can recover.

Andrew Mitchem’s trading style is very technical, and he does not use high impact news announcements to make trades. Instead, he focuses on simple patterns like a reversal or a pullback. This approach requires patience and knowledge. You need to have the right mindset to trade successfully and make money slowly.

Andrew Mitchem’s guarantee

Andrew Mitchem’s guarantee is designed to give you peace of mind if you are not happy with your trading results. His system works by sending you daily trading recommendations and you can decide which ones you want to follow and how you implement them. You will be guaranteed a 20 percent return on your investment within a year.

Andrew Mitchem has been in the forex market for over 10 years. He specializes in trading on lower time frames and believes in a lifestyle trading philosophy. His online training portal has educated thousands of traders.

Andrew Mitchem’s journey to becoming a forex trader

Andrew Mitchem has been trading the Forex market for eight years and now coaches other traders. Before trading he was a dairy farmer. He learned the tricks of the trade by learning about markets and then using them to make consistent money. However, making money in trading is not easy and it takes time to master the system.

Mitchem has spent four years perfecting his system. His approach has been to invest only 0.5 percent of his account size. This strategy helps him to manage risk and makes every trade equal. It also takes emotion out of the equation. Andrew Mitchem believes that it is important to have faith in the system and discipline when trading.