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Padel tennis is a racket sport that entails aspects of Tennis and Squash. You can refer to it as another type of tennis sport. Its popularity is high in Mexico, Spain, and Latin American countries.

 It’s a game full of action fun and boosts social interaction because it’s played either as singles or doubles. The double play happens in an enclosed court constructed using mesh and glass.

Comparing it to a typical tennis court, a Padel Tennis court is more minor, usually a 1/3 of its size. Padel Tennis is an ideal family game because it’s suitable for all ages. It’s also easy to learn and play.

 But to win, you need to use strategies other than power. Because Padel Tennis’s popularity is growing fast worldwide, this article will inform you of everything you need to know about this awesome game.

 Let’s begin with how it came about.

The Origin of Padel Tennis

The sport was founded by a wealthy Mexican businessman called Enrique Corcuera in 1969 at Acapulco Beach Resort. His space was not enough to establish regular-sized tennis courts. He, therefore, decided to install smaller courts with walls.

Also, he decided to use wooden paddles to play the ball because the surface area was small. The use of the wooden paddles gave birth to its name. Traditional tennis rackets are more oversized.

 Corcuera’s Spanish friend, Alfonso De Hohenlohe, fell in love with the sport and introduced it to its country in 1974. Its popularity started increasing when King Juan Carlos, the Spanish king, and Manolo Santana, the Wimbledon champion, started promoting it.

The sport also gained momentum in Argentina after De Hohenlohe’s friend, Julio Menditengui, introduced it. Since then, Padel Tennis has spread to other parts of the world and is considered one of the fastest-growing sports globally.

With the insight on how Padel Tennis emerged, let’s look at the details of its court.

The Padel Court

A Padel court measures 20m long by 10m wide and is surrounded by a glass and metal mesh wall. The wall is 3m high all round and 4m high at the ends.

 The net rests at the middle and is elevated 88cm above the ground and 92cm at its sides. The rackets used in the court are known as paddles. They are stringless and solid. The ball used is slightly different from that used in a standard tennis court.

The game can start with a complete court and playing items. Here’s how it’s done;

Padel Rules and Game Format

First, the players set themselves in doubles. Then one player begins the game by making a serve. Before serving, he must ensure that he stands behind the line. Then bounce the ball on the ground within the service area and hit it below his waist. The ball must go diagonally into the player’s opponent court.

The opponent can bounce the ball once before hitting it back to the other player. He must ensure that the ball goes over the net to the players on the other side.

 The idea is for the player to hit the ball to his opponent’s court and for the opponent not to play the ball back or make it bounce twice on the floor.

One significant difference between this game and regular tennis is that you can use the walls to play the ball. It helps increase the game’s dimensions and keep the ball rolling for longer.

 The player may win or lose depending on the strategies used. Check out the following insight into scoring in a Padel Tennis.

The Scoring Method

The Padel Tennis scoring system is similar to a typical tennis game.

 The player will score when he hits the ball successfully to his opponent’s court without the opponent returning the favor. When a player scores a point, it’s recorded as ‘15’. If he scores two points, it’s a ‘30’ and three points is ‘40’.

A player wins the game if he scores four points and is ahead with two points. After a match has been won, the losing side starts the next round by serving from their side.

 If a player wins six games and a minimum of two games ahead, the duo wins a set. If the double players win two or three sets before their opponents, they win the Match.


Padel tennis is a simple and exciting game. Persons of any age can play and enjoy it, explaining why it’s winning the hearts of many people worldwide.

 If you love sports, try it with your friends. You could also pick it as a hobby or take it to the next level by playing it professionally.

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