All You Need to Know About Automatic Case Erecting

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The packaging line has one overarching objective, and that is to design the ideal box. A significant number of the tasks that required manpower are now being carried out by machinery, increasing the speed and precision of operations. The initial outlay of capital required to acquire even the most cutting-edge technology is now within reach of businesses of varying sizes.

There is an infinite variety of machinery that distribution centers are incorporating into their packing lines to assist with the creation of boxes, the filling of containers, and delivering products to their final destinations. Automatic case erectors are one of the most powerful machines in the packaging industry. You will save time and money simply by including automatic case erecting machines in the packaging line. The following is essential information regarding case erectors.

What is an Automatic Case Erector?

A case erector, also known as a box erector or carton erector, is a machine that accomplishes what its name says. Folded boxes are fed into the machine; when each is processed, the device unfolds and unfolds it again. Because of this, the bottom of each carton is guaranteed to be completely square. Many case erectors can also automatically seal the bottom of the final case, making it ready for shipment.

Even though it is responsible for a relatively uncomplicated task, a case erector is an essential component of a fully automated packaging line. Automated case erectors improve the order fulfillment process by quickly, efficiently, and consistently assembling boxes. This enables staff members to focus on other responsibilities.

A diverse range of case erector machines is adaptable for use in newly constructed or operational establishments. These machines are known for their dependability, safety, and efficiency. With automatic case erectors, you can ensure that your clients receive the highest quality products.

The Benefits of Automatic Case Erectors

Increase speed

An automated case erector eliminates the need for human hands, which are required by manual, semi-automated, and fully-automated case erector models, to open and operate the case blanks. This step typically takes a significant amount of time. One worker can manually construct anywhere from two to five instances per minute, even if you have the best staff working on the process. However, an automated case forming can produce up to 30 per minute, resulting in an immediate improvement in throughput.

Reduce backlog

Putting together cases by hand requires a lot of time and effort. Before beginning the packing process, the workers must first construct enough cases. This not only increases the time needed to complete the process but also consumes valuable floor space. Using the automated case forming method allows for the construction of cases as needed, freeing up floor space that may be put to other uses.

Ease of operation

When using an automated case erector, as opposed to a manual or semi-automatic method, there is very little to no handling of the corrugated cardboard blanks throughout the creation process. The operator is only required to load the blanks and enter the dimensions; the device takes care of everything else on its own. The machine squares off the bottom of the case before closing it again.

Reduce human labor

If you have access to an automatic case erector, you won’t require nearly as many manual workers to build the appropriate number of boxes within the allotted amount of time.

Faster changeovers

One factor that causes hesitancy in the decision to invest in new machinery is the requirement for experienced operators to complete the transition. The automatic case erectors available today are built to execute changeovers in minutes. When a particular line needs to accommodate numerous different-sized cases, executing quick and straightforward changeovers can reduce the amount of time the line is idle and offer your operators more time to focus on more productive duties. Find a machine that gets the job done with fewer moving parts and components. This results in even less downtime for you because fewer parts need to be maintained.

Perfectly erected containers

Ask anyone who oversees laborers who manually assemble cases how often they obtain ideal 90-degree angled boxes, and they will tell you it doesn’t happen very often. No matter the ratio, it won’t even come close to competing with an automated case erector that makes flawless boxes most of the time. Not only do they manufacture boxes with precise right angles of ninety degrees, but they also correctly position the tape. You will have an improved presentation to the end-user if you employ a case constructed by a machine.

Reduce the probability of injuries

The repetitive motion that occurs when workers have to assemble and seal cases throughout an 8-hour shift can lead to strain injuries in the tendons of the arms, wrists, shoulders, and hands. In the long run, repetitive strain injuries can cause a decline in productivity, an increase in the amount of time needed off work for treatment and rehabilitation, and a decline in overall job satisfaction. Worker health and productivity are positively impacted whenever there is a possibility to lessen the likelihood of suffering an injury caused by repetitive strain. Automating the case development process decreases the risk of exposure for the organization and its personnel.

Reduce Shipping Damage

Boxes constructed by a machine can be stacked more neatly and lower the risk of being damaged in transit. Automated erectors can build cases and seal the bottom flaps with high accuracy. With such precision, the likelihood of crooked case edges and missed adhesive applications is significantly reduced.

Are Automatic Case Erectors Right for You?

You are certainly curious about whether or not automated case erectors would be beneficial to your company. And you are undoubtedly curious about the number of cases required to justify making such a buy.

However, the quantity is not the issue here. Investing in an automatic case erecting INSITE saves time and money on labor. This type of case erector might be the best option for a business that packages its wares on three or more lines using boxes of varying dimensions if the business packages various products.


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