All You Need to Know About Orphaned Content and How It Impacts SEO

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Many people believe designing a website is easy with a plethora of tools available for them. However, this isn’t actually the case. You may have a static page in front of you by the use of these tools, but if you want to create a dynamic and appealing website, without any glitches or errors, you would need to hire a professional web designer. And affordable SEO services New York as well to improve its ranking.

The reason, tools won’t suffice.  Experience and expertise matter. There are certain terms one needs to be aware of. And one of these terms is orphaned content. Let’s find out everything about write up a new blog post and SEO impact:

What is Orphaned Content?

It is the kind of content that does not receive links from other pages of the same website. Due to which it is hard to find for both visitors and Google. “Linking” may sound easy to you, but it needs to have a proper structure and context to it, which may not be your priority. Keep in mind that the links we’re talking about here are contextual. It doesn’t matter if the content is linked to the homepage, sitemap, or some other category. If it doesn’t contain text links, it will still be considered orphaned content. The main reason behind that is that text links provide context to the readers and the search engines, therefore adding more value.

How Does It Impact SEO?

Creating a piece of content and forgetting about it may go unnoticed by Google or your site visitors, but it can’t remain unnoticed by SEO. The search engines follow up that link and thoroughly note all the pages or links that come their way. Now, when your page has few, or no meaningful links, it will be considered less important and less relevant than other posts that contain a higher number of links. Consequently, it will negatively impact the SEO of your site as a whole and drop your rankings on the SERPs (search engine results page). Therefore, if an article is important to your site, add lots of contextual links to it.

How is Orphaned Content Created?

You write up a new blog post or any piece of content, put it up on your website, and forget about it. This means that you won’t link that content with the new content you put up on your website. Such a thing is going to cost you a lot, when you want people and google to find out about your post. If you don’t link your newly created content to a post/page, it becomes difficult for people to find it, and it converts into orphaned content. So, it’s safe to say that this is easily the biggest SEO mistake you’ll probably make.

To prevent that from happening, always link your article to other pages on your website. A good strategy is to link that post with some other blog post that is ranked higher and generates a lot of traffic. However, you need to be relevant with your internal linking. You can’t link all your content to a bunch of popular articles or it won’t make sense anymore. If you think you need some proper guidance in this regard, there are site structuring courses you can find online.

How to Fix Orphaned Content?

Firstly, what you need to do is thoroughly look for orphaned content on your website. Finding it can be quite a task for you. So, there are some services you can use to help you with this. One of these is Yoast SEO premium. It has an orphaned content filter that allows you to find all the pages with orphaned content on your site.

Now, start working on all the important posts. Add their links in posts that receive a lot of traffic, but it must be relevant and in sync with the context. This will make your content visible to your readers, Google, and help your SEO strategy overall. There’s another thing you need to keep in mind while doing this. All orphaned content doesn’t need to be fixed. This is a very common misconception due to which many site owners waste their time working on unimportant content. For instance, a post that tells about an event that had happened the previous year doesn’t need to be fixed. In fact, some posts that aren’t relevant to the present situation at all, should be erased altogether, so your site gets a bit of a clean-up.

The Way Forward

In short, spending a lot of time fixing orphaned content can be prevented by paying attention to it in the first place. Always link your newly published content to other sites for it to be visible to your viewers as well as Google, and for your SEO strategy to work.

This is why it is recommended to conduct a thorough audit of your website prior to putting money on it. And for this, you can rely on Map-it Inc

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