Aia Health Insurance Review


If you are looking for health insurance, you might be interested in AIA. This health plan provides affordable coverage for a variety of illnesses. In addition, its specialized B Lite plan is tailored for senior citizens and those who want additional benefits. This plan includes critical illness benefits, and premiums are 5% lower than average for older individuals.


If you’re considering getting an AIA health insurance plan, there are several things you should know before signing up. You should first read the product fact sheet, which contains detailed information on each policy. Also, it would be best if you compared quotes from each insurer. If unsure, you can always contact a representative for more information.

AIA offers many healthcare perks, such as pre-authorization forms for non-emergency hospitalization. The company offers on-demand video consultations with WhiteCoat for as little as S$12 and access to over 4,000 global specialists through Medix Personal Medical Case Management. While AIA has average pricing, it may not be ideal for consumers with tight budgets. For instance, if you have severe health conditions, AIA’s Comprehensive Critical Illness Coverage might be worth the extra price. You can also get private hospital coverage, which is a great feature when purchasing health insurance.

AIA has seven different hospital plans to choose from and 4 Extras policies. Most of these are sold with a hospital plan and will save you money if you need emergency ambulance care. However, the premiums for these policies are between ten and thirty percent higher than average for most individuals.


When buying health insurance, it is always a good idea to consider the different types of riders available. These can help you to get more comprehensive coverage and help you reduce your risk. Critical illness riders, for example, provide coverage for critical illnesses, cardiac arrests, and disabilities. They also allow you to pay less for your policy because they offer a lower premium.

There are several types of riders you can get with AIA health insurance. The most common is a comprehensive critical illness plan. If you need a large sum of coverage, this may be a good option for you. It also includes a one-year premium waiver if you become disabled. In addition, some riders offer additional coverage for critical illness, such as hospitalization in a private hospital.

Another way to get more coverage is by combining it with telehealth services. With AIA Health Insurance, you can choose a plan to access telehealth services. If you have a medical emergency, you can call the AIA customer service number to get help from a trained physician.


AIA Health Insurance is a low-cost policy that covers all medical services and treatments. The company also has a health and wellness program called AIA Vitality. Members of this program receive rewards and discounts for pursuing healthy habits. These include 25% off fitness equipment, movies, and weekly $5 gift cards to popular retailers. They can also earn 300 Velocity Frequent Flyer points.

Several AIA health insurance policies offer several discounts to members. For example, membership in AIA Vitality is free, and members receive a 5% discount on their AIA health insurance premium. This discount lasts for as long as the member is in good health. Other benefits of AIA Vitality include a 100% hospital excess refund for the first six months of membership.

AIA Vitality has many policies available to suit the needs of different people. Customers can request quotes online or speak to an agent. AIA Vitality also offers an online customer support service that assists customers in choosing the best plan.