An Introduction to CBD Oil For Dogs

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Many pet owners are now using CBD oil for their dogs, and the numbers are growing at a tremendous rate. Every day, most users are getting more aware of the benefits of amnesia haze marijuana strain, and you can see it on many websites, newspapers, blogs, articles, and videos. However, where do your start, and what is cannabidiol anyway?

First, it’s best to know the critical facts since CBD is safe and has a low toxicology report. So far, all the studies have reported that it’s effective for canines and it does not produce any psychoactive sensations to pets. You might have questions such as what is CBD for dogs and how to buy one. If so, then we’ve got you covered.

Information about CBD

CBD is short for cannabidiol which is a compound extracted from hemp plants. It’s just one out of the hundreds of beneficial phytocompounds found in cannabis. It’s identified and named because it was first discovered to be abundant in specific cannabis strains. Some scientists have found that the human body and other mammals have a natural endocannabinoid system that also produces these compounds, and the two interact together to produce homeostasis.

Where the Extracts are Coming From

Understanding the nature of cannabinoids requires discussing the relationship of CBD to cannabis plants. Cannabis is a term that describes a whole family of various strains, but the two popular ones are the Cannabis sativa and indica. Read further information about sativa vs indica on this article.

Generally, the indica is the term that describes the Indian varieties that have a shrub-like appearance and a bushier nature. At the same time, the sativa refers to the taller plants popular in Europe. Hemp is one of the strains used in ropes, paper, biofuel, and other helpful applications. The plants are generally grown for industrial use.

There’s the marijuana that’s popular for getting high and recreational use. This is why so many people refer to marijuana as a drug because of its psychoactive effects. Two key differences distinguish marijuana from hemp. The first one is the THC compound since it’s famous for inducing euphoria and altering cognitive effects. This is often associated with smoking cannabis and is found to be over 30% when it comes to marijuana from hemp.

The second more popular cannabinoid is cannabidiol. Research has shown that CBD will not make you high, and it’s provenly safe for canine and human consumption. Its THC content is less than 0.3%, and this amount will not make your pet high. There are also topicals, creams, and oils that don’t have any THC at all.

Cannabidiol and the Endocannabinoid System

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CBD has a lot of similarities with the other materials that the body produces. These natural chemicals called the endocannabinoids are created through a network of receptors, nerves, and chemical pathways of the endocannabinoid system or ECS. You can find more info about the ECS at this link:

The ECS is generally the body’s assistant manager through the nervous system, major organs, and immune system. Usually, one of its primary functions is making sure that the body operates in a state of homeostasis or balance. It checks parameters, pressure, metabolism, and temperature in the body.

During the introduction of the cannabidiol to your pet’s body, the ECS will be interacting with it. This is similar to integrating vitamins and minerals into the body to make the cells healthier and more robust. This natural compound can be safely introduced into your dog’s body for weeks with the minimum dose required.

Taking CBD

Since you already have a good idea about taking CBD, you might want to know how to administer this to your pet and what you should do next. Several ingestion methods are available for many canines, and it’s also essential to know more about their bioavailability.

Generally, the oil and tinctures that are dropped under your pet’s tongue are the most effective and fastest-acting agents when you want to reduce your pet’s anxiety or help them experience relief from pain. This is because the oil doesn’t have to go through the GI tract of your pet, and it will just be utilized directly in the bloodstream in its liquid form.

This is unlike other treats, creams, and chewable, where only a tiny percentage of cannabidiol is absorbed in the body. The products’ bioavailability will determine how fast your dog will feel the effects after you’ve administered the products to them. Getting through the path in your circulatory system is one of the quickest ways of helping your furry friend find relief. This is also why so many people prefer the IV drip for a more practical application of supplements.

A Further Look into Oral Drops and Sprays

Both the drops and sprays are used to apply CBD underneath the tongue of your hemp. Most of these oil extracts are blended with carrier oils like coconut so that the body will readily absorb them. The sublingual method of administering the product is the more practical route than swallowing the oil. Most of the time, the products go into your pet’s circulation much faster, and they are usually absorbed in just a minute or two.

Some pets can be trained to take CBD sublingually. However, if this is your dog’s first time taking these kinds of supplements, it’s best if you could mix it gently with their favorite dinner to make things easier for you.


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